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Finding the Best Skrill Casino Onlines in 2019

One of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient banking methods available to online gamblers are e-wallets – online accounts you can use to store money and shop online.

All you need to do is create an e-wallet account, link your bank account and/or credit card, and then add money. You’ll be all ready to shop or gamble online in no time.

If you haven’t used an e-wallet to gamble online before, we strongly urge you to consider giving it a try, IF you’re not in one of the few countries where that’s not allowed.

(Like we are – the United States.)

Here are a few of the many reasons why e-wallets are a great option for online gamblers:

  • Privacy

    The gambling site won’t see your banking details, nor will anyone who doesn’t have access to your e-wallet account.

  • Free or Cheap Banking

    Most deposits and cash outs are free. Otherwise they’ll be very cheap, often with fees in the 3% or less range.

  • Accessible

    Most gambling sites we’ve reviewed accept at least one e-wallet.

  • Fast

    The part that takes the longest is setting up your e-wallet and linking it to a card or bank account. After that, you can expect funds to move instantly (though this does depend).

Sounds great, right?

It is – and it’s for that reason we’re going to take a few minutes to talk about Skrill, which is a very popular e-wallet.

Skrill was once known as Moneybooks. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years, and have been a staple in the online gambling industry.

You’ll find a list of who we deem to be the best Skrill gambling sites below. Below that, we talk a little more about Skrill, including how to make a deposit/cash out, the pros/cons to using it, and how you can find a legit gambling site on your own that accepts it.

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Intro to Skrill

Skrill is an e-wallet that is similar, if not identical, to PayPal. Once you have created an account and have added funds to your wallet, you can make payments online anywhere that accepts Skrill as a payment method.

Skrill is available in over 200 countries – which includes the United States – and can be used for online gambling. However, certain countries will NOT be able to use Skrill while gambling online.

Those countries include:

  • United States
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Turkey

Nearly everyone else can use Skrill to fund their betting accounts. We’ll cover how to make a deposit now, and then follow that up with some pros/cons to using Skrill so that you can decide whether this is the right deposit option for you.

If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to use Skrill, there are several alternatives you can try instead. For example, you might try using:

  • PayPal
  • Neteller

There might be some smaller local or otherwise less-popular e-wallet options available to you. But the options listed above are by far the most popular and accepted by online gambling sites.

How to Make a Gambling Deposit and Cash Out with Skrill

This should be a pretty straightforward process. But we want to quickly lay out the steps to funding your gambling account with Skrill.

(We’re going to assume you already have a Skrill account.) We recommend choosing a business account, as we’ve found that – with PayPal – there are additional perks, such as a debit card and cash back.)

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the cashier.
  • Choose Skrill
  • Enter your Skrill email.
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Enter a bonus code (if you have one).
  • Click submit.

That’s it – it’s really that simple.

It varies from site to site, but the money should hit your account almost instantly.

Cashouts will be the same, too. Choose Skrill (if it’s not already a default option), enter your details and how much you want to cash out, then click submit.

Once you’ve used Skrill at a gambling site, you should then (or will soon) have the option to turn on the 1-Tap option. This is predominately for mobile users; however, desktop/laptop users can use it, too.

The benefit to using the 1-Tap option is that you won’t have to enter your details every time you want to make a deposit. Just enter the amount you want to deposit and then you’re done.

Pros and Cons to Using Skrill to Gamble Online

Skrill is an excellent deposit option for online gamblers. But we’d be naïve to think, much less suggest, that it’s the right option for everyone.

So, we’ve come up with a list of pros and cons to using Skrill specifically for online gambling. Use them to better decide if Skrill is the right banking method for you.


Fund your account without showing the gambling site your bank details.

Fund your account without anyone else knowing (unless they have access to your Skrill account).

Deposits, and often cash outs as well, are processed and even cleared in the same day.

You can quickly move money from one betting site to the next – in a matter of hours, or a couple of days.

Request a (prepaid) MasterCard and/or debit card for your account and you’ll have quick access to your winnings, as opposed to waiting until you transfer the funds to your bank account.

Deposits and cash outs are often free. If/when you do have to pay processing fees, they’re usually small.

Most gambling sites – sportsbooks, casinos, poker and bingo rooms – accept Skrill.

Deposit limits are very reasonable – usually between $10-$35,000 per transaction, depending on the site.

Skrill has a cap on how much money they charge in fees per transaction. The limit is $20, which pales in comparison to what you’ll pay in fees at PayPal (and we’re speaking from experience).


Americans cannot use Skrill to gamble online (other than maybe at legal online casinos).

Many, if not most, gambling sites will not let you claim a welcome bonus if you make your first deposit with Skrill (or any e-wallet). They do this to prevent fraud.

Other sites say that Skrill is known for ‘verification stalling,’ where their security department is painfully slow. What makes this worse is that the verification may not happen until there’s lots of money in your account, which will be frozen, if not permanently inaccessible.

I’ve seen complaints that their support staff can take more than two weeks to reply to emails.

Ultimately, these downsides don’t stop lots of people from using them. If you’ve decided you’d like to give Skrill a shot, the next section will help you find the best gambling site that accepts them for payment.

5 Tips on How to Find the Best (Skrill) Casino Online

Here’s a little secret for you:

Most gambling sites – be it online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, etc. – accept Skrill. It’s for that reason that we don’t recommend you base your entire decision as to where to play on the answer to the question, does this casino accept Skrill?

You might be very, VERY disappointed if you do. Maybe even very, VERY ripped off.

So, what do you do?

What are you supposed to look for in addition to a casino accepting Skrill?

Here are our suggestions:

Ensure the Casino Online Has a Good Reputation

Our reviews are a fast way to do this, as we give you a summary of a casino’s reputation by using information aggregated from all the trustworthy review portals online.

You can also do the legwork yourself. Look the casino up in forums, on Reddit, and on watchdog sites. Don’t pay any attention to the one-off complaints. You want to find the complaints that come up over and over again. Find the patterns.

If a casino’s reputation sucks, you shouldn’t care what banking options they accept, promotions they offer, or games you can play – avoid them at all costs.


It bears repeating – if a casino has a horrible reputation (for whatever reason), you should avoid them. There are too many casinos out there for you to bother with a crappy one. You’ll find dozens of the good ones in our review section.

Check to See if You Can Play or Bet on the Games You Want

Figure out what you want to play and bet on, then make sure the casino or sportsbook offers it.

Say you want to play live dealer games – does the casino offer them? If the answer’s no, then move on. If the answer’s yes, move them to the maybe pile.

Does the sportsbook offer e-sports betting? If no, then move on. If yes, then move them to the maybe pile for further review later on.

You see how simple that is?

Ensure There are Offers You Want to Claim

Again, this is pretty simple. If you want a deposit bonus, then make sure the casino, sportsbook, or poker room is offering one. And make sure it’s available to players who are using Skrill.

More than that, make sure they’re offering a bonus you can use and clear while playing or betting on the games you want. It makes no sense to join a casino for live dealer games and their $1,000 bonus if you’re not able to use it while playing live dealer games.

Make Sure the Banking Limits and Fees Are Reasonable

This is relative, of course. But we prefer to avoid betting sites who charge banking fees. And we don’t want any limits, especially minimum deposit limits.

So, in our case, we would likely avoid all casinos and sportsbooks that didn’t fit this description. Those that came close would be put into our maybe pile.

Make sure to check both deposits and cash outs, too, as well as limits for larger parlay, progressive, or tournament wins. You don’t want to win a large sum only to find out there’s a cap to how much you can win, or that it’ll take several years for the full sum to be paid out to you.

And – above all – make sure all of this works for Skrill users (since that’s what you’re planning on using).

Finally, Make a List of What You Want

Ultimately, you want to create a list of things that matter to you, other than the fact that you want to use Skrill to deposit/cash out.

Then go through each site using your list, checking off the things each casino has and/or doesn’t have that you want.

From here, you’ll have to decide how much a casino needs to score in order for you to consider them, much less sign up. We can’t do that for you.

If this sounds like too much work – well, it is a lot of work. It’s not an easy process vetting an online casino to make sure they’re safe and have a good product.

So, if all else fails, simply use our site recommendations in the list above.


There you have it.

Skrill is a dependable banking option that allows you to get money on and off your favorite gambling site quickly. You’ll find that the pros to using it far outweigh the cons.

If you’re not in America, you should strongly consider using it. Or, at the very least, keep it on your list of backup banking options.

You can thank us later.