The Easiest Esports to Understand

By Sam Welch
Published on April 19, 2023
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Getting into esports can be difficult to do. There are simply too many options, and many games have a huge learning curve even from the spectator’s side.

If you’re just getting into esports, you may want to do some shopping around to find what esports most appeal to you. Some are easier to understand than others, and these are just a sample of the easiest to understand games.

Getting into esports betting can be even more difficult, as it requires you to understand some of the nuances of how the games are played.

However, there are a few statistical crutches you can rely on to get ahead in the esports betting world. With the games on this list, betting on them normally requires you to consider only one or two factors.

Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter franchise, produced by Capcom, has been going strong since the mid-80s. The fifth installment, Street Fighter V, was released in 2016, and has seen continued support from Capcom.

While Street Fighter VI is surely on its way at some point, Street Fighter V isn’t likely to go anywhere any time soon. Capcom has historically released several different versions of a Street Fighter game, and we are just beginning to see that with Street Fighter V.

How It Works

Example of Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V is a 2D fighting game. It pits two players against each other, head to head, as they assume the role of a fighter.

Each fighter has a set of special abilities – one may have furious flurries of kicks, while another may rest in a corner of the screen throwing fireballs.

With a complex system of moves and counter moves, Street Fighter is one of the most complex fighting games on the market. Often, Street Fighter matches crawl towards their time limit as players reach a standoff.

Betting on Street Fighter V

Betting on Street Fighter V often comes down to one factor: player skill. While there are other things you need to account for, Street Fighter V has historically seen matchups go the same way every time. The skill intensive nature of the game lends well to history repeating itself, as the better player comes out on top in each match.

If you’re interested in betting on Street Fighter V, you will find odds posted on most major esports betting websites. Street Fighter V events occur fairly frequently, though the game is trailing behind in popularity.

The annual Capcom Cup, a culmination of a year of events, is met with the most fanfare, and the Capcom Pro Tour events supplement it throughout the year. Street Fighter V events also occur at many esports conventions, such as DreamHack.

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is another fighting game, having first been released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. The game is a crossover of several different Nintendo franchises, featuring characters like Mario, Pikachu, and Kirby.

While it was initially a novelty, the game began to pick up traction with Super Smash Bros Melee, which was released for the Gamecube in 2001.

The franchise has had an offering for each Nintendo system, although there has been no word so far about an edition for the Switch. Super Smash Bros 4, the Wii U offering, has some fanfare, though Super Smash Bros Melee has continued to be the most popular entry in the esports world.

How It Works

Similar to Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros players assume the role of a character who has a variety of special moves. Offering less complex series of moves than Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros ups the complexity level by adding more environment factors.

While Street Fighter V games only end when one player’s HP bar has reached its end, Super Smash Bros might end via Arena Knockout.

Betting on Super Smash Bros

Despite having overwhelming similarities to Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros is an entirely different animal when it comes to esports betting. While Super Smash Bros is still a competitive game, it relies much more heavily on a “meta.”

For those unaware, meta in esports refers to the understanding of a game and its mechanics beyond the game simply being played.

In this case, meta refers to the various possible character selections and their interaction.

Super Smash Bros has a constantly evolving meta, so understanding meta shifts and matchups is key. For example, Pikachu is not easily countered, but isn’t favored in longer matches.

If a player expects games to go quickly, Pikachu is a sensible choice. However, once Pikachu has shown to be a good choice, more players will pick up the character, and the meta will shift accordingly.

If you’re interested in betting on Super Smash Bros, you’ll easily find events going on year-round. With a major tournament occurring almost every week, it’s nearly impossible to miss a weekend of betting on Super Smash Bros.


Developed as a supplement to World of Warcraft, Blizzard brought us the collectible card game Hearthstone in 2014. The game has been described as a combination of chess and poker, and is one of the most popular games of its type, second only to Magic: The Gathering.

Hearthstone has seen a decent amount of fanfare in recent years, as it gains players each and every day. Recent changes, bugs, and unexciting card set releases are beginning to diminish this game’s popularity, however.

How It Works

Hearthstone is simple at its surface, yet it grows ever more complex as you delve into the game. At its core, Hearthstone is a game of resources, and imperfect information. Players play on only one battlefield, but there is more to it than it seems – they battle to gain advantage in cards, life, and tempo.

Each card has abilities that somehow bend the rules, and games can often evolve greatly over the course of only a few turns. A combination of luck and skill separates the winner from the loser.

Betting on Hearthstone

The outcome of Hearthstone games is often decided by the same factors as we’ve mentioned before: skill and the meta. The game starts before the match or tournament, as players decide what tools to bring to the table.

Once there, a more skilled player has a significant advantage. However, Hearthstone’s luck factor can make betting much more exciting – it is possible for the better player to lose to a bad hand.

If you’re interested in betting on Hearthstone, you’ll be watching mostly for Hearthstone Grand Prix and the HCT series.

Grand Prix may occur several times monthly, while the HCT series happens once each season, with a World Championship which falls right before the first major set release of a year.


Esports can be confusing, but they don’t need to be. These 3 games are some of the simplest to understand, but all esports are easy on their surface level.

If you are looking to get into an esport, your best resources are YouTube, Twitch, and the game itself.

Try playing the game, and devote some time to watching the best of the best. Not even pro players understand all of a game’s nuances, so don’t worry if you don’t get everything. With all of the information now available, understanding an esport is only a Google away.

Easiest Esports to Understand
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Easiest Esports to Understand
Betting on esports can be difficult to do, especially if you're just getting into it. Here are a few statistical crutches you can rely on to get ahead in the esports betting world.
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