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Best Financial Casino Onlines

Financial betting is quickly becoming the digital gaming of the future. If you’re into gaming at all, then you should know that betting on the outcome of the currency markets is growing in popularity. You might be asking yourself exactly what financial betting is, or how you can check it out. In this article, we’re attempting to give you enough of an overview for you to determine if it’s for you.

Financial markets-based games have been growing and following the popularity of Forex, which has a current daily trading volume of $5 trillion (compared with the stock market, with an average daily trading volume around $2 billion). With this much money at stake every day, financial betting is sure to be in your digital neighborhood soon.

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Which Site Has the Best Financial Betting?

Every couple of months, we rank all of the financial betting websites on strict criteria in multiple areas, including security, betting options, customer service, and promotions. We factor in how many betting instruments they cover, how fast you can withdraw your winnings, and their overall internet reputation.

Without basic trustworthiness, a website can’t make it on this list at all. That being said, all of the websites on our list are good to go. You can pick one, or sign up for several to determine what ultimately works best for your personal preferences.

We do have a complete internal and external set of ranking factors for the websites on our approved list. We then rank the sites on promotional factors and on feedback from social media and our super awesome readers. Only the sites with the best value and promotions make it to the top.

What Is Financial Betting?

If you bet or wager on the various outcomes for sporting events, it’s called “sports betting.” When you place wagers or bets on the financial markets, it’s called “financial betting.” Financial betting has four primary markets:

  • Shares
  • Indexes
  • Commodities
  • Forex

Shares are exactly what you think they are; they’re shares in various companies. Indexes, or indices, are collections or albums of shares that fit with a particular business sector (i.e., tech, oil, finance). The value of commodities, like metal and gold, are speculated and wagered on in the financial markets.

There are sites that will offer odds on pretty much anything that has an unpredictable value. Forex represents the currencies market, and it’s by far one of the most watched markets in the entire financial betting area.

What Is Forex?

Way before you can properly understand and be competitive in financial betting, you’ll need to understand what Forex is. Forex means “Foreign exchange.” It’s the primary market where people around the globe trade national and regional currencies. To be technical, the Forex market is divided up into three separate markets:

  • The Spot Market
  • The Forwards Market
  • The Futures Market

The spot market is where currencies are traded on price and usually take two days to settle. The “forwards” and “futures” markets don’t actually trade currencies, but sell contracts to claims of currency.

The Forex market is the global Wall Street of money and includes every single aspect of the “Buy, Sell, or Hold” actions of the stock exchanges. Forex is actually the largest market in the world in terms of overall trading volume. The reason the foreign exchange market is huge is because it’s the central place where all of the world’s currencies are traded.

A differentiating factor between Forex and other markets is that Forex isn’t centralized. All of the transactions happen over a series of digital networks and computers. The market is also open 24 hours a day for 5.5 days per week. During the week, there’s a constant stream of fluctuation in the markets, and this is exactly what financial betting is based on.

Financial Betting vs. Market Investment

On one hand, with a market investment, you’re usually wagering on a long-term positive outcome. On the other hand, we have a game based on the outcome of the market. There are always exceptions to the rule, but this is the best way to think of them.

Financial betting is gambling and the Forex market is investing. You can argue the extremes of both to say that Forex is gambling and your financial betting is an investment, but that wouldn’t be the majority of the time.

The more you learn about financial betting, the more you’ll see the parallels it shares with the Forex market. It’s often advised that if you want to become a good financial bettor, you should have a crystal-clear understanding of Forex. It’s also very common for junior Forex traders to play financial games to develop their chops and help them understand Forex better.

Why Financial Betting Is Better Than Investing

Well, it might not be “better” overall, but we can assure you that it’s way more fun. While betting and investing might seem like similar concepts from strictly an odds point of view, gamblers always face stiffer odds. Sportsbooks, casinos, and online gambling sites need to keep the lights on. You can argue that investing long-term could be a losing idea, but we would rebuttal with the odd.

The reality is that financial betting is something to do for fun, and investing is something you do when you get super old. In addition to the good times, there are a few distinct advantages to financial betting versus trying to game directly with real currency on Forex:

  • Lower fees - Usually, you can be up and betting in the time it would take to set up a Forex account. You also don’t have to pay trading commissions or brokerage fees, as you’re not actually trading currency.
  • Faster - If speed is important, financial gaming is faster action than Forex.
  • Easier to learn - There’s a ton of noise about Forex, as it’s the largest global currency exchange. Financial games can have you up, running, and playing in a matter of minutes.
  • Stay anonymous - You don’t have to get all public and regulated with some financial betting sites. You can keep last names out of it and focus on the fun.
  • Tax laws - If you’re trading currencies on Forex, you’re subject to different tax law than standard financial betting. Your winnings won’t be subject to the same amount of government red tape.

“Fast” and “easy to learn” are really the top appeals of financial betting. There’s also more action overall, as usually the sites that offer financial betting offer other games as well. You might be able to research financial bets while waiting for players to act at the poker table. These advantages are leading to the increase in popularity and the reasons why most people start out with financial gaming.

How Do I Place a Financial Bet?

The first thing you need to do is to find an online casino that offers financial-based betting. You’ll need to sign up for an account, then read their gaming tutorials to start. Most of the gamers who partake in financial betting already have some prior knowledge of the markets they’re based on.

You can do a random betting strategy, or bet on personal whims, but a winning strategy will always be rooted in well-placed research. It’s easy to get started with some of the simple bets. You’ll probably start with learning about the different types of bets placed on the financial markets:

Spread Bets

This is the biggest action in financial betting. It would probably be easier to start with the basic “fixed odds” style betting, but this is what makes financial bets shine. With spread betting, you’re able to win or lose unlimited sums of money, as it’s based only on how much a share goes up or down.

That means that if you set a bet, it’s fluctuation could be up a few thousand dollars or down a few hundred, or pretty much any outcome in between. Spread bets are wild and crazy; it’s like a no-limit stock market. Some books offer you limits or caps on the spread bets, but the spread is by far the most fun.

Betting with Fixed Odds

Fixed bets are the simplest and most common bets placed in financial gambling. Fixed bets allow you to keep the wager based on the amount you’re willing to stake.

Basically, you’re placing bets on if the shares of currency will rise or fall to a certain point.  If you bet $100 and win, you get $200. If you bet $100 and lose, you lose only your $100.

Binary Betting

Then there’s binary betting. If you’re already a stockbroker or something, then you’ll totally get this, but overall it’s not for the amateur financial markets gamer. This advanced betting matrix is basically similar to spread bets, but it’s limited so you can only win/lose. It’s based on an odds index ranging anywhere from 0 to 100.

The bet always settles at 100 if the event that you’re betting on reaches that point. Alternatively, it settles at 0 if it reaches that point. You’ll have various other options ultimately decided up by whoever is offering the game.


It’s a matter of pride for us to only recommend the financial betting websites that have met our guidelines and expectations for quality service. We ferociously scour the internet every couple of weeks to find new websites to review. We sign up, place some bets, and write reviews, all in an effort to update our rankings.

If you play at a website that you enjoy that is not on this list, give us a shout on our contact page. To have the most fun with financial betting, we always recommend only gambling at reviewed websites, and never betting more than you can afford to lose.

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