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Top NFL Betting Sites for 2019

If you’re here with the goal to find the best sites to bet on the NFL, let’s get right to it. Here’s our list of the best NFL betting sites:

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Nobody likes to leave money on the table, especially when it comes to sports betting. If the solution to solving this is easy, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Whether you’re new to betting on the NFL or a seasoned pro, you want to find the best place to wager your bets on the NFL.

We’re here to help guide you on what to look for when it comes to finding the top NFL betting sites out there. With tons of options out there, our guide will help you find your way through the corn maze in order to find the best NFL betting sites specifically for you.

To help you find a new home for your sports betting needs, we’ve gathered the list above of our favorite NFL betting sites. Each of these recommended sites ranks highly in customer service, security, ease of navigation and reliability. Our team has also analyzed the types of lines that they put out on the NFL to make sure that they are in line and competitive with the rest of the industry.

If you’re serious about betting online, our recommendation is that you join multiple sites. This will allow you the ability to shop lines, so that you’re making sure that you’re getting the best lines available. It is free to join these websites, and it can help you earn more in the long run.

If you’re ready to wager, check out the list of recommended sites above, and be sure to take full advantage of their signup bonus offers for new members.

What Differs Between the NFL and Other Leagues

Before we take a dive into specific things that you should look for in an online sports betting site, we wanted to cover some key differences between betting on the NFL and betting on other football leagues. Many folks have some experience in betting on football, but things can vary greatly between the different leagues.

There are often key differences between betting on the NFL and betting on another football league. Some of the key differences can be the availability of information, the size of the betting pool and the variety of bets offered. Below, we’ll discuss how the NFL differs from other types of football leagues in each of these areas.

Availability of Information

With any form of sports betting, availability of information is a big thing. The more informed that you are, the better choice that you can make for yourself, as opposed to betting blind with zero information. Availability of information for football tends to vary from league to league.

For the NFL, there tends to be a plethora of information available due to the huge popularity of the league. Many different news outlets from around the globe are constantly reporting information and updates relating to NFL players and teams. It is no surprise to see the amount of coverage that the NFL gets due to the overwhelming popularity of the sport, especially within the United States. In a poll conducted by The Associated Press in 2014, it was estimated that .

Crowd of People Catching an NFL Football Player

People just seem to go crazy at football games, especially when the players get involved.

While there are daily updates regarding many of the players and teams, some information relating to the NFL is still closely guarded by the leagues and individual teams. With so much at stake, it makes sense that they keep certain information closer to the chest and not available to the public. Some of the information that is often kept guarded relates to plays, potential trades and drafts. In contrast, some of the other football leagues like the AFL do not guard some of this information as closely.

For example, while there are occasional fan and media days, the vast majority of NFL practices are closed to the public. By doing this, the individual teams are able to work on key plays and strategy without other teams in the league knowing what they’re up to. However, with other football leagues, it is often easy to watch team practices as many of them take place in more public venues. Team practices are just one way that you can get information on a team. However, it is tough to get information from a team practice if access to it is not possible.

As someone interested in betting on the NFL, knowledge is power. The more informed of a decision that you can make based on information, the better your chances are of winning your bet. Unfortunately, many things are highly protected when it comes to the NFL, which makes our job as sports bettors more challenging.

Size of the Betting Pool

Another area where things can differ between the NFL and other football leagues is the size of the betting pool. As we mentioned earlier, the NFL is very popular in The United States with an estimated 49% of Americans being a fan of the league. Because of this massive popularity, NFL betting sites have become very sought after. In contrast, smaller leagues like the AFL just don’t have nearly as large of a fan base or people interested in betting on those games.

You might be asking yourself if the size of the betting pool really matters, and we’re here to tell you that it does. The size of the betting pool can greatly impact how much the lines move. If there is a large betting pool, lines tend to be more stable with less movement. On the flip side, smaller betting pools can often see large swings in lines.

As an example, imagine the sportsbook at Caesar’s Palace offering a wager on who is going to win the Super Bowl this year. Let’s say that they already have 100 individuals that have made a wager on that bet. If you decide to come in and bet on that wager, you’re a very small piece of the puzzle by then becoming 1 of just 101 bets. Your bet is less than 1% of the total. Therefore, the odds of the lines moving much at all are rather slim just due to the fact that they already have a large participant base.

In contrast, imagine the same sportsbook at Caesar’s Palace offering a Who Scores First wager on an AFL game. Let’s pretend that Caesar’s already has four individuals that have wagered on this bet. If you walk into Cesar’s and place a wager on this game, you suddenly become a very large piece of the pie. Your bet is 1 out of 5, or roughly 20% of the betting pool. Under this scenario, it is very likely that the lines will move greatly as you and other bettors place their wagers.

We bring up this point so that you can be aware of it. While you’ll never know the exact size of the betting pool, as the sportsbooks will never make this information public, you can probably make some guesses on your own about just how popular a particular sport or bet option is. You’ll want to keep this in mind so that you make sure that you understand how lines might move as you and other gamblers place your wagers.

Variety of Bets Offered

When it comes to NFL betting sites, we’re huge fans of betting options. The great thing about NFL betting sites is that there tends to be a lot of options offered. There tends to be more bets offered on the NFL as opposed to other football leagues just due, once again, to the overwhelming popularity of the NFL.

With a much higher interest level for the NFL, betting sites are willing to put more betting options out there because they know that it will attract more people. For a typical NFL game, you’ll find a long list of bets and futures options. However, less popular leagues such as the AFL will have a smaller variety of betting options.

The common denominator here is the popularity of the sport and the size of the betting pool. The more interest there is and the larger the betting pool, the more likely a sportsbook is to put out a larger variety of betting options. Unfortunately, less popular leagues, teams and games will see fewer options when it comes to the variety of bets.

Finding Your Fit

When it comes to searching for the best NFL betting sites, it’s important to think of it like selecting a baseball glove back in your little league days. The most important thing is fit. For the baseball glove, it was important that the glove was the perfect fit for your hand, and in the same way, it is important that you search to find the online sportsbook that is the best fit for you.

Overall, we recommend that you investigate three main key areas when it comes to fit for you online NFL betting needs: promotions, bet variety and website ease of use. We’ll dive a bit deeper into each of these items below so that you can get a better understanding of what you should be looking for.

Site Promotions (a.k.a Free Money)

When you’re searching for your potential online NFL betting site, it is important to make sure that you are maximizing the value that you can get from that website. By doing some homework in advance, you may be able to come out way ahead by using one site vs. another just based on the types of site promotions that they offer.

Betting Bonuses for NFL Games

Football betting sites will not hesitate to provide you with tons of promotions to choose from.

Online betting sites may often run site promotions for new and existing users. By having a good understanding of the promotions that they offer, you’ll be able to decide if these are promotions that you’ll be able to take advantage of. The more promotions that you can take advantage of should yield you more free money. If you’re anything like us, then you too love free money!

To get started, you’ll need to start promotion shopping across some of the online sportsbooks that you’re interested in. Most online betting sites clearly point to their promotions/bonuses from the homepage. Simply click on that section and dig into what they offer.

The first main area for you to check out is what type of initial sign up and deposit promotions they offer to new clients. These types of offers can vary greatly from site to site, but they often offer some of the greatest upsides to you. Most often, you’ll find some form of initial deposit match offer.

For example, one online sportsbook might be willing to match your initial deposit dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 while another website might cap it at $250. If you’re planning to deposit at least $1,000, you’re way better off at the first site as opposed to the 2nd one. If you’re planning to deposit $250 or less, you’d be indifferent toward the two as there really isn’t a difference to you since you’re getting the same thing in both places.

NFL betting sites may also offer different types of promotions for follow up deposits/reloads. If you’re planning to find more of a long term home for your NFL betting, this is another important area to investigate. If you’re able to get more free money on the reloads, you’ll want to factor that into your decision.

In the end, you’ll want to be sure to determine what is most likely going to apply to you. If you think you’ll only be making a one-time deposit, then the signup bonus is the most important thing for you to shop around. However, if you’re planning to make this an ongoing thing, you’ll want to find an online sportsbook with a good combination of signup promotions and reload bonuses. You might end up settling on a site with a lower initial signup bonus, but killer reload bonuses.

Bet Variety

Another thing that is important to search for is a solid variety of betting options. In your quest to find your online NFL betting home, it is good to make sure that you find a sportsbook that offers you everything you are looking for. In most cases, the more bet options there are, the better.

If you’re a simple person and you mostly just bet on things like “who will win the game” and “over-under,” you don’t need an online sportsbook that is over the top. When it comes to the NFL, almost everyone will offer up basic bets as long as they offer NFL betting options. However, if you’re a fan of a wider variety of bets NFL, you may need to search to find your right fit.

When you find an NFL betting site that offers a wide variety of bets, that is a very good thing. Even if you’re more basic at this point in your betting career, it is always nice to have the option to expand your horizons. The more betting options that they offer on the NFL are opportunities for you to eventually tap into if/when you feel ready to explore them. We suggest you find an online betting site with a wide variety of bets so that you’re not limited in the future.

Another great thing to be on the lookout for is a site that offers live betting. Live betting allows you the ability to place certain bets on NFL games that are currently in progress. It is a fun way to immediately get in on the action.

Ease of Use

Last, but definitely not least, is the online sportsbook’s ease of use. While you’re poking into these sites, be sure to get a feel for how easy it is for you to navigate the site. Everyone is different, so it is important for you to find a site that you are most comfortable on.

One of the biggest things for you to check out is how easily you can find what you’re looking for. If you can quickly navigate the site and get right to where you want to be, that is a great sign. If you find yourself struggling to find things, that particular online sportsbook might not be the best for you.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for the online sportsbook’s speed. Ideally, you’ll want a betting site that is very snappy and does not have any lag. When important bets are being placed, you want to know that the website isn’t going to have a speed hiccup that might cause you a snag. If you find a website that is constantly lagging, we suggest that you investigate some other options.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to find your own perfect fit for your NFL betting needs. Ideally, be on the lookout for the great promotions, a large variety of bets on the NFL and a site that is easy for you to use. If you can track down that site, then you’ve definitely found your new NFL betting home.