Best Online Gambling for Europeans

Europeans are the lucky ones when it comes to a lot of things, including when it comes to online gambling. Outside of third-world countries, the countries that make up Europe have the most diverse choices and options when it comes to online gambling. Not only do Europeans have access to the biggest online bookmakers, casinos, and poker rooms, but they also have access to a handful of niche sites that are specifically targeted to their countries.

Options are great, as you are bound to find what you are looking for, or at least something close to it. Options can also make the process of finding a new online gambling home a bit overwhelming, as it’s easy to get lost with all of the choices. To make your life easier and get you on the right track, we have put together a short list of our favorite and most trusted online gaming sites that are specifically catered to European players. These sites also offer some great bonuses to new players, as well as great retention bonuses to keep you around. We keep this list constantly updated to make sure we don’t leave off any sites that come out with any new features or bonuses that you can benefit from.

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#1Betway Logo
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#2Jackpot City Casino Logo
Jackpot City Casino
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Magic Red Casino
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Spin Palace
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Key Attributes

  • Licensed in the EU
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Multiple Currencies Supported
  • Attractive Bonus and Rewards Programs
  • Multi-Lingual Options
  • Quality Multi-Lingual Customer Support

Is It Legal?

The biggest question we always hear from new gamblers or experienced gamblers new to online gaming is whether or not online gambling is legal. It is 100% legal in most countries in Europe to gamble online. Europe as a continent does not have any online gambling legislation in place, so any specific laws or regulations will depend on the country that you live in.

The bottom line is that in most countries in Europe it is 100% legal for you to gamble and sports bet online.

The only drawback we see from a few countries is that they require you to play on a site that is regulated through their country. If you are unsure about a specific site, just contact their customer support if you have any problems creating an account. The sites that we listed above are some of the widest-reaching, and accept players from almost all countries in Europe. They’ve also got incredible customer service that you can chat with immediately if you have questions about your specific country.

If you’re really interested in becoming an expert on European gambling laws, here is a link we’ve put together that goes into more specifics about European Gambling Jurisdictions. For the most part, this will be information overkill, but if you’re curious, it’s here for you.

Special Benefits to European Players

As we mentioned earlier, Europe is one of the greatest regions to get into online gambling. Let’s talk specifically about why we say that. Europe is one of the largest gaming markets in the world and has a large and diverse pool of players with plenty of disposable income to use for recreational activities like gambling. This makes the European market extremely attractive to online gaming companies. For this reason, online casinos are extremely aggressive in trying to acquire players from all areas of Europe. What does this mean for you? This means a lot better bonuses and retention programs than are offered to other parts of the world. Larger markets are more attractive to online companies, and they’ll compete aggressively against each other to win your business. The real winner here is always going to be the players of Europe.

Another perk to being in the European market is that you have an endless supply of gaming options to choose from.

This means that any game you want is most likely going to be available on at least one site, if not many or all of them. Each site is also going to offer a bit of a different user experience. This could mean a different feel/user interface or could mean a completely different gaming experience based on the games and game types they offer. The point is that anything and everything you could want is going to be available.

Most sites also offer their games in several different currencies. This makes things a lot easier for players from different countries to know exactly how much they are wagering and how much they are winning. In other parts of the world, players have to try and convert their currency to whatever currency the site uses. Thankfully, the sites we’ve recommended offer games in most European currencies, so you never have to worry about having to take this extra step. Online gambling is supposed to be fun, not a math test in currency conversion.

All-In-One Casino Online or a Specialty Site?

Another popular question we hear a lot is whether or not you should join a gambling site that offers casino games, sports betting, and poker as a one-stop shop, or join a few different sites that offer each individually. Ultimately, this comes down to what you are looking for in particular. If you are just a recreational gambler that is looking to have some fun, the all-in-one options might be best for you, as it is just easier. You don’t have to create multiple accounts, and everything you want is in one place.

If you are a more serious gambler, specifically a sports bettor, you might want to look into joining multiple sites that specifically cater to sports bettors. The reason for this is that serious sports bettors are constantly looking and shopping around for the best odds and lines on certain games. If you are only on one site, you are stuck using the odds and lines that they put out. Usually, these are going to be fairly close to all other sites, but there are times where shopping around can get you a bit better odds. Again, if you are completely a recreational gambler or sports bettor, this might not be worth the extra time to you. But if you are a serious gambler or have dreams of being a professional sports bettor, this might be of importance to you.

The sites we listed above are a mix of both of these options. If you are looking for sites that are more dedicated to either sports betting or casino games, we have compiled a guide to those sites, as well as a list of some personal and fan favorites to get you started.

The Wrap-Up

The bottom line is that European players have a lot more options than most other regions in the world. Due to relaxed online gambling laws in most countries in Europe, it is also 100% legal for most players to play their favorite games and bet on their favorite sports online. The comfort and convenience of online gaming are incredible and is a luxury that everyone should try out.

If you’re ready to check out the incredible options you have available to you as a European player, check out the sites that we have recommended above. These are our favorites, and some of the most inclusive and trusted sites that are dedicated to serving the European market. This list is constantly updated if we see any changes in user experience or bonus structures that you should know about.