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Our Complete Guide to Tennis Betting - Everything You Need to Know

Tennis is a sport watched, played, and loved by millions of people around the world – and it boasts a big following of punters too. With a multi-tiered professional circuit that provides action for almost the entire year, there are near-endless opportunities to get in on the tennis betting action.

It’s not only that tennis is played all year round that makes it appealing, though; one match alone can boast 18 markets and a multitude of bigger picture bets.

Not convinced? Don’t worry, there is more to love about tennis: the in-play markets in tennis set it apart from many other sports, adding even more opportunities for you to win big.

By this point you’re probably thinking there might be something to betting on tennis, but where do you start? That’s what we’re here for. We’ve put together an extensive tennis guide that will take you from tennis novice to tennis ace in no time.

Start out by learning the basics of tennis and the must-know rules before meandering down memory lane with a short history lesson and a look at some of the legends of the sport.

Then, when you’re up to speed with how tennis works, it will be time to get down to the details of how to bet on tennis, and what strategies win. After all, that’s what you’re here for!

If you already consider yourself something of an expert, then you can skip right ahead to the juicy betting bits. We’ve included some handy links so that you can jump right ahead (don’t say we don’t look out for everyone…).

Regardless of what tennis knowledge you start off with, we’re confident that by the time you finish reading our tennis betting guide you’ll be ready to head on over to your favorite betting site and get off to a winning start.

Tennis Betting Sites

Finding the right site to bet on tennis with is perhaps the hardest part of betting on tennis; there are so many options, and it’s hard to know which one is best. Luckily, we’re here to help.

We’ve done the hard work for you, and have compiled a list of sites that offer you great value, plenty of options, and most importantly are trustworthy and reliable.

Many sites claim to have done their due diligence too, but unfortunately not everyone has your best interests at heart. Here is why we’re different:

  • Our recommendations are based on facts. You can’t pay for a recommendation on our site - we’re not in the business of putting a price on our reputation; we’re in the business of providing you with the best recommendations out there.
  • If a site is on our recommended list, it’s because it offers a top-notch product; there is no hidden motivation.
  • Our recommendations aren’t for life, so if a site drops its standards then they will drop off our list. We update our recommendations regularly to ensure you’re getting up-to-date advice.

With that in mind, here are the sites which we’ve compiled that we feel offer a great product to bet on tennis with:

RankBetting SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
#122bet Logo
100% Up To €300Visit Site
#2Spin Sports Logo
Spin Sports
100% Up To $200Visit Site
#3888sport Logo
Bet €10 Get €30Visit Site
#4Betway Sports Logo
Betway Sports
100% Up To €30Visit Site

We’ve also ranked the best sites for betting on some of the biggest tennis tournaments. You can find our rankings on the following pages. Some of our recommendations appear multiple times, but the best tennis betting sites for one tournament are not necessarily the best for ALL tournaments.

How We Evaluate Sites

The above sites were selected after a long process that involves significant vetting. We have strict criteria with which we measure sportsbooks, and below are some of the most important factors we consider.

There are certain criteria that we simply will not under any circumstances compromise when evaluating sportsbooks and betting sites, and they are: Trust, Reputation, Safety and Security. If we can’t 100% trust a site, it’s not on our list.

If a site does not have a good reputation, it’s not on our list. If we don’t believe your personal information or winnings will be safe with a bookmaker, then they are not on our list. No exceptions.

These criteria should be givens, but unfortunately the betting industry is filled with companies who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to do the hard work for you so that you steer well clear of any sharks. When analyzing betting sites and sportsbooks, these are the criteria we consider:

  • Security and Trustworthiness
  • Deposits and Withdrawals
  • User Interface
  • Game Selection
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Customer Service

Once we’ve weeded out the shady characters, we turn our attention to the factors that will enhance your betting experience. The first of those factors is markets available.

We know that you don’t just want betting sites that have best bets, but also sites that have the most bets – after all, the more markets there are, the more money there is to be made!

With this in mind, we consider which betting sites offer the most bets across a wide variety of events. We never want you to head to one of our recommended betting sites and find you can’t bet on the tournament you wanted to, so we consider a sportsbook having a wide range of bets to be a major plus.

Have you ever found yourself trawling through a betting site struggling to find the market you want?

Well, that’s not something you need to worry about with sites on our recommended list! Ease of use is crucial to an enjoyable betting experience, so we consider the user interface of a site before adding it to our list.

All About the Sport of Tennis

Tennis’ influence is wide-reaching, but if you’re yet to be bitten by the tennis bug, then you’ll want to start at the beginning and get to know the basics of the game. Before you can jump into the really fun stuff, we recommend that you get your head around the game-play and learn the fundamental rules.

If you want to be successful at betting on tennis, then you need to understand the rules first. That may seem fairly obvious, but far too often people try to bet without knowing the full picture, and we’re here to stop you from making that mistake.

Once you’re comfortable with how the game works, take in a bit of history and learn how tennis came to be. Will this help you make good bets? Maybe. Will you be armed with interesting factoids to impresses your friends and colleagues? Definitely!

Gaining some background and perspective on the biggest names in tennis will aid your understanding of the sport and give you a feel for how the game has developed. It might seem like a detail you can skip, but today’s live action is tomorrow’s history, so knowing the names to remember can only help.

The following page details some of the most amazing tennis matches ever played. It’s well worth checking out.

What You Need to Know About Betting on Tennis

We’ve all been at the beginning and experienced being new to betting on a certain topic; it can be hard to know what to do first and what to avoid.

We’re here to help you avoid making the mistakes that many punters before you have made, so take a look at our section on the basics of betting on tennis before you go any further.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics of betting on tennis, it’s time to turn your attention to the more advanced strategy, and we’ve got you covered on this one too. When it comes to strategy, you need to know what a good bet looks like and how you arrive at that knowledge.

There are a number of factors to consider, and it’s not straightforward, but it wouldn’t be so fun if there wasn’t a challenge!

Different Ways to Bet on Tennis

Earlier we mentioned two of the biggest pros to betting on tennis: year-round play and a mass of markets. We weren’t joking, and here is where we’ll prove it. No matter what your betting preferences are, there is something for you when it comes to betting on tennis.

First, we’ll look at outright and match betting, the most straightforward of the lot. From there we’ll spice it up a bit with some handicap betting and a look at over/under betting.

Betting on the correct score is a popular pastime in tennis betting, so we’ve of course got that covered, and we’ll round things out with a look at in-play betting and a few extra bets to look out for.

Tennis Betting FAQ

What events can I bet on?

There is no shortage of tennis tournaments to bet on! The four grand slams – the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open – are the most popular events, but on any given week you could find more than 10 tournaments on the go.

Can tennis betting be profitable?

It certainly can! There are so many tennis markets available that if you do your research and find an area you’re familiar with, then there is no reason why you can’t turn a handsome profit betting on tennis.

Do I have to make big bets to be profitable?

No! This is often the opposite of what you should do when you start betting on tennis. It’s wise to begin small and find your groove before branching out to bigger bets.

Even if you never lay down large amounts of money, you can still make a profit off of betting on tennis. It’s crucial that you never bet more than you feel comfortable with.

Do I have to make complex bets to be profitable?

Definitely not! People who are new to betting on tennis can sometimes feel that they need to go beyond the basics, and this isn’t the case.

However, in the long run, to be really profitable you will want to move beyond betting on straight match results, but there is room to get comfortable first.

How do I get started?

We’re glad you asked! Luckily, this bit is really easy: pick a site from our recommended list and set up an account. Then choose an event you want to bet on, do your research, and you’re all ready to begin a long and profitable career betting on tennis.