Bingo Hall Review

Thanks for dropping by our Bingo Hall review. This is an interesting one.

Bingo Hall’s been around for more than a decade. They accept US players, have lots of bingo and casino games for you to play, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a casino or bingo hall with more bonuses and prizes than they do.

I know what you’re thinking – sounds great, where do I sign up?

But hold on a minute. I discovered a few things I’m not so crazy about. While not illegal, the things I found fall somewhere between tacky and unethical …maybe even predatory.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t sign up here. Not at all.

What I’m saying is Bingo Hall’s approach – especially when it comes to offer terms and cash outs – might turn some people off.

The only way to know for sure, though, is to read our review.

Let’s start with their games.

(US Customers Welcomed)
Device Compatibility:
  • Website - BingoHall.ag
  • Launched in 2002
  • Licensed in Costa Rica
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Telephone - +1 800-274-7345
  • Excellent bonuses & promotions
  • Top quality software
  • Good range of jackpots
  • US customers welcomed
  • 75 ball bingo only
Bingo Hall Review

Let’s start with bingo, since that’s the main draw for most people.

Bingo Hall’s games are powered by Parlay Entertainment, who’s known for having high quality software.

Their rooms and card prices include:

It’s great seeing how cheap it can be to play. You can really make a $5, $10 or $20 stretch here. Or you can go all out and play up to 24 cards at once.

Each room has its own prize pool. These range from .01 to $2,500. Some look like they have guarantees, while others are purely based on the number of people who’ve bought in. Some of them have jackpots, too – the amounts posted vary from $300 to $24,000. It looks like there’s plenty of money to win. That’s always a good sign.

Bingo Hall offers normal options like auto-daub, so you won’t ever miss a number. You can pre-purchase your tickets too, so you never miss a game.

The biggest complaint I have about their bingo games is how you can only play 75-ball bingo. There are no 80 or 90-ball options. That’s a small complaint in the grand scheme of things, though.

In between bingo matches, you can spend time in their casino and arcade section. Here they offer games from BetSoft and Rival. Both are top-notch software companies.

Here’s a list of the games you can play:

Pull Tabs

The general idea here is to buy a card. Then you’ll have 5 chances to pull the cards. If you uncover 3 of the same symbols on a card, you’ll win a prize per the prize table.

Here are your options:

  • Gold Rush - $ 1
  • Gold Rush - $ 0.5
  • Gold Rush - $ 0.25
  • Alleycat - $ 1
  • Bank Heist - $ 1
  • Hole in One - $ 1
  • Alien Encounter - $ 0.5
  • Alleycat - $ 0.25
  • Ole West - $ 1
  • Alleycat - $ 0.5
  • Bank Heist - $ 0.5
  • Monster Bucks - $ 1
  • Money Hog - $ 0.25
  • Money Hog - $ 0.5
  • Jungle Safari - $ 0.5
  • Hole in One - $ 0.5
  • Pirates Cove - $ 0.25
  • Monster Bucks - $ 0.25
  • Pirates Cove - $ 0.5
  • Alien Encounter - $ 0.25
  • Ole West - $ 0.5
  • Monster Bucks - $ 0.5
  • Bank Heist - $ 0.25
  • Jungle Safari - $ 0.25
  • Pirates Cove - $ 1
  • Jungle Safari - $ 1
  • Ole West - $ 0.25
  • Hole in One - $ 0.25
  • Money Hog - $ 1

You’ll have lots of choices here ranging from classic to 3D machines with 1-9 lines.


Here are the titles you can play:

  • Aladdin’s Magical Treasure
  • Black Diamond
  • Wild Sevens
  • Crazy Jungle
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl
  • Greedy Goblins
  • New Tales Of Egypt
  • Diablo 13
  • Alkemor’s Tower
  • 7 Monkeys
  • Event Horizon
  • Witches Cauldron
  • Pinocchio
  • Lucky Fishing
  • Trolling For Treasure
  • Get Crackin
  • Treasures of Pharaohs
  • Three Times the Riches
  • Hollywood Reels
  • Super 7s
  • Diamond Surprise
  • Firestorm 7
  • Citrus 7s
  • Lucky 7s
  • 2 million bc
  • Double Scoop Delight
  • Rainforest Riches
  • Mad Orchestra
  • Karat Crazy
  • Lucky 7s (5 Line)
  • 7s Ablaze (5 Line)
  • Fire and Ice
  • Dwarven Gold
  • Wild Cherry
  • Dice and Fire
  • Fire and Ice (5 Line)
  • Forest Treasure
  • Black and White Gold
  • Double Diamond (5 Line)
  • Wild Cherry (5 Line)
  • Double Diamond
  • Black and White Gold
  • 7s Ablaze
  • Orbital Mining
  • Viking & Striking
  • SugarPop
  • Quest for the Minotaur
  • Ducks’n’Eggs
  • Carnival Of Venice
  • Summer Party
  • Lady of the Moon
  • Bee Land
  • Lucky Day At The Races
  • Lucky Number
  • Lotto Mania
  • Sugar Rush Valentines Day
  • Reel Gangsters
  • Tales Of Egypt
  • Happy Circus
  • Sugar Rush Winter
  • Fandango’s 15 Lines
  • Great Reef
  • Voyager’s Quest
  • Bingo Slot
  • Sugar Rush
  • Redbeard & Co
  • Transylvania
  • Ocean Fantasy
  • Lost Inca’s Gold
  • Daytona Gold
  • Sugar Rush Summer
  • Douguie’s Delights
  • Glorious Rome
  • Religion of Champions
  • Merry Bells
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Grave Grabbers
  • Slot Dunk
  • Lost Gems of Brussels
  • Fruit Slot
  • Cool Stone Age
  • Beauty Salon
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Shia Safavids
  • Global Cup Soccer
  • Diamond Dazzle
  • Forest Frenzy

My favorite slots here – hands down – are the machines from BetSoft.

What’s most unique about them are their 3D slots. These machines have excellent graphics that make you feel as if you’re playing a video game or watching a movie. They have fun intro scenes and bonus rounds, too.

I’ve tried a few of their machines. I suggest starting with Greedy Goblins.

But don’t neglect their Rival slots. Rival’s claim-to-fame are their i-Slots. These are story-based slots where you progress through a story while playing a normal game of slots. These stories mimic a soap opera where you’ll watch plots filled with love, lies and deceit.

You simply can’t go wrong in their slots section.

Video Poker

Here are the video poker games you can choose from:

  • Jacks or Better Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Joker Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • All American
  • Deuces and Jokers
  • Tens or Better
  • Double Joker
  • Deuces & Joker
  • Joker Poker

They have a larger variety of video poker variants than some casinos.

And to wrap their games up, you can also play keno.

And while Bingo Hall doesn’t have a mobile app, their website is mobile-optimized. I checked their site out from my iPhone and everything looked great. From what I could tell most, if not all of their games were available, too.

Bingo Hall has TONS of promotions. Seriously. They offer limited time deals, free play offers and match bonuses for every day of the week. They have a HUGE VIP program, too.

But …it’s not all sunshine and roses. There are some not-so-good things, too. I’ll share what those are as I go through each of their offers.

Free $25 Offer – This offer is for all new customers. When you sign up they’ll give you $25 to try out all their games.

This is a nice offer. However, what’s frustrating about it is how they don’t promote it much or make it obvious. It’s almost as if they’re hiding it. I only found out about it by digging through their help section.

New players are also eligible for the following match bonuses:

Another frustrating thing is how hard they make it to find their terms for clearing their bonuses. This, too, I had to find by digging through their help section.

Here’s what I found out:

That’s all they say about it. It’s not very clear, and what’s even more confusing is the overlap. They all say pretty much the same thing.

Please Note:

These terms likely apply to all the following offers. However, they do say in their terms that rollover requirements are on a case-by-case basis. So be sure to read their terms carefully before you participate in an offer.

One other thing – if you don’t want their welcome offer, or any other offers, be sure to contact them by live chat or email to let them know. Otherwise the offer(s) will automatically be added to your account.

Other than their welcome offer, they have daily deposit bonuses. These are match bonus offers for every day of the week.

Here’s what you can get:








If you want free money to play with you have NO excuses. You have TONS of options every day of the week.

(I’m sort of surprised these offers don’t have caps -or, maybe it’s like their terms- and it’s not something easy to find.)

And that’s still not all. Bingo Hall has around a dozen other offers running. Some are evergreen, while others are for a limited time only. We’ve included their evergreen offers below.


You really can’t complain about offers here. I’d like to see more transparency about their rollover terms, though. But as far as the offers themselves go, there is something for everyone, for every day of the week.

Bingo Hall also offers an extensive, multi-level VIP program.

Here are all their tiers:

There are lots of perks, and they all improve as you move up in levels. Some of the perks include payout limit increases (total and frequency), how much cash back (Bingo Bucks) you can receive (quantity and frequency), birthday bonuses, bingo shop and VIP room access.

Screenshot of Bingo Halls List of Vip Ranks and Programs

I’m not a fan of some of the perks – or what the perks reveal about Bingo Hall. But I’ll talk more about that in my conclusion.

The payment options Bingo Hall accepts include:

The minimum deposit is $25.

For cash outs you can use:

A $50 minimum is reasonable for cash outs. Unfortunately, US players won’t be able to use any of those options. The only options they have are wires and checks.

And these minimum limits are insane. $500 for a bank wire? $300 for a paper check? Then you have fees on top of that, not including the fees you will likely pay (at least for the wire) from your bank.

But that’s not the only crazy part.

You’re limited on how much you can cash out each month based on your VIP stats. The lowest tier is limited to one $500 payment per month.

US players have to hit that on the money if they want a wire. Otherwise they have to have $300+ for a check.

But what if you have $100, $200 or $299 and want to cash out your funds? There’s no other option. This will make it incredibly frustrating for Americans wanting to cash out smaller amounts.

If you have any questions about that, banking, their games or anything else at all, you can reach out to Bingo Hall’s support using:

Customer Service Phone: 1-866-814-0052
Live Chat: For members who are logged in.

I sent them two emails around 5pm PST and received responses to both within an hour of sending each one. The staff was helpful, too, so no complaints there.

I have mixed feelings. Let’s start with the negative stuff.

I didn’t like how hard it is to find their terms. They’re not doing anything wrong per se, not making their terms front and center. But that doesn’t stop it from feeling sneaky.

That’s not my biggest gripe, though.

What I like least of all are their payout limits. From what I understand – and later confirmed with their support – is the amount you’re able to cash out is based on your VIP status.

For example, if you’re on the lowest tier you can request 1 cash out per month for a maximum of $500. The next tier is like that, too.

Sure, as you move up in tiers you’ll be able to cash out more often for larger sums. But you shouldn’t be forced to play more in order to cash out YOUR money.

It feels like they’re trying to force you to keep your money on their site. Especially when you consider how their bank wires and paper checks have mins of at least $300. That means Americans on the lowest tier(s) can only cash out between $300 and $500. Any more or any less and it stays on the site.

It almost feels predatory…

Outside of those things, though, there’s not much to complain about. In fact, there’s a lot to like about Bingo Hall.

For example:

There’s not a lot of bad comments about them, either. Especially if you ignore the standard scam sites where people complain about losing or rigged games.

The bottom line – they appear to be a safe site with lots of offers and games to play. However, many aspects of their site feel sneaky, even predatory.

It’s a toss-up. So, here’s my suggestion:

If you play here, you should do so knowing that cashing out might be downright difficult. But if you’re playing with money you can afford to lose (which you should) and you’re not in a hurry to get your money off the site, then I don’t feel there’s any harm in checking them out.

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