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Online Bingo vs. Live Bingo

In many respects, bingo is bingo regardless of whether you’re playing live or online. The basics of the game are very much the same, and the aim in both is to mark off all your numbers in order to win prizes.

With that being said, there are also quite a few notable differences between the two.

In terms of the overall experience, playing on the web is very different to playing live. After all you’re probably sitting at home looking at a computer screen rather than sitting in a bingo hall surrounded by other players.

It’s more than just that though, and on this page we look in some detail at just what sets online bingo apart from live bingo. We also look at the respective advantages of each.

Convenience & Opening Hours

The convenience factor of playing online is perhaps its single biggest advantage. It’s certainly what makes it so appealing for many that do play over the internet. The simple fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home without going out is a huge advantage to some.

Obviously, there are those that like the idea of going out to play, but playing online doesn’t in any way prevent you from playing live as well.

  • The point is really that you can play whenever you want.

Live bingo venues aren’t open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but bingo sites are. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is, if you want to play you’ll always find games running.

  • Another advantage is that you can play for as long or little as you like.

You’re unlikely to go to the effort of visiting a live venue if you just prefer a short session. If you want to squeeze in a quick game or two you can do that within a matter of minutes online.

The games tend to be completed much more quickly, and there’s minimal waiting around for new games to start either.

Social Element

Somewhat obviously, playing live has the advantage when it comes to the social element. You’re surrounded by other people and you can talk to them face to face.

For a lot of people, going out to play bingo is as much about the social side as it is about the game itself. Getting out of the house and catching up with friends is a huge part of the appeal.

However, the advantage isn’t as big as you might think.

There’s a strong social aspect to online bingo too.

At most sites there are chat rooms where you can interact with other players from all over the world, and there’s often a real sense of community.

Of course, if you prefer to just concentrate on the games you don’t have to get involved with that side of things if you don’t want to, but the option is there if you do.

Game Prizes & Jackpots

However important the social element, the chance to win some money is largely what the game is about for most players: regardless of whether they’re playing live or on the web. Therefore, the size of the prizes on offer is obviously a consideration for them.

There are some big prizes up for grabs at some bingo venues, especially at those that are part of a group where prizes and jackpots are networked across a number of venues, but generally speaking the prizes available online are more attractive.

This is quite simply because there are more people playing online so there’s more money going into the prize pools.

Entry Fees

Online has the clear advantage when it comes to entry fees as well.

It’s not so much that it’s significantly cheaper to play over the internet, as you’ll find plenty of cheap to enter games live, but rather that the range of entry fees online is much greater.

Most bingo sites have games available for players of all budgets so you can play at whatever level suits you.

Game Variety

There’s absolutely no doubt that the variety of games available on the web is much better than the variety of games available at live venues.

It’s not even close. Pretty much every site you could play at offers a wide range of games, all with different themes or their own unique little twists.

There are so many, in fact, that it would probably be quite a challenge to get around to playing them all.

In addition to all the bingo games available, most sites offer a great selection of side games too. These can be simple scratch card games with instant win prizes, or some of the more popular casino games. It’s not uncommon to find blackjack, roulette, and slot games available at bingo sites.

Online vs. Live – Our View

In our opinion it’s pretty clear that online bingo has the edge over playing the game live. Playing live has a lot going for it for sure, but playing over the internet has even more. The fact is, though, that you don’t need to choose between the two.

You can join a site to play at home when you feel like it, and still go out to a local venue when you feel like playing live. This way you can get the best of both worlds.

If you haven’t tried playing online and you want to try it out, then please make sure you sign up at a decent site. There are literally hundreds of bingo sites on the web; many of them are pretty good, but there are plenty of poor ones too.

There are also a few that really stand out as being top quality, and these are the ones you want to be playing at.