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Ignition Casino Poker Review

Ignition Casino has a brand new poker room. Sort of.

Here’s what happened.

Ignition bought their poker room – the proprietary software, assets, player base, etc. – from Bovada on August 9th, 2016. You can read about the sale here.

Bovada plans to exit the US market following the sale. Their existing players will have until September 30th to transition from Bovada to Ignition. To encourage players to make the move, Ignition is offering a:

  • $10 free cash bonus
  • $1,100 match casino bonus
  • $100 poker deposit drip bonus
  • Freeroll ticket

This offer is available to new players, too. Our review will tell you more about it – including what we don’t like about the offer.

As you read our review you’ll notice that most things about Bovada’s poker room will stay the same after it’s transferred to Ignition.

Most things. Not all of them. A few things will change following their cutoff date. We’re not fans of most of them.

Be sure to stick around and read our review to learn what those changes are. And, ultimately, to decide if you want to stick around following the sale or to decide if Ignition’s poker room is the right one for you.

(US Customers Welcomed)
Device Compatibility:
  • Established in 2016
  • Website - IgnitionCasino.eu
  • Licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Telephone - 1-855-370-0600
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Good Player Base
  • Available to US players
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Banking Fees
  • Brand New in 2016

You’ll notice Ignition is pushing you to download their software from their site. This led me to wonder if they even offered a Mac option, likely a no download.

They don’t. Not yet, anyway.

That said, you can play from your phone or tablet. You’ll have full access to their cash and zone poker games.

The games Ignition offers are:

7-card stud

If you’re a cash game player, you’ll be able to join heads-up, 6-max and 9-handed tables. Stakes start at .01/.02 per hand and peak at 300/600. It depends on the game, betting type and variant you choose to play.

If you’re a tournament player, you’ll have a TON to choose from. Let’s start with their SNGs.

The games you can play are holdem and omaha. I’m sure some people would like more options. But other games – especially in the SNG format – don’t fire enough to make them worth having.

Here are the SNG variations you can choose from:

Deep Stack: Get double the starting chips.
Satellite: Win your way into one of our bigger tournaments.
Turbo: Turn up the speed with faster blind levels.
Double Up: Survive half the field and double your buy-in.
Triple Up: Place in the top third to triple your buy-in.
Hyper Turbo: Our fastest format – play for fun, high-speed action.

Buy-ins vary from $1.10 to $215. It looks like their table sizes range from heads-up to 45-mans.

If you prefer to play large MTTs, Ignition offers a large selection of those, too.

For example, one tournament series they run is called Mad Mondays. They don’t explain what this is, but from looking at the next start date, August 22nd, 2016, I’m thinking this is a small tournament series.

The entire series guarantees $200-$300,000+. And with many buy-ins over the $20 level, I’d expect them to run satellites to these tourneys, too.

Here are some of the tournaments running in that series:

Mad Monday – August 22nd
ET Tournament Name Guaranteed Prize Pool Buy-in
3:04 PM Mad Monday Event #1 – $15,000 Gtd (10K Chips) $15,000 $20 + $2
4:04 PM Mad Monday Event #2 – $10,000 Gtd (50/50) $10,000 $75 + $7
5:04 PM Mad Monday Event #3 – $11,000 Gtd (10K Chips) $11,000 $10 + $1
6:04 PM Mad Monday Event #4 – $12,000 Gtd (Extra Play) $12,000 $50 + $5
7:04 PM Mad Monday Event #5 – $40,000 Gtd (10K Chips) $40,000 $100 + $9

There are 13 events total – a heads-up event, two main events and 10 regular events.

Ignition runs a “Nightly Majors” series every day. Here are the tournaments you can play:

Nightly Major Tournaments
Time (ET) Tournament Name Guaranteed Prize Pool Buy-in Starting Chips
8:00 PM $25,000 Guaranteed SS****** $25,000 $55 5,000
8:30 PM $8,000 Guaranteed DS * $8,000 $11 2,500
8:55 PM $12,000 Guaranteed** $12,000 $109 2,500
9:00 PM $10,000 Guaranteed SS *** $10,000 $22 5,000
9:15 PM $15,000 Guaranteed***** $15,000 $55 10,000
10:00 PM $10,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS**** $10,000 $109 5,000
10:15 PM $10,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips) $10,000 $11 10,000
11:00 PM $5,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS $5,000 $33 5,000

When you factor in their Sunday majors schedule – which includes their flagship $162 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed tourney and $462,000 guaranteed overall – they guarantee more than $2 million in tournament prize pools every week.

That might not seem like much when you see PokerStars’ Sunday Million tournament, or how they guarantee multiples of what Ignition does each week.

But remember, Ignition is the 3rd largest poker site in the world with a 24-hour average of 2,300 players and 7-day average of 1,350 players. PokerStars has literally 10x that (as of the stats today) and as many as 150,000+ players at any given time. They’re just so much bigger.

So, the fact that Ignition guarantees $2 million every week is impressive.

There are a few things to know about their software. Especially if you’re a pro.

The most important, I think, is this:

They use anonymous tables. This means they don’t use names to identify players at the table. They use numbers instead.

This means you cannot tag players or take permanent notes on them. Doing so would be counterproductive to their goal.

Ignition Poker does this to encourage a safe playing environment. One where recreational and/or weaker players aren’t targeted by sharks.

This approach also means they don’t allow players to use HUDs (heads up displays), data mining or any other popular poker software program used by players today.

They also limit how many tables you can play at once. It used to be 4 – which I confirmed with other review sites. But it looks like Bovada’s changed this recently to 15. At Ignition it’ll be 20.

20 tables are more than enough for most players. But there are some players who mass table. You won’t be able to do that here.

Other software features you might want to know about include:

You can select your own card design.
You can design your table.
You can play in different languages including English, Spanish and Chinese.
You can enable card animation. This means you can add special effects like flames or lightning bolts to your cards. The animation plays whenever you win a large hand.
You can enable the rabbit cam. This allows you to see what the next card would’ve been.
You can take single session notes.

Most, if not all of these features are on par with other poker sites. Nothing major or overly exciting.

Most of the offers Bovada was running Ignition Casino will run too. There are a few notable differences, though, including bonus size and (VIP) points exchange rates.

Let’s talk about their welcome bonus first.

$2,000 Welcome Bonus

This is a 2-part bonus. The first part is a 100% match poker bonus up to $1,000.

The casino bonus has a 25x play through. Games outside of slots will be more. You’ll need to wager 40% more for most table and video poker games to clear the same offer. And bets on Baccarat, Single Deck & Double Deck Blackjack, Sic Bo, Craps, Roulette won’t count at all. This also applies to the $10 bonus.

The second part is a 100% match poker bonus up to $1,000. There’s no rollover. Instead you unlock the bonus by playing and earning points. The bonus is released to you in 4 steps as shown below:

Level Poker Points Bonus Issued Total Bonuses
1 15 $5 $5
2 85 $20 $25
3 185 $25 $50
4 400 $50 $100

You also get a $10 cash bonus when you sign up.

Please Note

Overall, this bonus is sort of disappointing since Bovada’s poker offer is a 100% bonus up to $1,000. You get more here, but not by much, and only $100 of it can be used for poker. Here’s hoping that changes since not all poker players want to play casino games.


Get 200% of your friends first deposit up to $100. You can refer as many friends as you want. The play through is the same for casino games (mentioned above). Poker players will need to earn 3x poker points per bonus dollar.

Here’s how poker points are awarded:

  • $1 on Tournament Entry Fees = 3pts
  • $0.01 to $0.04 Raked = 0.05pts
  • $0.05 to $0.24 Raked = .10pt
  • $0.25 to $0.49 Raked = .25pt
  • $0.50 to $0.99 Raked = .50pt
  • $1.00 to $3.00 Raked = 1pt
Bad Beat Bonus

If you have aces full of kings, or better, and a better hand beats you, you’ll collect a bad beat bonus of 100x the big blind, up to $1,000. There are some rules:

  • Both your hole cards need to be used.
  • 3+ players need to have been dealt into the hand.
  • Your hand must go to show down.
  • All hands must be played independently (no helping).
  • Only applicable to Texas holdem cash games.

This bonus has no rollover requirements.

Royal Flush Bonus

Make a royal flush and you’ll receive a payout of 50x the big blind up to $200. This has the same rules as above EXCEPT your hand doesn’t have to go to showdown. There’s no rollover.

Swap Poker Points

Convert your poker points to tournament entries or bonuses. You can convert your points as often as you want. The max you can convert is 5 million points per month. The exchange rate is 200 points per $1. So, a $10+$1 tournament would cost you 2200 poker points.

One difference I see at Ignition is the exchange rate – it’s 2x worse than Bovada’s. Ignition’s 200 points per $1, but Bovada’s 100 points per $1. That may seem minor, but that means twice the work for you to earn the same stuff. On the bright side the rollovers for the bonus offers look the same.

It looks like the banking options at Ignition are identical to those at Bovada. Until you dig into the details. More on that in a second.

You can make a deposit to Ignition Casino Poker using:

Deposit limits are $20 to $1,000 for credit cards and $20 to $5,000 for bitcoin. There’s nothing listed for Rapid Transfer, but if they’re the same as Bovada you can expect the limits to be $10 and $800. However, their other (bitcoin / credit card) limits are NOT the same, so take this with a grain of salt.

Right now all deposits are fee-free. However, they’re changing that after October 1st, 2016 probably to coincide with the first full day they’ll be in business (the day after Bovada closes their doors).

Here are the fees you’ll pay:

BitcoinFree on deposits/withdrawals.
Rapid Transfer$12 flat fee

This is ridiculous. Expensive, too. And it doesn’t include any fees you might have to pay to your bank or the cash transfer store.

For cash outs you can use:

Check by Courier$100 min / $3,000 max / $75 fee
Bitcoin$20 min / $3,000 max / Free
Rapid Transfer$50

You’re limited to one cash out per method every 7 days. Bitcoin cash outs are processed once every 3 days.

Between the processing times and low max deposit/cash out, bitcoin doesn’t look nearly as good an option as it does on other sites. At least until it sinks in you’ll have to pay $50 to $75 for the other options. Bitcoin looks mighty good then.

And paying upwards of $300 per month to get a max of $12,000 is crazy. A bit too expensive for my tastes. You do get one free cash out once every 4 months (starting October 1st, 2016). But that doesn’t make it much better unless you don’t mind waiting and don’t have more than the max to cash out.

The short version – we recommended Bovada – their sportsbook, casino and poker room – and we recommend Ignition Casino – so it only makes sense to recommend Ignition Casino’s poker room, too.

Most things are going to stay the same. That includes their software, games and tournaments. We have no problems there.

Please Note

As far as we know things will stay the same. But that can always change once the transfer is done. Everyone will know more October 1st, 2016.)

The things that are changing, like the deposit bonus (only $100 for poker players), the lower poker points exchange rate and the ridiculously overpriced deposit and cash out fees …well, those are things we don’t like.

The problem is you’ll pay fees at all the legit, US-friendly poker sites. Maybe not on deposits, but definitely on withdrawals. However, these sites simply don’t have the traffic Ignition does.

You have to decide what’s important to you. If you don’t play very often, it might make sense to go to BetOnline or some other site and save a few bucks on your deposit.

But me?

I don’t like it, but I’d rather have a solid selection of games and tournaments. Which means I’d just grit my teeth and put up with Ignition’s new fees.

I suggest you do the same …and take advantage of their bonus offer now while it lasts.


jd | 13 Oct 2022
Rick Rakovan | 20 Sep 2022
I cashed out on 9-17-17 and it only took me 2 hours total to get my winnings. I was shocked i didnt think i was going to get it
Mike | 17 Sep 2022
Played site many time and never won. Win at the casino. Always a two outer beats me on the river. Always ahead until the end so you keep betting. They always let you win the first few minutes.
Brandon | 7 Sep 2022
I recently made a withdrawal from ignition casino which took them over a month to ship to me. I missed the fedex shipment due to work. But as soon as i had them hold it in a particular location they had them destroy the check. Not even a full week from me having them hold it, maybe 2 days. Only found out after taking time off of work to pick it up. Forget that site. They are scandalous and the system the have is more than likely rigged.
Anonymous | 19 Jul 2023
Ignition Poker is a COMPLETE scam and it is obvious to anyone that knows the game of Texas Hold'em. It's actually quite a disgrace to the game. I completely Agree with the above post and wish I would have read it before wasting a dime on this worthless site. I lost NINE consecutive all ins with 90% or more to win when I got my money in. Then to top things off I bubbled the 40k GTD with AhQc on a 2cQh8h flop. Big stack jammed 8c6c playing the bubble obviously and then instantly binked a 6h on turn. River blank. I know that hand isn't THAT bad statistically speaking but it was just icing on the cake for the RIGGED AI BOTS and ridiculous Unicorn run outs. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.
Roger Avent | 1 Jun 2023
Thank you for the comments. It doesn't take you long to realize there is something wrong with the game. Your comments have put more light on the subject. I have also noticed that it's nearly impossible to win after you have made a withdrawal and on the weekend. Are the bots out or have my Id been electronically flagged.
Adam | 23 May 2023
terrible site, the software always crashes and i can personally attest to the above complaints
Chrs | 23 Apr 2023
Absolutely worst website I have ever played poker on. Not only can you predict the run out of the cards and the best hand gets beat 99% of the time but if you have a bonus you have to forfeit whatever is not clamed in order to withdraw any amount of $. Example. I deposited $100 and built it up to $250 releasing $20 of my 100% deposit bonus(i.e. $100). I went to withdraw my $150 profit thus far and in order for me to withdraw it I had to forfeit my last $80 of my bonus. As long as real $ is on there I should be able to get my $. This site holds it so you cant take it out. In order for me to release that last $80 their system shows that I have to spend $4100 in the casino play. Oh I failed to mention that I play poker and the bonus they gave me can only be used in the casino side not the poker side. As I said in the beginning this is the WORST place you could possibly play on. Do not waste your time or money.
JC | 13 Feb 2023
Dont waste your money. Terrible site. Bad players that know its a crazy program so you get good hands beat alot.
Tim | 23 Jan 2023
Do not play here. Kawnawake gaming commission is a joke. They were same commission of ultimate bet when i won a wsop main event seat. 12,000. 10 for seat and 2,000 for travel and spending. After contacting Kawnawake many times they told me to kick rocks every time. Save your money
Tim | 23 Jan 2023
My only complaint is the gaming commission it uses. "Kahnawake" is not a legit gaming commission. Trust me, they are set up like they are legit but i used to play online at ultimate bet and guess who was the gaming commission of ultimate bet?? You guessed correct. I got screwed out of a world series of poker seat i legitimately won when they were the gaming commission. $12,000 to be more specific. 10 g's for tourny and 2,000 for travel and spending. That was a long time ago and i contacted kawnawake many, many times and they told me to go kick rocks. Save your money
Tim | 4 Jan 2023
If I am playing bots I would thank ignition for making stupid ones! Hands seem dealt random and in line with my live games I play. No bad beats on a consistent basis. Love this site!
Kyle | 30 Dec 2022
Ignition Poker is a scam and it is obvious to anyone that plays for more than a couple days. The reason they don't have usernames or identifying info on each player is that they can use robots that are there specifically to suck out on you with terrible hands. Just like Full Tilt poker you are not playing a fair game but at least with Full Tilt you could see the same players and you could stop a future event from happening by avoiding the well documented robot usernames. Now lets talk about another issue. The site is dealing unreasonable probabilities. If you want to see set on top of set and straight flushes beating full houses then go ahead and give it a shot. I can't believe how many 4 of a kinds this site splashes out there. It is truly unbelievable, and again, it's obvious that the site is not dealing real probabilities due to the extraordinary high number of events. You can even observe this when watching the starting hands that you are being dealt. Watch how many pocket pairs and how may suited cards you get. Obviously if you are getting these then you an only imagine that everyone else is getting them too. No wonder the worst hand is often a flush. If you are playing holdem you will feel like you are really playing Omaha. Everyone must have 4 cards to choose from with these hands. Watch for the patterns on this site too. When you are getting cards you will continue to get pocket 9's over and over again. This is when the site is going to be dealing you those premiere hands that only a fool wouldn't see a flop with. Just when you think your full house is good someone will flip over 4 of a kind or a straight flush. No joke, I got beat with 5 full houses in one day by three 4 of a kinds and 2 straight flushes. This happens sometimes but when you throw in the set on top of sets, which probably happened another ten times in a single day, it's obvious that the site is cheating you out of your money. Don't waste your time on this site or it will eventually suck you dry when you have a full house that normally, and on any other poker site, would holdup at least 99% of the time. Like I said earlier, 45 times in a single day it happened to me.
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