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Isle of Man Gambling Jurisdiction

Often considered part of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man does not actually fall under that jurisdiction.

It’s independent and self-governing, although it’s what is known as a British dependency.

The government of the Isle of Man is active in encouraging the development of gambling related business, and the island provides a stable environment with well respected regulatory practices.

The Isle of Man introduced new legislation in 2001 that was specifically designed to offer benefits to online gambling companies and protect the customers of such companies at the same time.

Since that time, it has become a trusted gambling jurisdiction and the way it operates is something many other jurisdictions strive towards. Many gambling sites are licensed in the region, which also offers an attractive taxation system.

As one of the gambling jurisdictions on the white-list of the UK Gambling Commission, gambling sites licensed in the Isle of Man are able to offer their services to UK residents. Please read below for more information on this gambling jurisdiction.

Gambling Legislation in the Isle of Man

The main piece of legislation that governs online gambling in the Isle of Man is the Online Gambling Regulation Act (OGRA) of 2001.

It was the introduction of this legislation that ultimately signaled the intent of the Isle of Man Government to provide an environment that was attractive to online gambling operators.

Other pieces of legislation that are relevant to the industry include the Gambling (Amendment) Act of 2006 and the Gambling Supervision Act of 2010.

The Gambling Supervision Commission

The , established in 1962, is a body that was originally responsible for dealing with licensing and regulatory issues relating to land-based gambling operations.

It still has that responsibility today, but now it also regulates all online gambling activities in the Isle of Man. Online gambling operators wishing to be licensed in the jurisdiction ultimately have to be approved by the Gambling Supervision Commission.

In addition to the licensing and regulation of gaming operators, the Commission also offers guidance to operators seeking a license, and support during the application process. It does not, however, provide legal advice or advice on the legitimacy of operator’s proposed activity.

Once a licensee is operational in the region, the Commission ensures that player funds are kept secure and it monitors activity to further ensure compliance with both the law and the principles of fair gaming.

Since 2010, the Gambling Supervision Commission operates under oversight from the Department of Economic Development.

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