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Entertainment Betting Sites: Bet on More Than Just Sports

Your favorite television shows, music award ceremonies, even the presidential election.

How would you like to make some bets on significant events other than just in the sporting world?

Do you want to be rewarded with some money instead of just saying “I told ya so” next time you are right about a hunch?

Then go ahead and get comfortable, because that is why this page was created.

Maybe you like sports, maybe you don’t. But you can’t tell us you don’t like winning money and you don’t like being right. The days of wanting to bet on what is going on with celebrities and reality TV shows are right here and are just a click away!

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If you already have your pick for who will win the heart of the Bachelor or who might win an Oscar for best film of the year, go ahead and make your picks. Believe it or not, these sites are not just designed for wagers on sporting contests.

If you have a feeling about who will capture one of those sacred awards in television, go make your bet now!

Why Make These Types of Bets?

We have come across a lot of folks who are passionate about many things, but sports aren’t one of them. We also know men and women who love betting online so much, they want as much action as they can get, regardless of whether it’s on a UFC fight or a who will win Miss Universe.

If you are one of those people looking to make a bet in some really fun and interesting categories, this guide represents your ticket to the “land of the free.” Take a look at some of the things you can find when scouring these sites.


Do you like watching the Academy Awards? Do you think you may have an idea who will take home the Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role? There have been some amazing performances across the board, and you may want to bet on who will take home one of the coveted awards.

It’s not all about those well-known red-carpet events when it comes to betting on movie-related topics. If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies, you probably wish you knew that sites were offering bets such as

Is Luke Rey’s father” or “Which character will die first?

Believe it or not, these bets are priced just like they the sports bets are. If you thought that The Last Jedi was going to gross more than $1 billion in its first couple weeks before 2023 arrived, you had to lay -400. If you predicted the gross revenue would be under $1 billion, you made the bet at +280.

When it comes to the biggest hits and the high-profile award shows, just hop one of the sites we recommended if you want to make some money.


We know how popular some television shows can get. Whether it’s a group of women getting together on a Monday night to drink wine and watch the Bachelor or a group of friends huddled by a firepit on a Sunday evening watching Game of Thrones, television shows captivate viewers and create a following.

If you are going to invest that much of your time watching a series, why not make some predictions and place some wagers? You will have no problem finding odds for various television shows that garner a lot of attention and have a large audience.

Don’t worry, once the Emmys come around, you will find all sorts of prop bets based on which actors and actresses will take home the trophies and which shows will win in each category.


The music industry is one that fascinates listeners all around the world. Regardless of if you like techno or rock ‘n’ roll, you have no problem finding the music you like listening to.

Just like with the big award shows for movies and television, you will not have a shortage of betting opportunities when it comes to the most popular music award shows.

The Grammys are a big deal, and the betting sites have taken notice. Expect to be able to bet heavily on the Grammy Awards on any of the sites we listed.

Shows like the Country Music Association Awards, the MTV Music Video Awards, and the Billboard Music Awards receive enough attention to make the online sites set some lines and create opportunities.

It will be up to you to pick and choose which ones peak your interest.


Many of you take a lot of pride in your country and have strong opinions about the people in positions of leadership. You know you can vote for who you want to win, but did you know you can bet on who you think will be victorious?

Not much different than betting on which golfer will win a golf tournament, the election at hand will have a list of the candidates with odds attached based on their “projected chance of winning.” If you think you know something that the people in charge of setting these lines don’t, that could be a time to place a bet.

Miscellaneous/Other Types of Bets

We included this section because you will inevitably come across entertainment and novelty bets that aren’t included in the categories above. Celebrity gossip is a big thing nowadays, and for whatever reason, many folks take great interest in who is dating who and how “so and so” got dumped.

We have seen bets such as

Who will re-marry first — Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp?”

The ever-intriguing Depp was -200 while the mysterious fellow that is Brad Pitt was +160.

In certain countries, you can actually bet on whether or not there will be snowfall and when the first snowfall will occur. Some sites will even allow you to write in your own proposed novelty bet and it will then be up to that site whether or not they want to accept it and offer it to customers.

How Can You Locate These Bets?

The first step would be to locate the online betting sites that have incorporated the entertainment and novelty bets into their repertoire. Fortunately, we already did that for you, so you don’t have to waste any more time scouring the internet to see if they exist.

Due to the volatility of what bets will be offered and when they will be available, your best bet is to routinely check these sites for any upcoming novelty wagers. Obviously, anytime a big award show is being televised nationally you can expect to see an abundance of betting opportunities.

However, the night before these award shows isn’t the only time you can get a piece of the action. Anytime something grabs national headlines or is a big public story, there is a decent chance that one site, if not multiple sites, will latch onto to the story and create a bet.

Thanks to the phenomenon that is social media, any storyline that becomes viral is a candidate for a new bet the online casino operators can produce.

Can You Find a Betting Edge?

Sure you can. We would be crazy to tell you there is nothing you can do to give yourself an edge over your betting counterparts. We want to be careful though and not get too carried away by telling you all the edges are in plain view for the average person to find.

The obvious answer is to go to great lengths and do what you can to gather as much information as you can. Specifically, with bets like “who will be eliminated from a TV show” or “who will be honored with an award at the Golden Globes” information can be dug up.

We aren’t suggesting it will be easy to track down but believe us when we say it is out there somewhere. The more you watch certain shows, the more you will be able to pick up on certain trends.

Network stations like ABC and NBC aren’t actually as creative and innovative as you may think when it comes to nuances about their hit shows.

For example, you can gain great insight on who might be getting eliminated in the next episode of a show based on certain things that were said in a previous episode. Some networks even give things away by playing genres of music when contestants are being interviewed.

Perhaps in the preview for the next week’s episode you noticed one of the characters was absent from the 30-second clip. Little things like noticing the small details can go a long way when trying to find a betting edge in the novelty and entertainment department.

The Takeaway

Betting online is so much fun it is hard to put it into words. Who doesn’t want an opportunity to make some cold, hard cash for making correct predictions based on the things you love and enjoy?

If you know you are going to be watching one of the ceremonial award shows like the Oscars or the Grammy Awards, why not place a bet on who will win some hardware? You probably have seen many of the movies and listen to the songs from the artists anyway, so why not make a few picks?

Entertainment and novelty betting are not just for those of you who aren’t sports fans. Those of you that think you can find an edge may find yourself addicted to these types of bets.

Those of you who read magazines and hear gossip through the grapevines may be interested in betting on popular television shows or which actresses will get pregnant next. Believe it or not, these types of bets exist and are made available simply because we the public yearn for them.

For anything that we as a society show a great deal of interest in, the top online betting sites will respond by offering bets on those topics and subjects. We gave you a list of the sites where you can find these “miscellaneous” types of bets.

If you want to bet on a certain awards show, just make sure to be active on the sites in the days preceding the event.

These notable ceremonies come and go, and so do the betting opportunities. These wagers were created and designed to offer you increased entertainment, as well as to put some money in your pocket.

If you do a little homework and get a little lucky, you may end up achieving both!

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