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Canadian Sports Betting Sites

It’s no secret that Canadians are some of the most devout and dedicated sports fans anywhere in the world. While hockey runs toward the top of the popularity charts there, most other major sports are just as big in all provinces across the country. With sports being so popular, it’s understandable that sports betting is also a huge hobby or profession for a lot of Canadians.

For some of you, you aren’t here for an education on the Canadian sports betting market. You’re here because you’ve got a hot tip on a game and are ready to make some money. While we were looking forward to the opportunity to have you in our “class,” we totally understand. For all of you, we have put the list of the top Canadian sports betting sites right here at the top of the page. If you want to know how we came to these conclusions, read on. If not, good luck and we hope you win big!

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Why These Sites Are the Best

While Canada does have some brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and casinos, there are plenty of areas of the country where the nearest sportsbook or casino is a little too far away. Not to mention that it’s no fun trekking out into the frigid abyss when the thermometer is reading below zero.

Thankfully for our convenience’s sake and our hatred of frostbite, online sportsbook options are aplenty in Canada. Due to relaxed legislation and an open market, you have tons of great options to choose from. With intense competition between the major players for your business, you can expect to get a lot of perks and a constantly improving experience. This is a big win for Canadian sports bettors.

While all of that is great, the question begs to be asked: “Okay, so there are great sites. But which one should I play at?” This is why we put together this guide. There are some amazing options out there for you to choose from, but there are also some mediocre options and sadly some terrible options as well. You can’t always spot which category a site falls into just by visiting their homepage.

Why We Are Different

We take our reviews and recommendations very seriously. For that reason, we do not let any sportsbook pay for or buy their way onto our list of top sites. What you may not know is that most review sites in the industry do not have this sort of integrity. They’ll allow a site to slide them a few bucks, and then that site will magically get a better review and be moved to the top of the recommended lists.

That’s not a review or a recommendation; that’s just an advertisement pretending to be a recommendation. That doesn’t fly here. The only way that a sportsbook makes it on to that list above (or any of our recommended lists) is by offering the great people of Canada the absolute best in sports betting. Period.

What Do We Look For?

Our moms taught us never to judge a book by its cover. Little did they know that they were giving us genius advice for picking out an online sportsbook. Most people deciding where to bet online will go to the first site they see or look for the site with the prettiest graphics. They assume, “Well, this site looks the nicest, so it must be the best.”

While we can’t fault the logic here, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s similar to the fact that a rectangle is a square but a square is not a rectangle. A good site will look great, but a great-looking site is not necessarily good. With that in mind, let’s browse through the list of criteria we look at.

  • Reputation and Trustworthiness
  • Safety and Site Security
  • Payout Reliability and Speed
  • User Interface and Ease of Use
  • Level of Customer Service Help Available
  • Betting Options and Sports Covered
  • Bonuses and Promotions

While all of these criteria matter, the first two are the most important by miles. You work hard for your money, and when you bet, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth at a site that you can trust. You need to know that not only is the site reputable and able to be trusted but that your money and your personal information are going to be safe and securely looked after.

The internet is a scary place filled with a lot of people that mean to do you harm. For this reason, we ONLY recommend a site that we are confident has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they are protecting you. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Once we identify that a site is reputable, secure, and can be trusted, we begin dissecting the site itself to see what level of sports betting experience they are offering. Thanks to the relaxed gaming laws in Canada, there are a lot of reputable sites in the mix to choose from. This means that there are going to be some incredible sites, but also some sites that will make you cringe.

We have been through thousands of sites to compile the list you find above.

The sites that we chose give you the best possible sports betting experience the web has to offer. We also frequently update this list if there are any changes in the industry. Just because a sportsbook is a great option for Canadians today does not guarantee that it will be the best in years to come.

Choosing the Right Site

Choosing the right sports betting site might not sound like that big of a deal. You just pick a site, make bets, and that’s it, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Choosing the right sports betting site can be the single most profitable or costly decision you make in your entire sports betting career.

If you pick a great site, it can make things easy and stress-free for you. If you pick a bad site, though, it can be disastrous. Sites that aren’t reputable and trusted may be slow to pay, may not pay at all, or may have some predatory terms in their terms of service that they may use against you. We’re not telling you any of this to scare you; we want you to be informed so you can have a great online sports betting experience.

If you follow our lead, you won’t have any issues. If you’d like to see exactly how we recommend picking out an online sports betting site (outside of taking our recommendations that have already been vetted), this guide on choosing a site will help you out immensely.

Canadian Gambling Laws

Like with most countries in the world, there are no laws that make gambling online in Canada illegal. No Canadian residents have ever been arrested, charged, or gotten in any sort of legal trouble for sports betting, gambling, or doing any of these online. If you are interested in getting started with sports betting online in Canada, you are free to bet to your heart’s content.

For those of you who need more peace of mind or want some particulars, we understand. We have put together a dedicated page to outline all of the important things you need to know in regard to online gambling laws in Canada.

The bottom line is that there are NO laws that make gambling online illegal in Canada.

Additional Resources

While this guide is written specifically for Canadian residents (and those visiting Canada), we do have additional guides and resources that could be helpful for you in your sports betting journey. Some of you like to get the quick and dirty on the information and get to the sports betting.

For some of you, though, you like to have 110% of the information, and we can completely understand that. There is nothing wrong with being thorough, and that’s the reason we’ve included this section.

If you’d like to have more information about how we evaluate sports betting sites, this guide will be great for you. We talk you through all of the particulars of what we look for, how we break down sites piece by piece, what our seal of approval means, and why it is so important for a sports betting site to earn it.

Some of you may be looking for something other than just sports betting sites catering to Canadians. If this is you, we highly recommend checking out our Canadian Casino Sites page and this helpful guide. Not only are these sites broken down by region (in case you’re planning a move), but by category and sport as well.

The sites are broken down into the following categories:

If you’re looking for even more specific listings, we have also broken down rankings of the best sites by sport below. These are for the people who know exactly what sport they want to bet on and want to make sure they are getting the most out of their sportsbook for that particular sport.