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The Best College Football Betting Sites

We know you want to bet on college football. That’s what landed you on this page. Don’t bet through a bookie, they may never pay out. We are guessing you don’t have time to fly out to Vegas and bet in the Sportsbooks.

If you are in Las Vegas why get dressed, drive to the casino, and wait in a line. Nothing is quicker and easier than betting through our recommended sites.

The list below shows current top-ranking sites for college football betting. You are only moments away from making a bet. Just click on a site below and start winning!

RankBetting SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
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Why These Sites?

When we talk about the best sites to bet on college football, we must take many factors into consideration. Is our money safe? Is the site easy to navigate? Does it offer all the games we are looking for? These are all things we consider when ranking our sites.


We would not wager our money on a site we didn’t trust. We wouldn’t ask you to either. With so many sites out there, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee every single one of them is run with integrity. The sites listed above provide the customer with security knowing their money is safe. We go through a detailed process to determine the top sites.

The Experience is Fun

In today’s world, we like fast, we like easy. We only mention sites that meet those demands. Depositing money is safe, secure, and quick. Everything is in plain view and you will feel protected. Picking the correct winners however, that is going to be up to you!

User Friendly

When we mention fast and easy, we of course are talking about the process of placing the bets. To see for yourself click any of the sites above and you will be making bets before you can finish the rest of this article. There are no secrets, no hidden fees or messages. Just deposit money, and start picking your winners!

They Offer a Wide Range of Games to Bet

Not all the best bets are the most popular games on ESPN and ABC. In fact, trying to find edges in the smaller market games where less information is known can be profitable. The sites listed offer a wide range of teams and games to bet on. Whether you are interested in point spreads, the over/under, or money-line bets-you will be in the right place if you click on any of the sites we have listed.

Competitive Lines

If you want to make some money betting on college football, you better be on the right side of the line. That means if the underdog is +4.5 on most sites but is +5 on one site, you better be getting the +5 number. Lines fluctuate throughout the day as bets come in. These sites ensure you won’t miss a line change if one of your underdogs happens to get an extra half point!

Deposit Bonuses

That’s right, who doesn’t love free money. By signing up on any of our recommended sites you can in some cases earn up to 100% back from your initial deposit. Say you start with $100 deposit, as you bet games the site will start to add funds into your account. As you can see, some sites will match the amount of your initial deposit dollar for dollar.

Why Bet on College Football?

On Saturdays, who doesn’t like watching college football and making a little money at the same time? If you are reading this article then clearly you do!

FootballWe Watch College Football, Let’s Make Money at the Same Time

As football fans, we can’t get enough of the action. On Saturdays, college football games are basically being played from the time we wake up until we go to bed. The sites listed above allow you to place bets from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Imagine waking up and making a bet on your favorite team before you even brush your teeth. Or how about getting a bet in on your lunch break right before a game kicks off. It is all just a simple click away. Join these sites and you will see how easy and real it is.

FootballHuge Selection of Games

Click on a site and you have the option to choose from well over 40 different college games every week. Much more choices than the NFL’s standard 13-15 game slate.

The larger selection of games means there are more opportunities for you to find a spot you like. Dig deep and do the research on the less popular games and you may be surprised to find some advantages that other bettors are unaware of.

What Else Is Different Between Betting on College Football and NFL?

People playing video games at home.

Most of you are probably much more familiar with betting on NFL games. Fortunately, the betting process for college football is exactly the same. There’s more to it than just a larger selection of games, a lot more actually.

FootballLooser Lines

Yes, this is true. Think about how popular the NFL is. Only 13-15 games per week, Everyone knows every team. The news about each player’s injuries or troubles is accessible to anyone who wants to know. Type in a player’s name on a popular social media platform and all the information is right there. Oddsmakers are very aware and sharp when it comes to predicting outcomes in the NFL.

But what about in college when Savannah State is playing Bethune-Cookman? Or how about when the Towson Tigers take on Elon University? There simply is not enough information out there to come up with as complete and dependable projections.

FootballLarger Lines

This is a fun one. Who doesn’t love seeing a powerhouse team like Alabama or Oklahoma as a 41-point favorite? This happens week in and week out on the college football betting board. This is because of something that is much more common in college football than in the NFL- large talent gaps.

FootballMore Really Good Teams and Really Bad Teams in College

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Players get to the NFL by standing out in college and continually outworking the people around them. The point being, NFL players are all professionals that get paid big bucks to perform at a high level. Of course, some players in the NFL are better than others, but the gap between them is much smaller than the great college players and the……… not so good ones.

In college football, there are 128 Division-I teams alone. Throw in another 169 Division-II programs. You get the point. The kids getting recruited to play football at Florida State and University of Texas are dedicated and aspiring football players. They want to play at the next level. The majority of the members on the football teams at Yale University and Tennessee Tech are much less likely to go on and pursue a career in the NFL.

This means that we will see matchups that look like this. One team is ranked 2nd in the country and had 9 players drafted into the NFL last year. Their opponent maybe hasn’t won a game in two seasons and hasn’t had a player drafted into the NFL since 1976. Therefore, we see college teams favored by forty points regularly. It is extremely rare to see a line in the NFL get above 15 or 16 points.

How to Find the Best Betting Site for You?

This is the fun part because it will be personal to you. We can certainly recommend the best sites in terms of overall quality, safety, and ease of use, as we have in the list at the top. But you might be someone who is only interested in which site has the largest first-time deposit bonus. Or maybe you want the site that has three ways to withdraw your money instead of just one. Find out what is important to you and meets your specific needs and demands.

FootballCompare Different Sites

When we are buying a car, we don’t typically buy the first one we see. We like to look at options and compare not only prices but the pros and cons of each car. Which has better gas mileage, which car is more spacious, is one newer than the other, is one faster? These are all valid questions we want to ask and have answered before choosing the car.

Why should betting on college football games online be any different? There are so many sites out there, look at all your options first. See if some are easier to use than others or if certain sites offer better promotions than others. If finding the perfect fit for you is important, then do not skip this step.

FootballPlay on Multiple Sites

We encourage you to join more than one site and be active. We talked about finding the best line. If a team is +4.5, we won’t know if they are +5 on another site unless we are actively scanning multiple sites and checking the lines.

FootballTake Advantage of the Deposit Bonuses and Cash-Back Rewards

This is another important reason to play on multiple sites. Many sites offer significant deposit bonuses, but only on your first and initial deposit. Say you want to deposit $200 and start betting. Instead of using one site, put $100 into 2 separate sites, or even put $50 into 4 different sites.

Because each site will have unique reward programs, depositing on multiple sites will potentially earn you more money back. Make sure you are taking full advantage of all the cash-back rewards. Read through the information before depositing to make sure you are using the right promotional code to earn you the most possible cash back.

Another great thing about this is after some sampling you will begin to realize which sites are better suited for you. You may notice some are much faster than others getting your money withdrawn. Some sites may lag in updating line movements and therefore you don’t trust them entirely. The more sites you experience the more you will be able to weed through the ones that don’t satisfy you.

College Football Is That Exciting

When you don’t pay the players, they are playing simply for pride and to win. They leave it all out on the field and it is reflected in the final product we see.

The Time to Bet on the Sites Is Now

Watching the game becomes even more exciting when you are financially invested into it. We want to bet on the games, we just need to know the best place to do so.

As mentioned, we took into consideration multiple factors to choose the best sites. Whether it is that fat juicy deposit bonus or the speediness of the transactions, we covered all the bases for you. The sites recommended ensure the user the best betting experience the internet has to offer.
Good luck with the college season!

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