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History of Bally Gaming

Bally Gaming is a well-known name in the casino and slot machine industry, although it no longer exists as a company in its own right.

It has now become part of Bally Technologies, a diversified gaming company based in Las Vegas. Bally Technologies is one of the leading suppliers to the gaming industry, both online and offline.

The history of Bally Gaming, which we have briefly covered below, is something of a complex one as the company has changed ownership and names on more than one occasion.

The Evolution of Bally Gaming

The true origins of Bally Gaming can be traced back to 1932. This is when Bally Manufacturing was formed by Raymond Maloney, effectively as a division of parent company called Lions Manufacturing.

The company developed a number of pinball game machines which went on to be very popular. Starting with “Ballyhoo”, games such as “Goofy”, “Rocket” and “Bumper” followed, and Bally Manufacturing became a force in the amusement game industry.

The company moved in to the slot machine business and before long, established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of gaming devices. There was a brief change of direction during the Second World War, when the company was involved in manufacturing wartime materials, before returning to gaming in 1945.

When the founder of Bally Manufacturing died in 1958 his two sons took over. Despite their best efforts, the company entered a period of descent culminating in insolvency. However, a previous associate of Raymond Maloney bought the assets of the company and started a revival.

The company released its “Money Honey” slot in 1963: an innovative machine that had a huge impact on the gaming industry. By 1968, over 90% of the slot machines sold in Nevada were made by Bally.

Years of success followed, with some ups and downs along the way.

One key development came when the company expanded from slot games to video games.

This expansion included agreeing distribution contracts with the Japanese manufacturers of “Pac Man” and “Space Invaders”.

Eventually the company split its manufacturing into two separate divisions, one focusing on video games and one on slots. The company also purchased hotels and health clubs.

In 1990, the company had a new CEO, financier Arthur Goldberg. The name was changed to Bally Entertainment and a separate subsidiary: Bally Gaming International. It was created at its own independent company. Bally Gaming focused on its core business of manufacturing slot machines.

From Bally Gaming to Bally Technologies

Through a combination of innovation and sound business principles, Bally Gaming once again became market leaders in the slots industry.

A particular success was the release of the “Game Maker” machine in 1994.
This was the first touch-screen video slot machine in the world.

This machine allowed players to choose from up to 10 different games just by touching the screen.

In 1996, Bally Gaming spun off from its parent company and merged with another organization: Alliance Gaming Technology. Ten years later, the company changed its name to Bally Technologies, which is its current name today.

The company continues to supply slot machines and also a range of management and accounting systems. They provide slot games and related software to online gambling companies too.