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The Best Super Bowl Betting Sites for 2019

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Where to bet on Super Bowl 53 is a question that millions of sports bettors will be asking themselves in the early part of 2019. This list of the best Super Bowl betting sites is thoroughly checked and based on fast payouts, high reliability and overall safety.

The Super Bowl is the single biggest sporting event of the year in the United States. It’s the game where even those who aren’t fans of the NFL still relish and enjoy the festivities.

So imagine how football fans and sports bettors feel.

It just doesn’t get any bigger or better than the Super Bowl. And now that you’ve found this page, you won’t have to search the internet for anything else regarding the most anticipated game in professional football.

If you are simply looking for the best Super Bowl betting sites, that’s no problem. The options above are all you need. These are all excellent online sportsbooks that we KNOW are reputable and trustworthy.

Whether you’re backing the Los Angeles Rams or the New England Patriots or putting your money down on any of the hundreds of Super Bowl 53 props, it’s our recommended betting sites that you should be using.

But that’s not even close to all that you’ll be able to find on this in-depth page. Consider this your all-inclusive Super Bowl betting guide, equipped with everything you need to know about how to attack wagering on the big game.

We fully address hot topics like why you should bet the Super Bowl, how to bet the Super Bowl, and why the betting websites we recommend are the ones to use.

After telling you about all the benefits and advantages to betting the Super Bowl online, we transition into sections about all the types of Super Bowl bets that you can make.

We also hit on subjects like when you can place Super Bowl bets and how to properly shop your lines, and we’ll of course unveil a host of betting tips that you can gain lots of insight from.

Basically, whatever you need to know about trying to make money either before or during the Super Bowl can be accessed on this page, so have fun and enjoy all there is to offer!

Why These Are the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

The betting sites you see above are the ones you want to make sure you check out before and during the Super Bowl. These are all top sites to visit for wagering on sports in general, but, importantly, these virtual sportsbooks promise to deliver an awesome betting experience for the NFL’s season-ending game.

Let us tell you some of the reasons why right here. And feel free to check out how we rank betting sites in full.

These Sites Are REPUTABLE

First and foremost, these are reputable and trustworthy gambling sites. They are fundamentally sound.

Spending effort and time ensuring that an online sportsbook appeals to the eye and is easy to navigate is absolutely crucial for the operator. But that doesn’t mean that they can ignore necessities such as being properly licensed and providing a safe betting experience for their customers.

We took the time to make sure the sites we ratify check all the boxes, not just one or two of them. And safety and security are easily among the most important of all criteria.

Let us now tell you more about what you’ll find when using these top-ranked Super Bowl betting sites. Once you feel comfortable and safe, you’ll be poised to start having some fun!

Top-Notch Customer Service

Would you want to wager with a website that didn’t take their customer service department seriously? Because we sure wouldn’t.

When you are betting the Super Bowl online, you may encounter situations where you have a question for the operator. Or perhaps you need to contact them about a serious issue regarding your personal information.

Don’t you want to be assured that a trained professional on the other end will read and reply to your email or phone call in a timely manner?

We only recommend sites that have top-notch customer service, as the sites we listed all have competent and responsible staff members willing and able to assist you at your beck and call.

Vast Selection of Super Bowl Wagers

What’s the point of betting on the Super Bowl at an online sportsbook that doesn’t have a massive betting sheet with loads of options? Why limit yourself to just some of the wagers if there are other sites out there with a bigger selection?

Stick to the sites we endorsed at the top of this page, and you don’t have to worry about any of that.

They not only offer all the basic bets you’ll find in a standard football game, but they are also loaded with a plethora of props that always come attached to the Super Bowl.

Quite frankly, you’ll have to set aside ample time to sift through all of your options, but that’s a heck of a lot better than not having enough!

Reliable Banking Options

The top-notch customer service and the enormous amount of wagering possibilities are tremendous. But without reliable banking options, why even bet in the first place?

The good news is you will have no problem depositing or withdrawing money on the sites you find here. We know first-hand how important it is to bet on a site that has transparent and dependable banking options, so we take this matter very seriously.

Your personal and financial information are not to be taken lightly, and blindly betting on sketchy sites is a big no-no.

And remember this. It’s not always about how many banking methods there are. It’s about how trustworthy and easy to use those methods end up being.

Competitive Odds and Lines for the Super Bowl

Another great aspect of the sites listed in the table is that they aren’t new players in the industry who are still learning the ropes. They are experienced and know how the market works. They aren’t afraid to fluctuate their lines at the drop of a hat, and you can be certain that they will.

Take solace knowing you will find the most competitive and up-to-date Super Bowl odds right here. You don’t need to worry about not getting the best price.

Once you have an account at all the top Super Bowl betting sites, you’ll then be able to confidently shop and compare your lines, a topic that we’ll most certainly dive into further down on this page.

Place Super Bowl Bets During the Game!

Last, but most definitely not least, is the advantage of live betting the Super Bowl.

If you plan on watching the Super Bowl without having the option to place bets mid-game, you may want to sit down and rethink your strategy and approach.

Not only does it add a remarkable amount of excitement to each and every play, but it actually could present you with your most lucrative chances at turning a handsome profit.

Live betting, or “in-game” betting, has already been booming in the UK, and sports fans in the United States are catching on quickly.

We’re going to break down how crucial it is to be able to “live bet” during the Super Bowl, but we don’t want to shortchange you.

Learn all about in-game betting a bit later when we reveal all the different types of Super Bowl bets you’ll be able to make.

Before we move on, here’s a visual summary of what makes a good Super Bowl Betting site.

Attributes of the best Super Bowl betting sites

Benefits of Betting the Super Bowl Online

We told you why these sites reign supreme when it comes to betting the Super Bowl. Hopefully, you feel satisfied and secure. Once we introduce the myriad of reasons why betting the Super Bowl online is so advantageous, you’ll be itching to create some accounts and start firing away.

For starters, betting online isn’t the only way to place wagers on the big game, but it certainly is the best.

Some of you may participate in an office betting pool, while others may place a friendly bet with a family member or friend. Others use private bookies, and those of you who live in the United Kingdom are surely familiar with the bookmaking shops and betting parlors.

We’re not saying anything is wrong with those options, but don’t kid yourself into thinking you are seeing the full picture.

The sportsbooks in Vegas do a good job of offering an abundance of bets, but nothing will compare to what you’ll find online.

  • The convenience and ease of use is unmatched
  • You can shop your lines and guarantee you get the best prices
  • You’ll be able to clearly see all of the betting options available
  • Live betting the Super Bowl brings in a whole new level of fun and entertainment
  • You can place wagers without missing a second of the action

Nobody wants to wait in a big line to place a bet or cash a ticket during or after the Super Bowl. And you should do yourself the favor of being able to compare the Super Bowl odds in a clear and organized manner, not have to run around back and forth amongst different land-based casinos.

All you have to do is be active on the best Super Bowl betting sites before and during the game, and you’ll get to reap all the benefits that come along with betting the Super Bowl online.

As technologically advanced as our cell phones and mobile devices are nowadays, it’s hard to hammer home just how easy it has become to place wagers. It’s the pure definition of betting the Super Bowl at your own convenience.

Imagine watching the Super Bowl unfold at a party with a bunch of your friends and scanning the in-game bets that are becoming available on your device. Not only do you not have to leave the couch to place the bet, but you can do it all while sipping a beverage and snacking on some goodies!

It’s clear how attached people are to their cell phones, so the bookies wouldn’t be naïve enough to not offer their services via that platform. If you don’t believe how easy the transition is, give it a shot.

The only way to truly find out how much fun it can be is by experiencing it for yourself!

When Can I Bet on the Super Bowl?

The better question is when can’t you bet on the Super Bowl. Because once the big game ends, the online operators won’t waste any time generating the prices for the following year.

Take a quick gander at the boundless ways you can wager on the Super Bowl.

Preseason Super Bowl Betting

During the preseason is a very popular time for bettors to place Super Bowl futures bets. Seeing the teams take the field for the first time in months automatically gets the blood flowing in the veins of NFL football fans.

But it’s also the time that you’ll be able to latch onto the “most optimal” prices for certain teams.

For example, let’s say you wanted to throw a flier on the Chicago Bears winning Super Bowl 53 during the 2023 preseason. You would have been able to book a ticket at +10000. If you waited until Week 13 when Chicago was 8-3, you only got the Bears at +1400.

That’s a massive, massive difference.

Betting the Super Bowl During the Season

If you think you see an upstart team early in the year that has what it takes to be crowned Super Bowl champs, make your move. The bookies will constantly be updating the Super Bowl odds as the season progresses, but you’ll never be shut out from being able to book a bet.

You just might not always get the price you want. Our best advice when it comes to mid-season SB bets is this.

Don’t overreact to what happens in any given week. And be conscious of the upcoming schedule.

Say that the Dallas Cowboys are +5000 to win it all in Week 7, and then they go out and win by 30 points in Week 8. Suddenly, everybody believes in Dallas, and the oddsmakers drop them down to +3000 to win it all.

This isn’t a good time to place the bet, and we suggest waiting it out a bit. Especially if they have a tough game looming on their schedule, they could lose the following Sunday and be right back to +5000 again.

We aren’t saying it’s bad to place Super Bowl future bets mid-season; we’re just saying to be careful and mindful of the situation.

Betting the Super Bowl When the Playoffs Start

This is when you’ll see the Super Bowl lines dramatically shift, or essentially be “reset,” if you will.

Waiting until the playoff bracket has been established is actually not a bad way to go about betting the Super Bowl. In fact, we most definitely advocate that you do so.

Rather than having to wonder what a team’s road to the SB will look like, waiting until the playoffs start erases that concern. Once you see each team’s specific roadmap to the big game, you’ll then be able to decide if you see any betting value in the proposed wagers.

Betting the Super Bowl Once the Teams Are Set

Now that we have addressed your options for betting on teams to win the Super Bowl, let’s talk about the game itself. After the AFC and NFC Championship games have been completed, there will be a “mini hiatus” while the two teams prepare.

Exactly two weeks is the amount of time you’ll have from when the two teams are set until the Super Bowl kicks off. This is when things really start to heat up.

As soon as the online betting sites know exactly who is playing in the Super Bowl, the floodgates burst wide open.

Telling you that you’ll encounter a copious amount of wagers would be underselling what’s really going to happen. It may take you a while to scroll through what will seem like limitless wagering options, but we can assure you there will be no shortage of ways to bet the big game.

We’ll talk more about what has become known as the “Super Bowl Prop Bets,” but we don’t want you to lose sight of another major opportunity that could be sitting on your doorstep as the Super Bowl approaches. Those of you who are holding a ticket on one of the SB participants, say hello to the hedging technique!

Hedging Super Bowl Bets

Think of hedging your Super Bowl bets as a way to protect yourself from losing any money and ensure you walk away with something positive. Not everyone will get an opportunity to hedge come Super Bowl time, so here’s an example of how it works.

Let’s say you placed a $100 bet (either before or during the season) on the Patriots to win Super Bowl 52 when the bookies had them listed at +700 to win it all. Now the big game arrives, and New England is playing Philadelphia for all the marbles.

If you stood pat, you would have walked away with nothing. But say you hedged your initial bet and placed a second bet, this time $100 on Philly to win the game (which was around a +200 bet). You would have locked in a chunky profit no matter what the end result turned out to be!

If you find yourself in the spot where you have an SB futures ticket on one of the two teams competing for the Lombardi trophy, take a hard look at hedging your bets. Because in sports betting, there’s nothing wrong with guaranteeing yourself a win.

Betting the Super Bowl During the Game

Once the game kicks off, things will get a bit crazy. Your betting options become so immense that you’ll likely be overwhelmed at the start.

Think of it as a whole new collection of prop bets, only this time new ones will be getting created from the start, all the way to the finish.

That’s why we decided to talk about all the different types of Super Bowl bets you can make in a dedicated segment below.

We’ll hit on live betting (wagers you can make during the game) and the SB props specifically, and we’ll aim to leave no stone unturned. Just remember that literally anytime throughout the calendar year, you can place a bet on who you think will win the Super Bowl.

What Types of Super Bowl Bets Can I Make?

By now, you know that the variations of Super Bowl bets you can make depend on when you are placing them. Before and during the season, it’s common for sports bettors to place wagers on certain teams to win the SB.

But were you aware that some sites actually propose odds for specific Super Bowl matchups as well?

Betting on Which Two Teams Will Play in the Super Bowl

For example, say that before the season starts, the Patriots are listed at +800 to win the Super Bowl, and the Saints are lurking at +1200.

The site might offer a bet at +3000 on the Patriots and Saints meeting in the Super Bowl. You’ll likely be able to track down a price for every single SB matchup that is possible, not just the ones that you think are plausible.

That means some incredibly juicy odds in certain spots, although advising you to bet on a couple of “bottom dwellers” to reach the big game isn’t exactly the most prudent betting advice we could give.

But let’s say you feel really strongly about the Saints getting to the Super Bowl out of the NFC. Perhaps placing that futures bet, along with picking a few “Saints vs. XXX team” wagers, makes sense as well. That way, if your premonition rings true and New Orleans reaches the final game, you’ll have some chances to be in for an even bigger reward.

And speaking of reaching the Super Bowl, don’t forget about that bet as well.

Betting on a Team to Reach the Super Bowl (Win Their Conference)

Have you ever felt good about a team getting to the Super Bowl, but you weren’t sure if they had enough to be the last team standing? Betting on teams to reach the big game is a great alternative as these wagers have a more realistic chance of paying off.

Let’s say the Saints are +1200 to win the Super Bowl. Perhaps betting them at +600 to win the NFC is a good place to start. Teams that have a habit of winning their division and putting themselves in prime positions are the ones you’ll want to target for this bet.

Take the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick-led New England Patriots. From 2002-2023, New England played in 8 of the 17 Super Bowls. Just blindly betting on the Pats before the season started to win the AFC over the past 17 years would have made you a pretty substantial sum of money.

Just keep this in mind as you’re shopping your prices and searching for good Super Bowl futures bets to place. You don’t always have to “go for the gusto” and try to win the entire pie. Because even a slice of the pie is better than no pie at all!

Super Bowl Bets You Can Make Before the Game Starts

When the Super Bowl actually enters the foreground and the matchup is set, you’ll undoubtedly be able to book your standard NFL game bets.

Just like a typical NFL contest, the line for the game will be set. That means you can bet on either side, typically at a price between -105 and -115. Likewise, wagering on the total (over or under) will be there for the taking.

You’ll also be able to bet on the moneyline (ML). Moneyline bets are when you ignore the spread of the game and simply choose the team you think will win. Say you want to bet “Team A” who is favored at -4, but you don’t want to lay the 4 points.

You’ll be able to bet “Team A” straight up, but you’ll be forced to lay somewhere around -210 instead of -110.

Once the Super Bowl gets underway, get ready for a whole slew of new betting opportunities!

Super Bowl Live Betting

Live betting has been getting bigger and bigger over recent years, as the added dynamic of being able to place wagers mid-game takes the viewing experience to a whole other level.

Well, there isn’t a single sporting event in the US that draws in more attention than the Super Bowl. That’s why the online sportsbooks will be viciously fashioning and adding bets during the entirety of the game, thus allowing you to constantly be involved with every play.

During the Super Bowl specifically, many of the in-game bets will revolve around the performances of specific players. But we promise it won’t end there – not even close.

Seriously, the bets available will come down to how creative and imaginative the oddsmakers at the different sites can get. The opportunities become endless.

Once they feel comfortable about posting a number, it’ll be there for your taking. This is why the assortment of existing bets will be varied amongst the sites, as will the pricing.

We suggest browsing through as much as you can so you can get a full grasp on how phenomenal of an addition in-game betting is to the Super Bowl. The convenience factor couldn’t be easier, as you can bet during the game as long as you have a computer or mobile device handy.

Live betting isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and in fact, it’ll only continue to pick up steam. If you are keen to try it out, the Super Bowl represents the absolute perfect time to give it a shot.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

If you have ever seen the sheets of prop bets at a Vegas casino leading up to a Super Bowl, then you know how prevalent the prop bets have become. Not only are they widespread throughout all betting arenas (brick and mortar or online), but they happen to be what attracts many people who otherwise wouldn’t be placing wagers to betting sites.

You’ll come across a limitless number of what we call “entertainment prop bets,” as those are meant to garner the attention of the casual fans. Some of these bets may not even have anything to do with the actual play on the field and are simply geared toward a different type of audience, perhaps those who are “less-enthused” about the game than others.

For example, bets regarding the halftime performance, like exactly how many minutes and seconds it will last, is something you can bet on during the Super Bowl. Here are some other examples of the whacky prop bets we’ve seen from over the years.

  • Will Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth say “City of Brotherly Love” during the telecast?
  • Which will be a higher total – LeBron James’ points on February 3rd (against the Rockets) or Nick Foles’ total pass attempts?
  • Total length of national anthem (over/under 2 minutes)
  • Total number of Donald Trump tweets during the game (over/under 5 tweets)
  • Will the coin toss land on heads or tails?

And they aren’t always yes/no or over/under props, either.

Like when Justin Timberlake was set to perform during Super Bowl 52’s halftime, this was an actual bet you could have made.

Justin Timberlake prop bet at Super Bowl 52.

And you can always bet on what color/flavor of Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach; that’s a staple.

We could honestly go on and on listing examples of prop bets, but then we’d be here all day long.

What you’ll notice is that whatever is happening around the world that is capturing the attention of Super Bowl viewers will somehow be incorporated into a prop bet – one way or another.

Say Kim Kardashian gets a divorce from Kanye West two weeks before the Super Bowl. You could then bet your bottom dollar that some type of prop involving “who will Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend/husband be” will be available.

The casino operators in Vegas and the most reputable online sports betting sites aren’t stupid, and they’re in fact very in tune with what’s going on. They understand who their viewers are and know what will pique the interest of potential bettors. That’s why you see so many fun and engaging propositions specifically for the Super Bowl game.

Top Tip:

It’s okay to have fun and engross yourself in the prop bets that are out there. But just be careful and don’t get too carried away. Sometimes it’s impossible to gain any insight or edges on a bet – for example, with one as silly as if the coin toss will land on heads or tails.

It’s okay to be amused by and participate in some of the entertainment props, but seasoned bettors know that those are the bets designed to lure in the recreational fan. If you want to attack the prop bets more efficiently, perhaps the ones that are connected to the play on the field will be more up your alley.

Type of Super Bowl Prop Bets Worth Attacking

We alluded to many prop bets being related to an individual’s performance during the game. Truth be told, you’ll encounter a glut of bets covering all angles of how the game will play out. And these are props where you may be able to grab hold of lines you find advantageous by using research and data.

For example, who will have more receiving yards? Player A or Player B? Or which team will accumulate more penalty yards?

These might be prop bets, but they aren’t solely for entertainment purposes or to bait in prospective bettors. The “sharps” will be all over bets like these when they see a number they like. And when they do, they usually pounce heavily.

We should point out that almost all of the top Super Bowl betting sites will place some sort of cap on the amount of money you can wager on a prop. Don’t panic, though, as you’ll undeniably be able to bet an amount that is worth your while. You just won’t be able to pull any Floyd Mayweather types of stunts…

Floyd Mayweather reportedly bet big on Super Bowl 48

Reports varied on just how much Mayweather bet on the Broncos back in 2013. And he subsequently denied the rumors, anyway. It’s no secret that the boxer likes a bet, though, and reportedly even tried to in their much-hyped fight back in 2017.

Comparing Super Bowl Odds

Don’t let this segment being a bit far down the page trick you into thinking it’s not one of the most important aspects of being a successful bettor before or during the Super Bowl.

Especially when you consider how many bets you’ll have at your disposal, you really can’t afford to thoughtlessly start firing away on bets without comparing your lines. If you’ve read much of our football betting guide, you’ll surely have noticed how often we stress the importance of line shopping.

Shopping your Super Bowl prices doesn’t have to be a hard or lengthy assignment, either. All you have to do is set up accounts at the top Super Bowl betting websites and routinely check the odds before making any wagers.

The discrepancies amongst pricing might not ever be more evident than during a Super Bowl, so being active on multiple sites come Super Bowl time is an absolute must.

Think about it for a second.

You’ll find upwards of hundreds of potential Super Bowl wagers to place, so you can imagine you’ll find the same bet in more than a few spots. Don’t just place a bet you like at the first site you see, even if you only have to lay -105.

You might find that same bet at +100 or even +105 somewhere else, and equity like that simply can’t be left on the table!

Super Bowl Betting Bonuses and Promotions

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that being active on multiple sites opens you up to more optimal prices and odds when you place Super Bowl bets. Nobody in their right mind would argue against that point.

But there is another big advantage to having accounts at all the top Super Bowl betting sites, and it happens to be all about bonuses.

You probably know about the different promotions you are entitled to when you initially create an account at an online casino or sportsbook. What’s significant to note here is that there may not be a more ideal and economical time to sign up and create an account at one of the sports betting sites we suggested than during the Super Bowl.

They want your business, and they understand how intriguing betting on the Super Bowl and its props can be for someone who is contemplating getting his or her feet wet.

What better way to entice curious minds than with offers that are too good to pass up?

For example, a site may offer a 50% deposit bonus up to $1,000 for most of the year. But they may decide to run a special before the Super Bowl and instead offer 100% back on your initial deposit up to $1,000 in hopes that the added incentive is enough to get you on board.

And it’ll get more fun and promising than that. When it comes to betting the Super Bowl, expect to see amusing and innovative propositions attached with extra benefits all over the place. The online betting websites know who their market is, and they’ll do whatever they can to ensure they get your business.

If that means offering some “free betting funds” along the way, then so be it!

They’ll even go out of their way to gain you as a customer by sending you emails or push notifications about their appetizing offers. This is done so that the thought of signing up/betting stays percolating in the forefront of your mind. Think of these announcements as “friendly reminders.”

Nobody is forcing you to act on or do anything. They’re just emphasizing how good of an opportunity you have staring you in the face.

Super Simple Tips for Super Bowl Betting

We have spent plenty of time covering all the bases, making sure you are fully prepared to efficiently go about your Super Bowl betting. Now for the fun part where we divulge some tips and advice that’ll help you attack the game.

We have a section of this page (down below) devoted to Super Bowl 53, so that’s where you’ll find your specific insight into the upcoming tilt in Atlanta on February 3rd.

Here is where we’ll start with the basics. That way, you build your foundation of betting tactics from the ground up.

Use the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

Don’t go down the road of the unavoidable headaches and anguish that come along with betting on unregulated or unsecured sportsbooks. The internet is a big, crazy place. The online betting industry is ultra-competitive, and unfortunately, that means certain companies take shortcuts at the expense of their player base.

We’ve all heard the ugly stories of people not being able to withdraw their money or having their funds held up because their bank account won’t legitimize the source they are coming from.

That’s why you really need to do yourself a solid and only be participating at the sites you trust. The ones listed on this page meet and exceed our criteria and therefore won’t let you down.

Bet What You Can Afford

Because there are so many bets available before and during the Super Bowl, it’s easy to lose sight of how many bets and how much money you have wagered.

Keeping track and maintaining an organized record of all your bets is important to make sure you don’t wake up the Monday morning after and find yourself in a heap of trouble! We recommend setting a limit (in a dollar amount) of how much you are willing to bet on the big game.

You have to account for the chance that things don’t go your way, so what this essentially means is how much are you willing to lose?

If you are willing to lose a maximum of $200, then that should be your limit. No matter how many captivating wagers become available, you have to stay disciplined and stay under your limit.

You may decide to place $100 worth of bets on various props before the game starts, then save the other $100 for live betting the game.

Either way, maintaining abstinence is a big key to not letting things get too far out of control.

Leave Personal Bias Out of Gambling Decisions

This is much easier said than done, especially those of you who have loyalty to a certain team ingrained in your body.

It’s okay to root for a team to make it to or win the Super Bowl, and in fact, that’s pretty natural. But if your reason for picking a team and betting on them to win is because you like them better or because your girlfriend’s mother is from that city, then you are going about this the wrong way.

If the team you grew up rooting for and are a lifelong fan of reaches the Super Bowl, be very careful not to let your emotions and personal bias get in the way. It can become a very tricky situation and an expensive learning lesson, but we want you to avoid it.

After all, if you are betting the Super Bowl, your #1 goal should be trying to make some money. There is enough entertainment attached to the atmosphere of your favorite team playing in a Super Bowl that you don’t have to bet the game “just because.”

You should always bet the game with a view on trying to turn a profit.

When it comes to placing wagers on the Super Bowl with your hard-earned money, you need to be sensible and bet intelligently. This isn’t love or a relationship where you need to really think with your heart. This is betting the Super Bowl.

That involves using your brain, not getting caught up in what your heart wants.

Bet Selectively

This somewhat ties back into betting what you can afford, but we want to take it a step further. If you happen to come across a bet you really like, do your homework first.

Betting selectively means taking an overall look at the entire landscape of what’s out there before settling on the ones you think represent the most value. You have to spend the time and really see all that’s obtainable before you just start clicking buttons and placing bets.

Getting started, it’s easy to spend a few minutes looking and be stoked at the bets you find. You’ll think you found a few good ones right away, but be patient. Do some digging.

Chances are those bets you initially found will start sounding just good, because you’ll be finding ones that you now consider great. And it’s the great ones you want your money riding on.

The main point here is simply that you shouldn’t be placing a ton of wagers for the sake of it.

More Advanced Tips for Super Bowl Betting

Looking for more details and tidbits that could help? For those willing to really dive under the hood and go to work, here you go!

Be Mindful of the Media – In More Ways Than One

Once the AFC and NFC Championship games conclude, there will be exactly two weeks of downtime until the big game is played.

While coaches and players will be staying busy in order to prepare and get ready to play the , media personnel and fans of the game will be doing a whole bunch of speculating.

And that means some of what we read and hear needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Some individuals will be attempting to rustle feathers and stir the pot, and that sometimes includes reporting news erroneously.

It’s important to be mindful of all the things you hear, but it’s also important to maintain a balance.

Living and dying by every word you hear an NFL beat reporter say on Twitter isn’t necessarily going to get you any more prepared to bet the game. It could actually steer you in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, say a pundit as respected as Adam Schefter or Ian Rapoport has something substantial to say about one of the key players on either side – now, that’s something we’d be paying fervent attention to. Very rarely will someone of that stature come out and report something without there being some serious validity that backs up their claim.

We suggest following expert analysts like and on social media platforms like Twitter and even enabling push notifications on your mobile device for when they tweet during the run-up to the Super Bowl.

You may find a scenario where they release a piece of news, yet the online betting sites are a few minutes behind adjusting the line accordingly. These precious moments are what seasoned sports betting syndicates live for.

If something breaks that is going to affect the line, get out in front of the bookies like these big-time NFL authorities are doing and set yourself up for success!

Focus on Key Stats – Not the “Glamorous Ones”

Sifting through which news is meaningful and which is just hearsay will obviously be important while you assemble a game plan to attack betting the Super Bowl. But it’s just part of what it means to be organized and efficient with your process.

A major factor that we like to stress to our readers when they’re getting prepped for Super Bowl betting is to focus on the key stats that really tell you about a football team and how they have performed.

That means there are certain stats that we weigh much more heavily than others when it comes to the big game. For example, a quarterback’s total number of passing yards or passing touchdowns are fun to look at and admire.

But when it comes to projecting how a football game between two teams is going to pan out, there are a number of other statistics we are much keener on paying attention to. Like these, for instance.

  • Defensive Efficiency on Third Down
  • Offensive Efficiency on Third Down

How often a team stops its opponent on third down is a major stat to follow. It’s no coincidence that the leaders in this category will fall hand in hand with who we view as the top Ds in the league.

Think about how many crucial third-down scenarios will pop up throughout the course of a Super Bowl game. Defensive units that can get off the field and hand the ball back to their offense are the ones we like to invest in. Those are the teams that end up generating the most scoring opportunities.

This statistic isn’t hard to track down, either. Access .

Just like stopping your opponent on third down is vital to being successful, being able to convert third downs on offense is equally important. Teams that have the highest success rate on third down are the ones who are able to consistently gain yards on first and second down.

Teams who constantly put themselves in third-and-long situations are inevitably going to get stopped. Those who can run the ball fruitfully wind up in lots of third-and-short scenarios and in turn have a much easier time converting.

On offense, look for a dependable quarterback and a sturdy offensive line. That’s a good foundation for being able to sustain drives in the Super Bowl.

Concentrate on THIS YEAR’s Data

A lot of times during the run-up to the Super Bowl, you will hear people talk about what a certain team has done in the past and how that might affect their chances in the game at hand. And while that is significant and can certainly have an impact, we think it’s more valuable to spend your time combing through the data from the current season’s sample size.

We gave you some of the stats to focus on that are indicative of how good or how dominant a team truly is. Follow those, and you’ll be closer to being able to accurately project how a game might play out.

While you shouldn’t lose sight of what has happened in previous years, it’s important to be fully aware of what has been taking place on the gridiron in the current season.

Let’s now segue into some historical data and betting trends from past Super Bowls, and you can decide how to proceed. How much you want to let these figures influence your theories before the game will ultimately be up to you.

At the very least, numbers = data, and that leaves the subjectivity out of the discussion.

Key Stats and Trends from Past Super Bowls That May Influence Your Betting

Rather than be ambiguous about whether or not the favorites covered in past Super Bowls, why not just display the data front and center? There’s no need for you to wonder if past Super Bowls went over or under the total because we’re going to give it to you in plain sight below.

Starting back with Super Bowl I in 1967 and all the way through, here you go. You’ll find some key points to take away from this data below if you don’t want to go through the whole table.

Super Bowl Line Total Result Betting Result
I Packers -14 vs. Chiefs Not Available Packers 35, Chiefs 10 Favorite Covers
II Packers -13.5 vs. Raiders 43 Packers 33, Raiders 14 Favorite Covers, Over
III Colts -18 vs. Jets 40 Jets 16, Colts 7 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
IV Vikings -12 vs. Chiefs 39 Chiefs 23, Vikings 7 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
V Cowboys -2.5 vs. Colts 36 Colts 16, Cowboys 13 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
VI Cowboys -6 vs. Dolphins 34 Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3 Favorite Covers, Under
VII Dolphins -1.5 vs. Redskins 33 Dolphins 14, Redskins 7 Favorite Covers, Under
VIII Dolphins -6.5 vs. Vikings 33 Dolphins 24, Vikings 7 Favorite Covers, Under
IX Steelers -3 vs. Vikings 33 Steelers 16, Vikings 6 Favorite Covers, Under
X Steelers -6.5 vs. Cowboys 36 Steelers 21, Cowboys 17 Underdog Covers, Over
XI Raiders -4.5 vs. Vikings 38 Raiders 32, Vikings 14 Favorite Covers, Over
XII Cowboys -6 vs. Broncos 39 Cowboys 27, Broncos 10 Favorite Covers, Under
XIII Steelers -3.5 vs. Cowboys 37 Steelers 35, Cowboys 31 Favorite Covers, Over
XIV Steelers -10.5 vs. Rams 36 Steelers 31, Rams 19 Favorite Covers, Over
XV Eagles -3 vs. Raiders 37.5 Raiders 27, Eagles 10 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XVI Bengals -1 vs. 49ers 48 49ers 26, Bengals 21 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XVII Dolphins -3 vs. Redskins 36.5 Redskins 27, Dolphins 17 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
XVIII Redskins -3.5 vs. Raiders 48 Raiders 38, Redskins 9 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XIX 49ers -3 vs. Dolphins 53.5 49ers 38, Dolphins 16 Favorite Covers, Over
XX Bears -10 vs. Patriots 37.5 Bears 46, Patriots 10 Favorite Covers, Over
XXI Giants -9.5 vs. Broncos 40 Giants 39, Broncos 20 Favorite Covers, Over
XXII Broncos -3.5 vs. Redskins 47 Redskins 42, Broncos 10 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
XXIII 49ers -7 vs. Bengals 48 49ers 20, Bengals 16 Underdog Covers, Under
XXIV 49ers -12 vs. Broncos 48 49ers 55, Broncos 10 Favorite Covers, Over
XXV Bills -6.5 vs. Giants 40.5 Giants 20, Bills 19 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XXVI Redskins -7 vs. Bills 48.5 Redskins 37, Bills 24 Favorite Covers, Over
XXVII Cowboys -6.5 vs. Bills 44.5 Cowboys 52, Bills 17 Favorite Covers, Over
XXVIII Cowboys -10.5 vs. Bills 50.5 Cowboys 30, Bills 13 Favorite Covers, Under
XXIX 49ers -18 vs. Chargers 54 49ers 49, Chargers 26 Favorite Covers, Over
XXX Cowboys -13.5 vs. Steelers 52 Cowboys 27, Steelers 17 Underdog Covers, Under
XXXI Packers -14 vs. Patriots 49.5 Packers 35, Patriots 21 PUSH, Over
XXXII Packers -11.5 vs. Broncos 49 Broncos 31, Packers 24 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
XXXIII Broncos -7.5 vs. Falcons 53 Broncos 34, Falcons 19 Favorite Covers, PUSH
XXXIV Rams -7 vs. Titans 48 Rams 23, Titans 16 PUSH, Under
XXXV Ravens -3 vs. Giants 33 Ravens 34, Giants 7 Favorite Covers, Over
XXXVI Rams -14 vs. Patriots 53.5 Patriots 20, Rams 17 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XXXVII Raiders -4 vs. Buccaneers 44 Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
XXXVIII Patriots -7 vs. Panthers 37.5 Patriots 32, Panthers 29 Underdog Covers, Over
XXXIX Patriots -7 vs. Eagles 47.5 Patriots 24, Eagles 21 Underdog Covers, Under
XL Steelers -4 vs. Seahawks 47 Steelers 21, Seahawks 10 Favorite Covers, Under
XLI Colts -7 vs. Bears 48 Colts 29, Bears 17 Favorite Covers, Under
XLII Patriots -12.5 vs. Giants 54.5 Giants 17, Patriots 14 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XLIII Steelers -7 vs. Cardinals 46.5 Steelers 27, Cardinals 23 Underdog Covers, Over
XLIV Colts -4.5 vs. Saints 56.5 Saints 31, Colts 17 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XLV Packers -2.5 vs. Steelers 45 Packers 31, Steelers 25 Favorite Covers, Over
XLVI Patriots -3 vs. Giants 54 Giants 21, Patriots 17 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
XLVII 49ers -4 vs. Ravens 47 Ravens 34, 49ers 31 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
XLVIII Broncos -2.5 vs. Seahawks 47.5 Seahawks 43, Broncos 8 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over
XLIX Patriots -1 vs. Seahawks 47.5 Patriots 28, Seahawks 24 Favorite Covers, Over
50 Panthers -5 vs. Broncos 43.5 Broncos 24, Panthers 10 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Under
LI Patriots -3 vs. Falcons 58 Patriots 34, Falcons 28 Favorite Covers, Over
LII Patriots -4 vs. Eagles 49 Eagles 41, Patriots 33 Underdog Covers (and wins outright), Over

Here are the key points we can take away from this data.

Betting the favorite nets a record of 25-25-2

  • Betting the underdog nets a record of 25-25-2
  • Betting the over nets a 28-23-1 record
  • Betting the under nets a 23-28-1 record
  • The Patriots are 3-5 ATS in the eight Super Bowls Tom Brady has played in
  • Five of the past six Super Bowls have gone over

The most interesting trend we found was that in the 25 instances the underdog covered, in 18 of those cases the underdog actually won the game outright!

This means that the underdog has been victorious in 28.9% of the Super Bowls (18/52), perhaps lending merit to betting on the team who is receiving points when the big game rolls around. Here’s another interesting little morsel we noticed.

Since 1998, a team has been a double-digit favorite on three occasions. And the underdog won the game outright each and every time!

We had the Packers close as an 11.5-point favorite in Super Bowl XXXII against the Broncos, and that didn’t stop Denver from winning the game by a touchdown.

Four years later, New England came into Super Bowl XXXVI as a massive 14-point dog to the high-flying St. Louis Rams. That’s when the “Tom Brady legacy” was officially born as Brady led the Pats to a remarkable 20-17 upset.

Finally, who could forget Super Bowl XLII when Brady and the Pats arrived in Glendale, Arizona, as a perfect 18-0? Attempting to be the first team to ever go 19-0 and win a Super Bowl, the Patriots were upended by the New York Giants. This one truly shocked the world. More significantly, it shocked the sport’s entire betting industry.

Of course, this game is also remembered for one of the most amazing plays of all time. David Tyree pulled off a spectacular helmet catch, which you can see in the video below.

How much any of this information means as we inch toward Super Bowl 53 remains to be seen, but at least it’s right here for you to fall back on.

Betting on Super Bowl 53

  • When: Sunday, February 3rd, 2019
  • Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta, GA
  • Time: 6:30 pm EST
  • Station: CBS
  • Halftime Show Performance: Maroon 5

This is where you can find all your betting needs that directly apply to betting Super Bowl 53.

We’ll be releasing blog posts on a pretty regular basis from now until Super Bowl 53 is here, giving you a centralized location to fully stay in the loop. Here are the latest ones, or you can check them all here.

A Thorough Recap

This page wasn’t just designed to help you find the best Super Bowl betting sites. This Super Bowl betting guide was created to serve as your one-stop shop for all of your Super Bowl betting needs!

Between our organized sections combined with direct links accessing material covering betting Super Bowl 53, you shouldn’t have to search anywhere else for anything. Especially when it comes to all your questions and concerns about how to go about betting the Super Bowl online and what the process is like.

We listed all the top Super Bowl betting sites and made sure to include thorough explanations as to why they deserve to be classified as “the best.” Going over all the benefits of betting on the Super Bowl and educating you on all the different ways to bet the Super Bowl was meant to get your juices flowing and to get you excited.

The types of bets you can make from before the season, to during the season, to while the Super Bowl is taking place are pretty much endless. As soon as you step into the ring and “get your feet wet,” you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Of course, shopping and comparing your lines across the top betting sites in the industry is an absolute must for a variety of reasons. Not only do you want to open yourself up to the best prices and biggest selection of bets, but you’ll want to reap all the rewards and bonuses that are available leading up to the Super Bowl.

There has never been a better or more cost-effective time to sign up and create an account than during the NFL Playoffs before the big game begins. Unless you like turning down “free betting funds,” there’s no reason to not at least do a bit of exploring.

After replanting some seeds in reference to some basic tips to follow, we wanted to include a section that highlighted some stats to be familiar with before you place any wagers. Those of you really trying to find a betting edge will enjoy that segment the most.

We left you with a bird’s-eye view of what the point spread and total closed at in each of the first 52 Super Bowls, along with what the betting result turned out to be. Any inquiries you have about how the odds stacked up in past Super Bowls are answered right here.

In conclusion, we’ve given you everything you need to find the safest Super Bowl betting sites as well as a complete guide to betting on the big game. It’s all right here on this page.

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