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On This Page Betting HQ

The primary objective of is to help our readers have an enjoyable and safe online gambling experience. We also try to give you the best possible chances of making money from your gambling, and our Betting HQ is designed to do just that.

We created our Betting HQ as a centralized location to provide all the tools and information you need to bet successfully on sports. It’s not just sports, in fact, as we also cover entertainment betting, esports betting, and political betting. From the biggest and most popular betting markets out there to smaller and more obscure markets, we cover the lot.

You’ll find our top daily picks, added each day from our resident experts, and a whole raft of other things to help you make the right wagers. We have detailed guides to betting on sports leagues, tournaments, and events all over the world, each of which features the latest odds, predictions, updates, and analysis.

We cater to those of you who want the necessary resources to make your own selections and also those of you who just want to be told what to bet on. Either way, we’re confident we can improve your overall chances of betting profitably.

Our Betting HQ is updated regularly, so you always have access to fresh content and the latest developments in every major sports competition on the planet and a ton of other betting markets. You can also benefit from projections from MAX, our very own AI tool.

Please note that several sections of our Betting HQ are being restructured and are currently unavailable. This is a temporary situation that will be resolved as soon as possible.

Current and Upcoming Betting Opportunities

Let’s start with the betting markets that are available at this very moment or waiting just around the corner. These all provide plenty of opportunities for making smart wagers right now.

Active Major Sports Leagues

Here are the most popular sports leagues that are currently active. They represent a number of betting opportunities on a regular basis, and we help you make the most of them.

Africa Cup of Nations Logo

NFL 2019

The NFL is the biggest and most popular professional American football competition there is. There are tons of betting opportunities available at pretty much every sportsbook and betting site. We keep track of those opportunities and provide the latest odds and our top picks for both futures and individual games.

NBA Logo


The NBA is the biggest and best basketball competition in the world. More importantly, there are a ton of games and markets to bet on. To check the latest odds and updates, learn how to bet on the NBA, or simply check our daily picks, take a look at our NBA section.

MLB Logo


Baseball fans will love our MLB betting guide. We follow all the betting odds and important news surrounding the competition, while our experts regularly share their top picks and predictions. We provide MLB betting strategy advice, too.

EPL Logo

English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) features weekly games for almost 10 months during the year, meaning a ton of opportunities to make money. We select the best EPL bets out there and follow how the futures and outright markets are developing. We also cover news and updates, and provide general EPL betting advice.

Hot Tournaments and Events

The leagues in our previous section are usually active for long periods, which makes them perfect for betting, but there are shorter competitions that some people find even better because of the fierce action that happens within weeks.

They attract millions in wagers and open the door to potentially making a lot of money quickly, so let’s take a look at what’s hot right now.

Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019

The Rugby World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in international rugby. It prevents some excellent betting opportunities, and we try to help you make the most of them.

US Open 2019 Logo

US Open 2019

The US Open is the final tennis Grand Slam tournament of the year. As per other Grand Slams, it attracts a lot of betting interest. Our guide helps you to make the most of the opportunities available.

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019 Logo

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019

The CONCACAF Gold Cup doesn’t attract the same attention as other intercontinental soccer tournaments, but offers pretty much the same number of betting opportunities. Our team will be following all the important news and odds around the competition. Expect regular updates and betting picks for the individual games.

Cricket World Cup 2019 Logo

Cricket World Cup 2019

The 2019 Cricket World Cup features the top 10 teams from all over the globe and will be played in the ODI format that’s perfect for betting. Our team take full advantage, sharing regular updates and picks throughout the event. We pay attention to both the individual games and to the most popular 2019 Cricket World Cup futures and outrights.

French Open Logo

French Open 2019

The French Open takes place in late May and early June, at Roland-Garros. The second Grand Slam of the year, it’s played on a clay surface. Our guide to the tournament includes betting advice, latest odds, predictions, picks, and updates.

March Madness Logo

March Madness 2019

The future NBA stars fight for the NCAA Division I Championship in a breathtaking knockout tournament. We share daily March Madness betting picks, track the odds for the winner and other future markets, as well as share our opinion on every important development and piece of news.

Coming Up Soon

It’s always good to prepare beforehand in sports betting, so we give you a heads up about the most exciting opportunities that are coming soon. We do our homework before they start, and we recommend you do the same.

NHL Logo


The most popular hockey competition features a ton of games, so the potential to profit from betting is certainly there. We are always watching the odds to find the best options, including the NHL futures markets. If you want to learn how to do that on your own, we’ve got you covered too.

Africa Cup of Nations Logo

Africa Cup of Nations 2019

For over a month, the best soccer countries in Africa will be fighting for the Africa Nations Cup. There will tons of betting opportunities and our team will be following the competition closely. We will share regular updates, overview of the betting odds, and plenty of picks.

Copa America Logo

Copa America 2019

One of the most passionate soccer tournaments in the world starts in the June 2019. Copa America is here, so our team will be focused on providing the latest odds, predictions, and daily picks for the games.

Wimbledon Logo

Wimbledon Championship 2019

Wimbledon is perhaps the greatest of all four of the tennis Grand Slams. It takes place in July each year, and offers two weeks of fabulous action along with plenty of betting opportunities. We have all the information, advice, and updates you need.

PGA Championship Betting Guide

2019 PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is one of the four Grand Slam Golf tournaments. We monitor the betting odds closely and share our suggestions every single time we see a good opportunity. Of course, you can also work on your own bets with the help of our expert advice.

Other Hot Betting Markets

The rapid rise of online gambling brought us the chance to bet on pretty much everything from political elections to popular events from show business like the Academy Awards. A lot of people only see the fun side of such betting markets, but we assure you that they can also be quite profitable.

This is why we always keep our eyes open to betting markets outside the traditional sports competitions. Here are the hottest options you can find right now.

No markets currently available.

Daily Picks and Best Bets

We know that some of you simply want to see our best betting picks at the current moment. Of course, we respect that and are here to serve. That’s why we have some pages that are designed with the sole purpose of sharing our best and latest picks on both individual games and longer-term betting markets.

All picks and best bets come from our experts and are based on their own independent research and analysis.

Top Picks

Top Picks of the Day

This page contains our top betting picks for any particular day. Most of these picks are for the more popular sports competitions, but nothing is off limits here. If you’re looking for the very best wagers on a daily basis, this is for you.

Best Futures and Outrights

Best Futures and Outrights

Many people underestimate the potential of futures and outright betting markets, often because they simply don’t have the patience to wait for the outcome. But if you’re interested in placing some longer-term bets, we have you covered. This page features our experts’ favorite futures and outrights at the current time.

Best Prop Bets

Best Prop Bets

There are plenty of prop bets available across different sports and leagues. Some of them are rather crazy, but others make a lot of sense, and you can definitely make money by betting on props. That’s what we try to do here, as our experts share their favorite current prop bet picks.

Some sports out there provide a constant flow of tournaments and events that are worth your attention. Learning how to find value there is one of the best ways to make money from sports betting, so we pay special attention to these sports and have “mini-HQs” for each one of them.

We follow most of the tournaments that are available and analyze the betting odds to discover the opportunities that are most likely to be profitable. We also cover all the latest news and updates, so you can stay informed about everything relevant.

Here’s what we are talking about.



There are so many tournaments on both the men’s and women’s circuit that you will find matches to bet on almost every single day. We regularly share our top betting picks on individual games and outrights, as well as anything else we think you need to know.



There are so many golf events throughout the year that the sport deserves a dedicated betting HQ section. Here, you can explore our latest picks and predictions for various tournaments throughout the course of the year. We also cover other golf betting markets, too.



Another sport that offers countless betting moments throughout the whole year is boxing. We share our latest betting picks, news, and analysis for as many fights as we possibly can. As always, our goal is simply to find the best betting value available.



Mixed martial arts has achieved mainstream status after years in the background of the sports scene. As a result, there are tons of fights each weekend, and many of them are covered by the bookmakers. The main focus of our experts is UFC and Bellator events, but we also cover others when we believe there are good betting options.

About the Betting HQ

You probably understand most of what the Betting HQ is all about now. We are basically trying to give you the ultimate resource for your day-to-day betting needs. Our guides don’t just cover general concepts; we dig deep into the specifics of each sport, tournament, league, or event and keep you fully up to date with what you need to know.

To spin off of the popular saying about teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish, here we teach you how to fish AND give you the fish.

We provide a constant flow of expert picks and predictions that you can simply follow and bet accordingly. That’s the equivalent of giving you a fish. We also explain our thought processes and reasoning while providing the latest news and updates, which is the equivalent of teaching you how to fish.

That’s enough with the fish analogies. Essentially, you can decide to take full advantage of every bit of information we provide and try to build your own successful betting strategies. If you don’t have the time or energy to do that, you could just stick with our bet suggestions. The choice is yours.

Before you make up your mind, let’s go into more details, so you get a better idea of how exactly we try to achieve our goals here.  Here’s a summary of what you’ll find for the various betting markets we cover in the Betting HQ.

  • Latest odds
  • Current picks and best bets
  • Short- and long-term predictions
  • News, updates, and developments
  • Schedules and key dates
  • Betting tips and strategy advice
  • Trends and stats
  • Best places to bet
  • Details of bonuses and promotions

For many of the specific leagues, tournaments, and events we cover, we also provide detailed information on their structure, format, and history.

Latest Odds

The betting odds for every event and tournament are extremely volatile. They go up and down; the favorites change all the time. But if you are prepared to follow the whole situation closely and instantly take advantage of every price movement, you can master the craziness and make some money.

For that purpose, you always have to be informed about the latest betting odds and the reason behind every single change. We make sure to provide you with odds trackers for all crucial markets and always share our opinion when there are big movements.

Current Picks and Best Bets

The betting picks we provide are the bread and butter of the Betting HQ. We put a lot of hard work behind them by scouting the best odds and analyzing all the aspects required to evaluate each betting market.

We combine sports betting fundamentals with sport-specific knowledge for the ultimate result. Of course, we can’t guarantee success, but our betting picks are certainly a great place to start.

Short- and Long-Term Predictions

We constantly share our predictions for what we think is going to happen in both the short term and long term. These predictions can help enormously when it comes to finding where the value lies in various betting options, especially futures and outrights.

It might be wise to back one team or player before a competition starts, but there’s no shame in adjusting and switching to another once you have more information to work with.

News, Updates, and Development

Many of our pages also serve as news centers for the latest updates. We make sure to cover all important developments around the teams and players involved.

You will see plenty of links to news reports, tweets, and everything relevant. Of course, it’s not only about sharing the latest information; we also provide analysis on how it affects the general state of a competition or betting market and everyone involved.

Depending on the importance of every update, we simply add a sentence or two with expert opinion, or we dig deeper and write a complete analysis. We believe that such an approach not only keeps you up to date with the latest news, but it also helps you understand the bigger picture at any given moment.

Schedules and Key Dates

Simply put, you must know all the key dates related to any of the tournaments and events you intend to bet on. When they start, when the draw is (if there is one), and other similar noteworthy moments usually bring dramatic changes in the odds.

You must be prepared to react, as often, these are the situations in which the odds contain value. If you are too slow, the bookmakers will adjust the prices, and the opportunity will be gone.

Betting Tips and Strategy Advice

Some of you might be visiting our Betting HQ sections with the sole purpose of checking our latest picks and predictions. Others might be wanting to focus on improving their own ability to find winners and select profitable wagers.

This is not an easy task, but we certainly try to help you. That’s why we provide tips and betting strategies relating to specific competitions and betting markets.

We usually start with fundamentals that are mostly helpful to beginners, but there are a lot of tips and tricks that even experienced gamblers will find useful. We dissect every aspect that might impact the outcome of a certain sporting event and show you how to use it in your favor.

Trends and Stats

This kind of information is also useful to those of you wishing to make your own betting decisions and/or formulate individual betting systems and strategies.

Where appropriate, we highlight various statistics and trends that can help in predicting likely outcomes in the future.

Best Places to Bet

Most of the betting markets that we cover in our Betting HQ are offered by many online bookmakers and sportsbooks. As you could imagine, there are some differences in the variety of the betting options, the odds, and other important factors.

We make sure to explore the services of many different sportsbooks and inform you about the best for the competition in question. Naturally, we only stick to trusted online betting sites, as the safety of your money and personal information should always be the top priority.

Details of Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best benefits of online betting is the variety of bonuses and promotions available to each player. The competition between the bookmakers and sportsbooks is so fierce that they regularly launch all kinds of deals to attract new customers and keep them happy.

The list includes some ongoing promotions like sign-up bonuses and loyalty clubs, but also plenty of exclusive offers that target specific events and tournaments.

We follow the promotions of our recommended bookmakers and give you a heads up when a good offer is on the line. The extra value you get will certainly boost your results in the long run.

Structure, Format, and History

You’re unlikely to bet successfully on a tournament, league, or event if you are not fully aware of its format and structure. You need to understand things like this because it can affect the strategy of each team and/or player involved. In turn, this impacts how you should approach your betting decisions.

Our goal is to provide you with ALL the knowledge you need, so many of the guides in our Betting HQ include an explanation of the format and a quick look at the history of the relevant competition.

You don’t have to worry, though; we don’t bore you with too many details. We try to stick only to the information that is actually going to help you when it comes to your betting.

More Betting Picks on Our Blog

Our blog is another place where the experts share their picks and analysis on a regular basis. It features regular betting previews for the most popular sports and leagues out there, and all kinds of other interesting content, too.

We cover the NFL, the NBA, the English Premier League, as well as tennis, golf, horse racing, UFC/MMA, esports, and much more. We also cover esports, politics, and entertainment betting markets on the blog.

The authors at have plenty of experience and expertise in each of the sports we cover. Simply put, when you see an article about football, it has been written by someone who’s been watching the game for years and has plenty of sports betting experience.

You don’t have to follow each post and the tips inside without your own input, of course. The true value lies in the analysis that our previews provide. They can show you an angle that you might have missed in your own analysis or confirm your initial thoughts. Sometimes, it could be a good place to start with and conduct your own research for games you might have missed otherwise.

You will find the latest blog posts that include betting picks and previews below. Sports Betting Guide

    If you are interested in improving your general sports betting knowledge, we have a comprehensive guide that covers all the fundamentals, as well as advanced strategies and materials.

    Beginners will be happy to find the basics there and learn how to bet, what sports are the most suitable for them, and other relevant pieces of information that can save them a lot of time and money.

    This is not everything, though, as we made sure to cover topics that can help even experienced bettors. We go through various advanced concepts that can help you build a successful betting strategy or improve the ones you are already developing.

    If you want to check the guide out, use the button below.

    Developing Sports Betting Strategies – Our Betting Lab

    Our Betting Lab is focused on developing betting strategies from scratch. The idea of the project is not so much to provide you with complete strategies that you can use but to show you the methods and the thought process that will help you do it yourself.

    By trying to understand the logic and steps we use to create the systems there, you can then apply these things yourself and find your own unique betting strategies. This is one of the best ways to consistently make money from sports betting.

    If this all sounds exciting, we encourage you to take a detailed look through our Betting Lab. You will find various ideas and systems related to popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, and soccer. The number of strategies is increasing all the time, and you can even suggest your own ideas that we can test.

    Find Extra Betting Value in Our Bonus HQ

    Recognizing the profitable opportunities and placing your wagers accordingly is obviously the key to success in betting. However, there are multiple other ways to improve your chances of making money. Taking full advantage of all kinds of promotions is one of them.

    Gambling sites are in a constant war for customers, so they use all means to attract and keep new players. You can easily find some juicy welcome bonuses and loyalty programs that could boost your bankroll significantly.

    It would be a shame to miss out on the opportunities offered by sites, which is why we have our Bonus HQ. This is the place where you will find all the best gambling bonuses and promotions online.

    You can explore the offers we believe are the most profitable but also understand how they work and what needs to be done to get the best out of them.

    Be sure to check this section, as good bonuses and promotions can make the difference between winning and losing.

    The Future of the Betting HQ

    The Betting HQ is one of the newer sections on, but we are giving our best to provide you with an exceptional service that covers all popular sports and leagues out there. We have a ton of ideas for the future, so expect more soon.

    One of the main targets is to include live betting at some point. We know that many people love placing their wagers while the games are running. This is why we will be working on a system that allows us to provide betting picks in-play.

    There are other exciting features that will be coming soon, too. If you have your own suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us and share your opinion.