Ideas for Entertainment Betting Markets - 8 Suggested Prop Bets

By Noah Davis
Published on July 21, 2023
Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber Rick Grimes and Noah Schnapp

There is very little in the online betting arena that I enjoy more than seeing an attractive set of entertainment prop bets. The problem is that really good ones are unfortunately pretty rare finds.

A rash of Game of Thrones prop bets have popped up at random times over the years, and you’ll get the random wager on Stranger Things death odds or American Idol winner wagers, too.

Overall, it’s a rather untapped online betting market that I’d argue the top entertainment betting sites should work harder to provide for their loyal customers.

To be frank, there’s no better time than the present, either.

The summer months are taxing for the die-hard sports fan. It really starts right after the Super Bowl, as the NFL is gone, MLB isn’t back yet, and both the NBA and NHL are nearing the end of their regular season.

By late April, sports betting at a high level is hard to find - or win in consistently - and bettors are left with losses, venturing into sports genres they know nothing about or hoping their favorite site pushes out something attractive.

Like I said, there are a few entertainment and novelty prop bets floating around. There just aren’t enough of them.

And there totally could/should be. It’s ultimately up to each site to make that call, but I’d argue for a slew of entertainment prop bets that should be made available to the casual bettor right now.

Here are eight of my favorites. Just be sure to avoid these entertainment betting mistakes before you throw any cash down once/if these pop up.

Will Rick Grimes Die in TWD Season 9?

How does this The Walking Dead prop bet not already exist?

I’ve seen The Walking Dead death odds in the past, but it’s actually been about two years since any TWD wagers have hung around any major entertainment betting sites.

This is one that should be out there, especially with the news that Andrew Lincoln after six episodes in season nine.

There could be value here for bettors and the top entertainment sportsbooks alike.

On one hand, Lincoln’s exit probably means Rick Grimes has to die. That could allow for betting sites to list a fat bet in their favor, should anyone wager on whether or not Rick Grimes will indeed be killed off.

On the other hand, bettors would get a good amount of incentive to bet that Grimes would survive and simply exit the show in a different way.

The Walking Dead is no stranger to piling up the death count, but it’s not crazy to think Grimes could just move onto another location, perhaps to be brought back into the fold at a later date.

There is even a theory that he could cross over like Lennie James did and go over to help TWD’s sister show, Fear the Walking Dead.

Anything is possible, but the fact that it’s not set in stone and is a huge question mark heading into The Walking Dead season 9 makes this a wager worth hosting.

Will Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Break Up?

You can include your favorite Justin Bieber prop bet here, but since the two young lovebirds got engaged, the logical wager here is if they actually stay together.

Other Justin Bieber prop bets could deal with the wedding date, who would be the best man or maid of honor, where the wedding would be held, and what month it’s held in.

But ahead of all the wedding details has to be if this even lasts long enough for these two to walk down the aisle.

There are always Royal Wedding prop bets and wagers dealing with celebrity divorce, so why don’t the top entertainment betting sites take advantage of Bieber and Baldwin’s announcement?

The answer may not come quickly, but it’d probably get some money thrown at it.

Who Dies Next on Orange Is the New Black?

It’s fair to acknowledge that a lot of the best entertainment props bets deal with television shows, and in turn also confront death.

Killing off major characters tends to be the biggest and easiest way to gain serious traction in the entertainment industry.

A main character dying opens the story up for other characters that deserve the spotlight, it serves as a shocking gut-punch for die-hard fans, and it may give way to enough buzz to bring in even more fans.

For a show like Orange Is the New Black, all bets are off when it comes to which characters can be killed and which could do the killing.

Not to spoil the fun, but the show has already taken out a few main characters, and just about every star in the show has done some type of a dirty deed.

In fact, going into season six, the women’s prison as we know it ceases to exist and all of the small-time criminals move to a maximum-security prison.

Yeah, it’s about to get REAL.

Whether you’re annoyed with Piper and want her gone or there’s another character you feel is on the brink of elimination, part of the fun this summer could be guessing who will leave the Netflix hit next.

Personally, I feel like the show has gotten too far away from the source material, and it’s taken on a life of its own. It’s no longer about Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman. In fact, you learn to not even care about her character anymore.

Could it be time for the main star to move on and give way to a broader scope? Maybe, but either way, this could be one heck of a prop bet leading into the show’s July 27th return.

The OA: Is Homer Real?

Another cult classic on Netflix is The OA, which came out of nowhere in 2016 with Brit Marling creating (and acting in) an underrated gem.

I personally loved this exploration into one woman’s mysterious journey into captivity, self-discovery, and ultimately a unique take on the afterlife.

As interesting as it is, though, it could all come crumbling down in season two if it isn’t carried out correctly. There isn’t much room for error here, as the main character is either telling the truth, or she’s a total nut.

I’m not sure how much middle ground there truly is, but without giving too much away, I feel the character “Homer” could be the missing link. Sites could offer an “is he real” wager, and that could end up being a question that reveals the truth about the main character.

If he isn’t, then this story isn’t quite as engrossing as we all thought. If he is, the possibilities for this sci-fi tale could be endless. Oh, and you could have a chance at winning a lot of cash, depending on the odds.

True Detective Season 3: Will Wayne Hays Die?

Mahershala Ali takes over where Matthew McConaughey jump-started his career and Colin Farrell tried.

Season one of True Detective will go down as one of the greatest one-year runs of any show, in my opinion, of all time. Season two, well, not so much.

There is hope for the third installment of the Nic Pizzolatto engine, however, as we get a whole new story and the powerful presence of an Oscar winner in Ali.

I have little doubt that Ali will demand our attention and be an engaging part of a fresh story set in the Ozarks, while Stephen Dorff should contribute a grittiness the show lacked in its second try.

Ali is the lead actor here, though, and given the unpredictability of the show thus far, an interesting wager could be whether or not he makes it out alive.

Per, it looks as though the core actors will make it through all eight episodes, but that doesn’t mean Ali is safe in the season finale.

Depending on how you think the show could play out, this could be a profitable bet - as well as one Vegas doesn’t really have the leg up on.

Who Is Azor Ahai and Other Game of Thrones Specials

As I mentioned, the top entertainment betting sites do a solid job with Game of Thrones betting opportunities.

There are a handful of wagers online right now, and until the final season returns in April of 2019, I’m sure more will follow.

There are a few that should be added to the pile, though.

  • Is Arya Stark Really the Waif?
  • Who Is the Night King?
  • Who Is Azor Ahai?

There’s only three here, but all of them open up a huge can of worms.

I doubt Arya Stark is the Waif, but there is a conspiracy out there that suggests it’s not impossible. The wearers of mask are known for their trickery, after all.

Nobody truly knows who the Night King is, either. Some have speculated it’s none other than Bran Stark, while others contest it’s an unknown or someone that has yet to be revealed.

Could his identity actually tie in with the much talked-about Azor Ahai?

Commonly referred to as the “prince that was promised,” the identity of Azor Ahai would be a huge reveal, as it’d give way to the likely ruler of the Iron Throne and would also help play out the end of this series.

The final season of Game of Thrones is going to be intense. It’s going to be revealing. And it’s going to be bloody.

A lot will unravel from each new piece to the puzzle, and the top entertainment betting sites would be wise to rack up all the Game of Thrones prop bets they’re comfortable with taking.

Ozark: Who Will Die Next?

The theme of death is dark and a bit repetitive, I’m sure.

But as I mentioned, it’s the most engrossing sales pitch TV shows have these days, and whenever your favorite show returns for its newest season, it’s the first thing you wonder about.

With a captivating crime drama like Jason Bateman’s Ozark, things are no different.

The last we saw Bateman (Marty Byrne), he and his family were trying to survive a war between themselves and two different drug rings.

Season two only sends them deeper into the abyss, as nobody seems completely safe with two different harrowing entities pulling them in opposite directions.

I highly doubt Bateman or his wife (played by Laura Linney) are going anywhere just yet, but one of their children or one of the villains could be at risk.

If the wager is offered and you nail it, you could make some nice coin just by watching your favorite thriller.

Stranger Things: Is the Shadow Monster Still in Will?

Much like Game of Thrones, another hot hit like Stranger Things won’t be back for some time. And also like GoT, the list of betting options for this show seems endless.

I’ll start things off with poor little Will, who has been the main focus of the first two seasons of Stranger Things, at least when it comes to sheer terror.

You can argue that everyone has their place in this show, but he’s absorbed most of the negativity, first getting lost in the Upside Down in season one and later being overtaken by the shadow monster.

The kid who plays Will suggested he may not be out of the woods yet, so before season three of Stranger Things rolls out, bettors may be down for betting on how things play out.

In addition, here’s a few Stranger Things prop bets you could be interested in.

  • Who Dies Next?
  • Are Hopper and/or Dustin infected?
  • Will Nancy Stay with Jonathan?
  • Will Kali Become a Villain?

The Stranger Things death odds are obviously a prop to watch out for, and we’ve gone over this genre enough in this spot.

These Stranger Things prop bets are very interesting and could open the door to others I’m not even thinking of.

The most compelling one could be Kali’s future role, which to this point appears to be non-existent. Then again, the plot for season three is completely unknown, and nobody knew much about what would go down in season two, so all bets appear to be off here.


Overall, this list isn’t finite, but more of an example of what the top entertainment and novelty betting sites could be offering.

There are plenty of TV shows, movies, contests, and celebrity happenings worth betting on, and if the betting public wants it, the top betting sites should consider providing it.

Personally, I want more The Walking Dead prop bets, and I wouldn’t mind being able to toss some cash at some Ozark wagers.

Either way, a mild boost in entertainment wagers across the board would be much appreciated, and it will be interesting to see what’s out there in the near future.

Ideas for Entertainment Betting Markets - 8 Suggested Prop Bets
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Ideas for Entertainment Betting Markets - 8 Suggested Prop Bets
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