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How We Rank Horse Racing Betting Sites

At we recommend the top gambling sites in a variety of categories. In order to do this we regularly assess a large range of sites and compare what they have to offer. This is what enables us to rank them and make sure that we only recommend the very best to our readers.

The processes that we use for carrying out our assessments can be very different depending on the category.

For example, several of the things that we look at when ranking poker rooms are different from what we look at when ranking online casinos. They are different again when we are ranking horse racing betting sites.

On this page we have provided some insight into exactly what it is that we look at when assessing horse racing betting sites. If you read through the information provided below you should realize just why we are so confident that the places we recommend genuinely are the best options around.

Horse RacingThe Vital Basics

There are a few things that are absolutely essential for us to even consider recommending somewhere to our readers. These are safety, reliability, and track record. Basically, if we do not have complete faith that a site is safe, reliable and trustworthy then it does not even make it onto our ranking shortlists.

If we would not feel comfortable using it ourselves then we are most certainly not going to recommend it to anyone else.

The simple fact is that there are so many places that are perfectly reputable
and trustworthy that it’s not worth even considering somewhere that isn’t.

It doesn’t matter if they offer a massive bonus, or even if they seem to get everything else right, if a site cannot be trusted then it’s best to be avoided.

This why we try to recommend those places that have been around for a while and have established good reputations and strong track records of looking after their customers.

We don’t completely dismiss newer sites, as they all have to start somewhere, but we do some pretty thorough testing to make sure we’re confident they can be trusted.

Bonuses & Rewards

A good sign up bonus, regular reload bonuses, and other rewards can make a betting site very attractive. Whether you bet every now and then, just on the big races, or regularly on all kinds of races, they can make a noticeable difference to how much money you win or lose overall.

As such we look closely at the bonuses and rewards offered by sites when we’re ranking them. We don’t just look at how big they are though, we look at the relevant terms and conditions too. A really big sign up bonus that comes with lot of restrictions is not really such a good thing.

On the other hand, somewhere with a smaller bonus but very few restrictions and reasonable terms and conditions is pretty attractive.

Horse RacingAvailable Odds

Ideally all sites would be comparable in terms of the competitiveness of their odds, but this is not actually the case. Some are consistently very competitive, others a bit hit and miss, and some consistently offer poor prices.

This is something that we examine closely, as getting good odds is really important to gamblers.

Quite simply, the places that are consistently competitive in terms of the odds they offer are more likely to rank higher
than those that are not.

Options for Depositing & Withdrawing

In our opinion you should be able to deposit funds online and withdraw your winnings with ease. This is why we look at the various options for depositing and withdrawing at sites as part of our ranking process.

Ideally there should be a decent range of options such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and some of the popular e-wallets.

In addition to assessing the options available we also take any fees into account. We don’t believe that there should be any fees at all for depositing and withdrawing and if a site does charge these then they will be marked down accordingly. The same is true if they impose particularly low withdrawal limits.

The speed with which withdrawals are processed is also a ranking factor. The places that ensure you receive any money you cash out quickly score well in this area.

Racing Coverage

The final factor to mention here is the racing coverage. Ideally a site will cover a wide range of horse racing all around the world, as this provides plenty of betting opportunities.

Of course, this might not be particularly relevant for a lot of bettors who only bet on races in a particular region. As such this is not as important as some of the other things that have been mentioned, but it’s relevant nonetheless.


We have not mentioned every single aspect of our ranking process here but we have included some of the most important factors that we look at.

As you can see, there is no small amount of thought that goes into how we rank sites and we make sure that our recommendations are based on relevant factors.