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Entertainment Betting Guide and Top Sites for 2020

Did know you can bet on TV shows, movies, and award shows such as The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, or the Academy Awards?

In fact, there all kinds of non-sports betting markets available online. This type of wagering is known as entertainment betting, and it’s most certainly entertaining!

We’re here to tell you all about it, including where you can do it. We’ve ranked the best entertainment betting sites that you can trust with your real money wagers.

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Were you aware that you could’ve bet on how Game of Thrones was going to end? Or that you can bet on who you think will win the singles match during this week’s WWE Smackdown match? Or that you can bet on who you think will win an Academy Award for Best Actor?

You can place wagers on all of this and a lot more, as we’ll show you in our guide below. One thing you should know is that real money entertainment betting is almost exclusive to online gambling sites. This is because many in-person casinos and sportsbooks aren’t allowed to offer it.

So, if you want to bet on your favorite TV show, movie, or awards ceremony, you’re going to have to do it online. And the first step to doing that is to join one of the best entertainment betting sites.

Best Entertainment Betting Sites

Entertainment Betting Sites

Entertainment betting is fun to do. But it can become a nightmare if you accidentally join a shoddy betting site. Sometimes you won’t know how bad a site is until you sign up.

Maybe they won’t have a large selection of TV and movie betting markets. Or maybe the odds aren’t fair. Or perhaps they won’t have many betting promotions.

Other betting sites are more extreme. You’ll know you made a mistake when you ask to withdraw your money and never hear from the site again because they stole your money. You’ll want to avoid these sites at all costs.

The easiest way to avoid these sites is to join one of our recommended entertainment betting sites instead. We have thoroughly researched and tested all the sites offering online entertainment betting, and ranked the very best of them.

Every site we recommend has our Seal of Approval. This is our guarantee that your money and information is safe and secure.

Between our approval and the factors we evaluate for each site, we’re confident that our list truly represents the best entertainment betting sites you can join.

How We Rank Entertainment Betting Sites

Look at our rankings. We list the sites from best to worst, and our rankings tell you a couple of things.

  • The site listed at the top is better than the ones below it.
  • These sites are better for entertainment and novelty betting than the dozens of other real money gambling sites we’ve reviewed.

This was a deliberate process. We didn’t rank the #1 site as the best site just because we felt like it. We ranked that site #1 because they earned it.

Many of the same features influence our rankings. But there is one exception, which we’ll explain once we look at the features every site has in common.

  • Gambling License – A gambling license tells you the site plays by the rules. They paid the proper licensing fees, and the relevant gambling commission reviewed their application and gave them the green light.
  • Banking – You need to have one or two banking options to fund and cash out your account.
  • Promotions – Promotions are free money. You can use them to pad your bankroll or absorb some of your losses. A deposit bonus is a great way to test the entertainment betting waters.
  • Mobile – Every site we recommend must have a mobile-friendly sportsbook or native app.
  • Customer Support – You’re about to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You deserve swift assistance with any problems or questions you have.

We consider all these features when we rank online gambling sites. But even if a site exceeds exceptions in every area, we’d never recommend them if they failed the relevance test.

Betting Site Relevance Test

The relevance test is a measure of how great a site is for a specific category, in this case, entertainment betting.

You could never call a gambling site one of the best for entertainment betting if they only cover one TV show or a handful of movie markets. No way.

In order for us to claim a site as one of the best, they must tick most, if not all, the following boxes.

  • They offer action on a variety of entertainment and novelty markets. This includes TV shows, movies, award shows, reality shows, and competitions.
  • They have unique betting opportunities. For example, maybe you can bet on which celebrity will get married or die first.
  • The site has data, predictions, and tips to help you make profitable bets.
  • There are reasonable betting limits. This isn’t specific to entertainment betting, but it is important for online gambling in general, especially since limits vary so much from site to site.
  • They also have reasonable cash out limits. When you do win an entertainment wager, you stand to win a substantial amount of money since the outcomes aren’t sure things. It’s important you join somewhere with relatively high withdrawal limits so that it doesn’t take months to collect your winnings.

Think about it, if a bookmaker can’t tick all the boxes above, can you really say they’re the best?

That’s why every site we look at goes through the filters above. That way, by the time we’re done, we’re know that our top-rated entertainment betting sites are going to meet with your approval.

Online Entertainment Betting FAQ

What types of bets can you make?

It depends on the market.

Most of the available wagers for TV shows and movies are prop bets.

Can I join more than one website for entertainment betting?

Yes. In fact, we recommend it.

Every betting site covers different types of entertainment. It makes sense to join two to three sites (minimum) to have as many betting options as possible.

Is novelty betting the same as entertainment betting?

Many betting sites list all their novelty and entertainment betting markets under one main heading. This can include TV show and movie betting, political betting, and odd bets, such as death pools or Royal Family bets.

We have separate pages for novelty, entertainment, and political betting because each one is big enough on its own. Plus, some sites have great entertainment betting options while having weak politics options. It makes sense to drill down and find the perfect betting site for the type of betting you want to do.

What are some strange things you can bet on?

Celebrity death pools rank up there, for sure. Another example is betting on Eminem and Nick Cannon diss tracks. Or betting on what Prince Harry will do after leaving the Royal Family.

“Strange” is subjective, but regardless of what you think is strange, these bets aren’t hard to find.

Popular Entertainment Betting Markets

Have you made an entertainment bet before? If not, you might be surprised at what you can bet on. Join one of our recommended sites and you can bet on TV series, award shows, reality shows, movies, and more.

Let’s look at a couple specific examples of what you can wager on in a variety of different categories.

TV Series

One recent example of a TV series you could have bet on was Game of Thrones. Many online bookmakers and sportsbooks offered the following action for the eighth and final season.

Who will claim the Iron Throne?

  • Sansa Stark (+400)
  • Bran Stark (-500)
  • Jon Snow (+800)

Other TV series you can bet on include Better Call Saul, Doctor Who, and Stranger Things.

Reality Shows

Many types of TV shows fit into this category. That includes reality shows, competition shows, talent shows, and other contests.

One example of a reality show you can bet on is The Voice. This is a singing talent competition where a panel of four celebrity judges critique unsigned artists on their performances each week.

The winner of The Voice receives $100,000 and a Universal Music Group record deal. This show is unique in that the TV viewers vote for who they want to win via their phone, internet, text, or with their iTunes Store purchases.

There are a variety of The Voice bets you can make. For example, you can bet on who will win the weekly head-to-head contests or who the winning judge/coach will be.

You can also bet on who you think will win each season. Here’s an example of the odds bookmakers gave at one point during Season 16.

  • Maelyn Jarmon (-185)
  • Gyth Rigdon (+225)
  • Dexter Roberts (+950)
  • Andrew Sevener (+1200)

That’s just one competition example, too. You can also bet on America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, Dancing with the Stars, and a bunch of others. We have a complete list at the bottom of this page.

Then, you have non-talent shows that you can bet on. A few examples include Survivor, Big Brother, and The Bachelor.

You can learn more about the TV shows you can bet on and the strategies you can use to lose less money betting on them on the following page. We’ll also show you the best sites to join for TV betting.


There are a lot of award shows you can bet on. This includes TV awards, movie awards, music awards, sports awards, humanity awards, and more.

One example is the Academy Awards, which awards Oscars for various movie categories. There are tons of things to bet on if you join the right entertainment betting site. Here are a few examples.

  • Outright Winner – The Irishman (+5000)
  • Outright Winner – Joker (+1400)
  • Best Actress – Charlize Theron/Bombshell (+2500)
  • Best Cinematography – 1917 (-1000)
  • Best Original Song – Love Me Again/Rocketman (-1000)

You can also bet on the winner for categories such as costume design, best animated feature film, best makeup and hairstyling, and more.

This is also only one award show of many that you can bet on. You can also bet on the MTV VMAs, Emmy’s, BAFTA, and others. We list them all at the end of this page.


There’s a lot of overlap between the movie and award show categories. And that’s because a lot of the movie-themed bets you can make are on the outcome of various award shows.

Beyond that, you can find loads of movie prop bets that you can make. Here are a few examples.

  • Who will the next James Bond be after Daniel Craig?
  • Bet on a movie’s box office (over/under)
  • Will Brad Pitt bring a date to the awards show?

Choose the right site for entertainment betting and you’ll have a nice selection of movie award shows and movie prop bets to bet on. And we make this easy for you on the following page where we recommend our list of top-rated movie betting sites.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Entertainment Online

Here are a few pros and cons to betting on TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment online.

  • You can bet on shows and movies you already enjoy watching.
  • There’s a lot of entertainment betting action online. Nearly every sportsbook offers at least a couple of markets.
  • It’s easier to spot profitable opportunities if you’re a fan of the show or movie you’re betting on. You can find opportunities other bettors overlook.
  • Entertainment betting gives you a break from sports betting.
  • You’ll struggle to find entertainment wager offline. Many regulators outlaw bets on non-sporting events. This includes regulators (and casinos) in Las Vegas.
  • If you claim a deposit bonus, you’ll have extra money to bet with. This is a great way to freeroll entertainment wagers, which is a good approach to take since they’re much harder to make money from.
  • TV shows come and go. Every show will be canceled one day, so one day, you won’t be able to bet on shows like The Voice or DWTS. This is unlike sports.
  • Don’t expect to consistently make profitable wagers. There’s too much randomness and not enough skill involved.
  • Gambling sites don’t offer as many promotions for entertainment betting.
  • You might struggle to line shop since the betting selection (and opinions) will vary from site to site.

Tips and Advice for Entertainment Betting

If you work hard enough at sports betting, it’s possible to consistently make a profit from it. Some bettors can even earn a living from it. But that won’t happen for entertainment bettors.

Think about it. Profitable sports bettors only win 55% to 57% of the time. Those margins aren’t very big.

But entertainment betting is often as random as playing slots or roulette, two games that — no matter what any con artists tell you — you’ll never earn a living from.

That said, there are things you can do to increase your chances of winning or things you can do to minimize your losses. Here are a few tips that might help you out.

  • Use bonus money, rebates, or cashback to make your entertainment and novelty wagers. That money isn’t yours to begin with, which means you’re freerolling any bet you make. If you lose, no sweat. But if you win, it’s like receiving a bonus.
  • Watch the shows you’re gambling on. You increase your chances of making a profitable bet if you know who has struggled to improve throughout the show. You’ll also see if there are any sleeper competitors who started off slow but are making significant improvement every week.
  • Read gossip magazines and news sites. You can get some insight into reality shows (like Keeping Up with the Kardashians) this way that you wouldn’t get otherwise from only watching the show.
  • Don’t forget to price shop. So many of these markets are subjective. You might be able to find some major discrepancies between two sportsbooks if you dig deep enough.
  • Read bookmakers’ blogs. Many of them provide tips and predictions. You don’t have to follow their advice verbatim, but it doesn’t hurt to get their opinion, especially since they’re setting their odds.

You can also read our blog for entertainment betting predictions.

Those are a few tips to get started with. If you want to learn more about how to increase your winnings with entertainment betting, we recommend you read our dedicated entertainment betting strategy guide.

More Entertainment Betting Sites and Guides

There are so many TV shows, award shows, and movies to bet on, we thought it’d make sense to create pages for each one.

Those pages are listed below. Click on a link to visit the page where we recommend betting advice and the best betting sites to join for that specific show or movie.

The Oscars
Bet on a variety of outcomes, such as who will win an Oscar and what movies will win in categories such as makeup, animation, original song, and more.
The Grammys
Bet on who will win in categories such as Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and more.
The Emmy’s
Bet on who will win an award in various TV categories such as Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor, and more.
Golden Globes
Bet on who will win an award in TV and movie categories such as Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Television Series, and more.
Bet on the artist, song, or album you think will win an award in categories such as hip hop, rap, and R&B.
The Voice
Bet on who you think will win this singing competition. You can also bet on who you think will win the head-to-head competition each week and who the winning judge will be.
America’s Got Talent
Bet on who you think will win the show (and the $1 million prize), as well as the type of performer you think will win.
American Idol
Bet on this singing competition that spawned celebrity artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. You can bet on the overall winner and who the judges will eliminate each week.
The Bachelor
Bet on who you think will go home at the rose ceremony each week. You can also bet on who you think will win the competition.
Big Brother
Bet on outcomes such as who you think will win the show, who’ll be evicted each week, the top male and females in the show, and more.
Dancing with the Stars
Celebrities pair with professional dancers and compete for points. You can bet on who you think will win, as well as various other props.
Bet on futures and props related to who you think will win weekly competitions and immunity from elimination.
Bet on who you think will win the show. The winner of X-Factor receives a recording contract.
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
Bet on who you think will win this annual hot dog eating contest. You can also bet on the over/under and who you think will win the women’s contest.
Time Person of the Year
Bet on who you think will grace the cover of Time Magazine as Person of the Year. There are often associated bets, too.
Bet on WWE TV and PPV programs like Smackdown, Raw, and the Royal Rumble. Numerous betting options available.
Bet on who will win a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award. This includes awards for Best Film, Best Short Film, Best Original Screenplay, and more.
BRIT Awards
Bet on who will win the best British Album, British Single, Rising Star, Artist of a Generation, and more.
Britain’s Got Talent
Bet on who you think will win this competition, which comes with a cash prize and opportunity to perform for the Royal Variety Performance in front of members of the British Royal Family.
Bet on who you think will win a Golden Raspberry Award (or Razzie). This is an award show that honors the worst movies and cinematic under-achievements of the year.
Bet on this international song competition. Each participant submits an original song to perform on TV and radio. You can bet on the country you think will win.
BBC Sports Personality of the Year
This is a ceremony that hands out awards for categories like Lifetime Achievement Award, Unsung Hero, Young Sports Personality of the Year, and others.
Mercury Prize
Bet on who you think will win an award for best album released in the UK by an Irish or British act.
National Spelling Bee
Bet on who you think will win the annual spelling bee. You can also bet on props such as whether the winner will have braces or glasses, or if there will be co-champions.
Nobel Prize
This is a set of awards given to several categories recognizing various academic, cultural, and scientific advances. You can bet on who you think will win each one.
Tony Awards
This is a ceremony that recognizes excellence in Broadway theater shows. You can bet on who you think will win a Tony Award.
This is a reality competition show where amateur and home cooks compete for a $250,000 cash prize, trophy, and title of MasterChef. Some winners also receive cookbook deals.
Miss America
Bet on who you think will win the Miss America beauty pageant. You can also bet on who you think will finish in the top eight finalists.
Miss Universe
Bet on who you think will win the Miss Universe beauty pageant. You can also bet on where the winner is from, the winner’s age, and how tall the winner will be.
The Birgit Nilsson Prize
This award and $1 million prize is awarded to whoever contributes the most to the classical music industry. The award is given every three years.