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The Best Casino Onlines Who Accept Credit Cards in 2019

Before you sit down to play blackjack, bet on sports or play a hand of poker, there’s one thing you got to do first.

Know what it is?

That’s right – you got to make a deposit. No money means no gambling.

And one of the best ways to fund your account – all things being equal – is to use a credit card. Well, just about any form of plastic, really.

The benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Now, if you decide to take our word on that, then the next step is to choose from one of the casinos in the list below. They’re the best casinos who accept credit cards in 2019. They trump all others in terms of fees, limits, processing, and so on.

You know… the stuff that matters.

Alternatively, you can also to choose to read the reviews first to see specifically what cards each casino takes, their transaction limits, etc., as well as what betting options you’ll have and the promotions you can claim.

Either way, you can pick your poison below.

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Now, if you don’t want to take our word for it – which is TOTALLY OK – I’m going to take the next few minutes to go over what I feel are the biggest pros and cons to using credit cards to gamble online.

I’ll wrap things up with some tips on how to find a top-tier casino on your own.

Let’s get started!

The 5 Biggest Benefits to Using Credit Cards

Here are some of the biggest benefits to funding your account with a charge card.

1. Charge Cards Are Fast & Convenient

Credit cards are convenient.

Most people have their charge cards within reach. It’s not as if you have to leave your house to make your payment like you do with cash transfers or bank wires.

All you got to do is open the casino’s cashier, and then plug in your card details and how much you want to deposit.

Then click submit… and that’s it.

What’s more, though, is how fast credit cards clear. Think about the last time you used your credit/debit card at the gas pump, grocery store on maybe online at Now long did it take for the payment to go through?

A few seconds, right?

It’s the same way at a gambling site. Plug in your numbers and you’ll have money to play with in seconds.

Easy and fast!
Who doesn’t want that?
2. Relatively High Limits

Another thing we like about credit cards are the limits. You can deposit hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per transaction — and thousands, tens of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands per month.

Now, this obviously varies from site to site. Some casinos have really low limits.

But I know of some casinos that let you deposit in the upper 5-figure and low 6-figure range. If you’re a high roller then this is one of your only ways to make a deposit online.

This will also depend on your credit card limit. It doesn’t matter if the casino lets you deposit $50,000 if you have a $2,500 max limit.

But that’s not really a mark against credit cards, but rather a mark against YOUR card.

3. Collect Your Rewards

If you actually use a credit card – and, your credit card offers them – you can accrue rewards whenever you spend money (to gamble online).

This can build real fast if you’re the aforementioned high roller who wants to make large 5 and 6-figure deposits.

Now, 1% cashback or a few miles here and there may not sound like much. But there are a few ways to look at this:

  • You’re going to gamble anyway. You might as well get paid to do so if it’s an option.
  • It adds up. 1 percent of $100 may only be $1. But say you spend $1,000 or $5,000 per month gambling – that adds up to an extra $120 to $600 per year!
  • It can offset some of your losses. Most people are going to lose in the long run. That’s a simple fact. So, why not try to stave off the inevitable?

All these perks will be even better if you happen to join a casino with VIP rewards, killer deposit bonuses or cashback offers. I just reviewed a casino the other day that’s offering 25% cashback.

Now you can get 26%.

4. All Casinos Accept Them

I cannot think of a casino offhand who DOESN’T accept credit cards.

Now, they may only accept Visa… or, their MasterCard limits may be double the limits for Visa… or, maybe Visa, MasterCard and American Express are okay, but Discover isn’t.

The point is – you’d be hard-pressed to find a casino who doesn’t accept SOME FORM of plastic.

The biggest perk to this
is that you don’t have to settle.

Since every casino accepts credit cards, you can instead make sure the casino accepts your brand of credit card and has limits, fees, etc. you’re okay with. But you can quickly move on from there to making sure the casino is good for you in more important ways – their reputation, games, offers, etc.

Your options for where to play are endless!
5. Credit Cards Are Relatively Safe

There are risks to using credit cards – especially when you make payments online. There are phishing schemes, for example – people who pretend to be a company with the sole intent to steal your credit card information.

But I haven’t heard of any schemes like this targeting online gamblers. It’s a possibility, though.

For the most part, though, it’s safe to use credit cards online. Online gambling sites use similar, if not identical encryption technology that your bank uses. This encrypts any information shared from your computer to theirs so that hackers can’t harvest it (and later make sense of it).

Not only that, but most credit cards have programs in place that if your card is stolen you’re not liable for any charges made. Though, that might be a tougher sale for an online gambler (the bank may be able to claim you have a problem and are trying to get out from underneath it).

You can also request a charge back if you run into any problems. Though this should be your absolute resort – and only if the casino is a scam – as this can negatively affect the casino, which then affects the online gambling community in terms of lower transaction limits, higher fees and more ID scrutiny.

The Bottom Line

If you use credit cards to shop online at places like Amazon or Wal-Mart, then there shouldn’t be any issues with using them to gamble online. Your information is just as safe.

The 5 Biggest Downsides to Using Credit Cards

Those were some of the upsides. But let’s keep things balanced by looking at some of the downsides to using your credit card to gamble online.

1. Credit Cards Are Only for Deposits

I talk about convenience, yet credit cards can be inconvenient too. For example, when you need to cash out your winnings.

I’m not sure the reason why, but the majority of people who can use credit cards to fund their accounts, cannot use them to receive cash outs.

Some people can. But it’s hit or miss, and usually limited to European and British based gambling sites… and players in similar certain countries or regions.

It is NOT available for Americans. At least not at offshore gambling sites.

Now, this is where our reviews will come in handy. We’ll tell you which casinos are able and willing to pay out winnings to credit cards.

If that’s not an option for you, then I recommend checking out our banking page to learn what other options you have.

My recommendations for other cash out options are:

  • E-Wallets – These are widely available to players and accepted by casinos. They’re similar in processing timeframes, fees and limits. Plus, many of them have debit/credit cards.
  • Bitcoin – The downside is that the value of bitcoin fluctuates. The upside is that it’s fast, anonymous, more and more casinos accept it every day, and it has some of the highest limits of all banking options. Most times it’s fee-free, too.

Keep in mind that you may have to make a deposit with these options in order for you to cash out with them. Otherwise, if you use a credit card to deposit, the casino will likely just ship you a paper check or bank wire.

2. Your Payment May Be Declined

An issue you may run into is that you’ll punch in all your details and click submit… only for your card to be declined.

This happens from time to time. Maybe you punched in the wrong number?

Other times it’s because your bank doesn’t allow online gambling purchases. This is most likely the case if you’re an American trying to make a deposit at an online gambling site.

That’s because American banks have to follow the UIGEA. The short version of this law is that they’re prohibited from processing payments to and from online gambling sites.

It sucks when the government tells you what you can and can’t do with your money. They’re only “protecting” you, you know. But instead of complaining about it, let’s look at a few things you can do to fix or get around it.

  • Try the card again. The 2nd time, maybe even the 3rd time, might be the charm. But, you may have simply punched in your details wrong.
  • Have the casino punch in your numbers. I’m not sure what the difference is, or why it works, but I’ve seen it suggested. I’ve also had it work at grocery stores where my card wouldn’t work when I swiped it, but it was fine when the clerk manually entered my card number.
  • Try a different amount. Again, this sounds odd, but I’ve seen it suggested a couple of times. The theory is that your bank might pick up on the amount you’re trying to deposit, especially if it’s the same amount each time ($500, for example). So, try $501, $455, and so on.
  • Try a different card. It doesn’t have to be a credit card – you might also try debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, etc.

If none of those work, you may simply have to go with a different banking method. As I suggested above, e-wallets are a good option, as is bitcoin.

You can even use your credit card to fund these options – to buy bitcoin, to pay for your money transfer, to load your e-wallet, etc.

3. There May Be Fees

It seems like more and more casinos are charging fees – no matter what banking method you’re using, or if you’re making a deposit or withdrawal.

Unfortunately, that goes for credit cards, too.

What’s worse is that the trend for credit cards is for operators to use a percentage-based fee, as opposed to a flat-rate.

They might charge 2.5%, 5% or even as much as 10-12% per transaction.

This sucks because you can pay as much as you would for a $1,000 or even $10,000 wire, but for a $300-$400 credit card payment.

Isn’t that ridiculous?

I have seen some casinos say they use a percentage fee or flat-rate, whichever is lower/higher, or a percentage-based fee to a max of $X.XX. I definitely recommend looking for something like that if you can’t find a casino that doesn’t charge (flat) fees.


When thinking about fees and limits, you should also think about what else you get from the casino that might it worthwhile to play there despite their fees. It could be more offers, faster processing, better support, etc. It might even be a safer casino.

4. Do You Have a Gambling Problem?

I hate to be nosey but…

Do you have a gambling problem?

It’s bad enough to have a gambling problem when you’re spending all your cash, rent money or selling your stuff to fund your addiction.

But I think you take it to another level when you decide to use your charge card. Because you’re now spending money (I assume) you don’t have and will have to pay back later.

And if you can’t pay your rent, and you’re spending all of your extra money, I assume you won’t be able to pay your credit card bill when it comes due. So, now you’re screwing up your credit… and maybe even financial future.

To sum this up – if you have a problem you shouldn’t be gambling anyway. But if you have a problem, don’t get a card and/or cut up the cards you have. Or, don’t get one to begin with.

If you have a card but you’re not sure you have a gambling problem – maybe you have an addictive personality – then either leave your card at home, give it to someone else, or cut it up. You can always get a new one.

5. Do You Keep a Balance?

One last downside to using credit cards for online gambling – they charge you interest whenever you keep a balance.

The problem with this is that not only are you paying interest, but you’re paying interest on money spent playing games that you’re all but guaranteed to lose at in the long run.

Let that sink in for a second. It’s important. Here it is again in case you missed it.

You’re basically giving money away – because that’s what gambling is, if you remove the entertainment aspect – and then choosing to pay as much as 10-30% (or even higher if you have bad credit) interest on the balance.

This can add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars .

I highly recommend you don’t use a credit card if you plan to keep a balance.
You’re just not doing yourself any favors otherwise.

In Summary

Okay, so those are the pros and cons to using credit cards for online gambling.

If the negatives above hit too close to home, then I recommend checking out a different banking option. We have created other pages that show you the best sites for whatever banking method you decide to use instead.

For everyone else, in the next section we’ll look at a quick checklist you can use to find the best credit card gambling sites on your own time.

How to Find the Best Casino Onlines That Accept Credit Cards

Let’s wrap this page up with a few tips for how to find the best credit card gambling sites.

In no particular order:

  • Find a casino that accepts most, if not all major credit card brands. The more options you have, the better. Most casinos accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex) and Discover.
  • Double check the casino’s fees. Strive to find a casino with a flat rate, or cap, if they take a percentage. Try to avoid casinos who take a percentage-based fee with no cap (it’s open ended).
  • Find out whether you can use credit cards for cash outs. If not, are you okay with a check or bank wire? And, if not, are you willing to deposit with bitcoin, e-wallets, etc., so that you can use those for cash outs instead?
  • Does the casino have transaction daily, weekly and monthly limits you’re okay with? Can you deposit as much money with your charge card as you want?
  • Is the casino known for high acceptance rates (a primary concern for American gamblers)? We sometimes cover these details in our gambling reviews.

Now, this stuff is on top of the normal stuff you’re responsible for checking out.

That stuff includes:

  • The casino’s reputation. Credit cards aside, should you even play here? Our reviews do a good job at letting you know about the company’s background, as well as giving you a summary of how other review sites feel about them.
  • The casino’s games. Do they have the games and variants you like to play? Do they work with the software providers you prefer?
  • The casino’s software. Do they have a download? Instant play casino? Mobile casino? Native app? You’ll want to make sure before you sign up. Not only that – and this is important for mobile players – but that the casino has the games you want for your mobile device.
  • The casino’s promotions. Do they have a welcome bonus and other promos you want to claim? Just as important, are their bonus terms reasonable?
  • Do they accept players from your country? You can’t play there if they don’t accept players from your area – obviously.

Pretty standard stuff. Other than this I recommend shipping them an email or two, or maybe hit them up on live chat. Just to make sure they’re responsive and are able to answer your questions.

Just ask them a question about using credit cards at their casino.


It’s real simple – credit cards are the way to go.

Unless you have a legitimate gambling problem or you have a tendency to carry a balance, all the upsides outweigh the downsides.

Credit cards are convenient and fast. They have relatively high limits. All casinos accept them, and even more than that, nearly everyone has one.

So, why not take advantage of your credit card – make a deposit now and start playing in the next few minutes – while collecting VIP perks and credit cards while you’re at it?

I mean, can you think of a better banking option?
Because I sure can’t.
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