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Live Dealer Baccarat: Questions and Answers

Some people prefer playing casino games in a brick and mortar casino. They like the atmosphere, free drinks, pretty women and being social.

But what if you could get (almost) all that from the comfort of your home? Would you be interested?

The good news is that’s now possible with live dealer casinos. Live dealer games are streamed to online casinos in real time. All you got to do is log in and play – and you don’t even have to step foot outside your house.

And maybe the best part is that the most popular casino table games are available – baccarat.

So, if you feel like channeling your inner James Bond and playing a few rounds of baccarat, but you’re not sure where to start, how to play, or what site to join, I suggest you start with this page. Below we’ve answered the most common questions asked about playing live dealer baccarat online. By the time you’re done you’ll be ready to play for real money.

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How do you play Baccarat? Does live dealer baccarat use the same rules?

Yeah, live dealer baccarat will use the same rules. Keep in mind the specific rules of the game you’re playing will depend on the variant you’re playing.

You can find a list of rules, variants and side bets through the link below.

Can you play live dealer baccarat for free?


Most casinos will only offer real money baccarat because – unlike regular baccarat – there are real people running the game. Between that, the costs of streaming a live game, and all the other expenses a casino has to pay for, they can’t allow or afford to let players play for free.

What limits can you play?

This varies wildly from casino to casino. It depends on who they get their software from.

– you’ll see that the minimum is $1, which is no different than playing regular baccarat. The max is as high as $50,000 – which is unheard of for regular baccarat games. A max of $1,000 (or less) seems to be most common.

What live dealer baccarat variants can you play?

Like table limits, the variants you can play depend on where you play and the software providers they use. Here are some of the more common variants you can expect to find:

Dealer Types

  • Men
  • Women
  • European
  • Asian / Filipino
  • Playboy Bunny
  • Fantasy – Dealers dress up as fantasy/fairytale personas.

Games & Side Bets

  • VIP (high limit)
  • Diamond VIP (higher limits)
  • Super 6 – Similar to zero commission, except a Banker 6 pays 1:2 instead of a Banker 8. You also have the option of taking the Super 6 side bet, where you’ll receive a 12:1 payout if the Banker wins on 6.
  • Mini Baccarat – Biggest difference is this game is presented in a single player mode rather than the 7 bet boxes that’s normal.
  • Punto Banco
  • Live Speed Baccarat – Hands/rounds are kept to 27 seconds or less – almost half the speed of a regular game.
  • Live Baccarat Squeeze – This is a multi-camera (15+) variant.
  • Live Baccarat Control Squeeze – The player takes control of the squeeze. Two cameras are integrated into the table so you can peek at your cards in real time. When you squeeze, you peek at your cards seeing the suit and an idea of what the value may be – but the value itself (in the corner) is hidden from view. You can see an .
  • Multi-Camera Live Baccarat – Choose the number of cameras and the types of camera angles you use.
  • In-Running Baccarat – You have the option of betting at different stages during the deal.
  • Progressive Baccarat – Has an option side bet where, if you play it, you can win a progressive jackpot.
  • Baccarat Pairs / Lucky Pairs – A side bet on the possibility of the first 2 cards dealt to the player and/or banker is a pair.
  • Dragon Bonus – A side bet that pays based on how much you beat the dealer by.
  • Zero Commission – A game that gets rid of the 5% standard commission, but tweaks the rules to compensate. This isn’t available anymore, though, for live dealer games.
  • Premium Baccarat with Card Peek – Played on a 14-seat table. Allows the highest staking player (banker or player bet) to peek at the cards.

Keep in mind that there may be one type of dealer, side bet or game, but from different software providers. This can give you a unique experience, even though you’re playing the same game.

Can I play live baccarat on a Mac?

Yes, though the odds are slim you’ll be able to play via a download. Most Macs will have to play at the casino’s ‘instant play’ casino. This is played from within your browser. All you need is an account, a computer and internet access, and you can play for real money from anywhere in the world.

Are live dealer games available for smartphones and tablets?

Yes, but it’s still hit or miss (as to its availability).

You’ll have a couple different options if they’re available for your mobile device:

  • Via the casino’s instant play casino.
  • Via an app.

Most live dealer games are compatible with newer gen Apple and Android devices, though older gen devices and other kinds of devices (BlackBerry and Windows) are sometimes supported. The best way to know for sure is to read our reviews or check out the mobile pages on the casino you’re curious about.

What kinds of promotions are there for live dealer baccarat players?

Usually the same kinds of offers for regular baccarat players. In other words:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Comp points (to exchange for cash back)
  • VIP programs

Some casinos offer live dealer-specific others, while others don’t. For example, 888’s offering $500 in live casino bonuses, a bonus every time the roulette ball hits ‘8,’ and the ability to win a piece of a $750/$1,200 prize pool every day.

BetOnline offers a ‘free bet,’ which is more or less a reimbursement bonus. If you make your first bet in their live casino and lose, they’ll give you a (reimbursement) bonus worth up to $25. If you win, you get nothing.

But if no live (dealer) casino bonus exists, then chances are you’ll be able to claim one of their regular offers.

Now, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Not every casino allows you to play baccarat to clear their bonus.
  • If you can play baccarat, chances are your wagers won’t be worth the same as slots. In other words, you’ll have to wager more to clear the same bonus.
How much?

It depends on the casino. But I’ve seen casinos that say baccarat is worth 10-20% a slots bet. This means you’ll need to wager 5-10x more what the default playthrough is, which might mean you’ll need to wager tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear the bonus.

The best way to know for sure what a casino allows (regarding their bonus) is to read our reviews. You can also read their terms. If all else fails, I suggest you contact their support.

Are US players able to play live dealer baccarat?

Yes, though Americans have fewer options than international players. This is slowly changing, though, and I expect most US online casinos will offer live dealer games in the near future.

What software companies make live dealer baccarat games?

Here are the different companies who host/stream live dealer baccarat games. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, as companies are shutting down and launching all the time.

The most common companies are:

  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Bodog88
  • Opus Gaming
  • HoGaming
  • Global Gaming Labs
  • Visionary iGaming
  • Entwinetech
  • Media Live
  • Ezugi
  • Portomaso (Oracle Casino)
  • Vivo Gaming

What’s different about live baccarat compared to regular online baccarat?

Well, you have the real dealers, higher stakes and the unlikelihood that you can play for free. But on top of that – because you have a real dealer – the games will probably be a tad slower.

If you’re a player on a budget, chances are this will balance the slightly larger (min) table stakes. It might even mean you spend less money overall.

But if you want to spend more / play more hands, this might irritate you. It’s one of the tradeoffs, though. But one solution is to play the sped up version mentioned earlier.

Other than that, a big difference is being able to chat with the dealers. It gives you the ability to have an experience akin to a baccarat game you’d play in a B/M casino.

Oh, one other thing – since there are live dealers, you’ll want to pay attention to dealer schedules. Many casinos either have a few dealers which means they’ll only offer their live games during certain days/times. Others will run 24/7 games, but the dealers will rotate – because, you know, people got to eat and sleep. So, if you have a favorite dealer you’ll want to jot down their schedule.

Do I need a special computer, software or hardware for live dealer baccarat?

No. Most computers sold within the last few years should be fine. However, you should probably have a relatively fast internet connection. I wouldn’t try to stream live baccarat while using a dial-up connection.

How do you find the best live casino?

It really depends.

First, let’s assume all the standard stuff applies – all your options are legit, they pay their customers, have bonuses with reasonable terms, and so on.

From here I would first find out what your live casino options are. This applies more to US players than anyone else since they have fewer options.

Then I would jot down a list of the things that matter most to you. For example, my list would look like this:

  • Stakes – Less than $5/hand preferred.
  • Software – I’d prefer to play on my tablet.
  • Bonuses – They have bonuses and a points-program that baccarat players can participate in. And, the playthrough is reasonable.
  • Variants – Next, I’d look for as many variants/side bets as possible. Just so I have some variety.

This list is in order from most to least important.

You’ll have to create your own list, though. Once you have it I recommend reading our reviews to find the best 2-3 casinos that tick as many of your boxes as it can.

From here you can create a free account and check the casino out. Make sure you like their software, games, and so on. Maybe even play for free (if it’s offered). Then, if you like what you see, then you can make a deposit and play for real money.

I recommend creating a couple (different) casino accounts so you can always find an open game with a dealer you like.

And if you’re still not sure, ship us an email and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.