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Our Expert’s Guide to Betting On Soccer

Did you know that there are an estimated 3.5 billion soccer fans in the world? That’s nearly half the entire population! More people watch soccer than any other sport, and its popularity shows no signs of fading. In fact, the number of fans is expected to grow in the years to come. Not only is soccer , but it’s becoming more popular in other regions too.

As the most popular spectator sport on the planet, it’s no surprise that soccer attracts a lot of betting interest. A sizable percentage of soccer fans enjoy putting their knowledge to the test as they take on the bookmakers. Some of these fans are what we call recreational bettors, and they bet on soccer primarily as a form of entertainment. Others are motivated by the chance to make money, and they take things a lot more seriously.

This soccer betting guide has been compiled with both sets of bettors in mind. There’s a ton of basic information and advice for those who are just interested in betting for fun and some more advanced content for those who are striving to make consistent profits.

We’ve divided this guide into six sections, and we’ve detailed what each section covers below. You can jump straight to a specific section using the following links if you want, but we strongly recommend reading through this entire guide instead.

Best Soccer Betting Sites

You need to make a lot of important decisions when betting on soccer. Obvious examples include which games to bet on, which wagers to place, and which strategies to use. Getting these decisions right consistently is crucial if you want to be successful.

Another decision that needs careful consideration is where to place your wagers. This may not seem as important as the examples we’ve just provided, but it’s definitely a decision that matters. It will impact your overall experience when betting on soccer, and may even affect your chances of making money.

If you’re smart, you’ll choose to place your wagers online.

Using betting sites is by far the best way to bet on soccer. It offers several advantages over the alternatives. Not to mention, it’s easy, safe and convenient. Please note, however, that you’ll only get the full benefit of these advantages if you use the right betting sites.

This is something we can help you with. We’ve tested a range of sites to see how good they are for betting on soccer, and the following are our top recommendations.

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These sites are easily among the very best places to bet on soccer online. They all provide a quality service, and they’re all reputable and trustworthy. You won’t be disappointed with your experience at any one of them.

We also rate and rank the best sites for betting on specific tournaments and leagues. You can find these rankings on the following pages.

Getting Started With Soccer Betting

If you’re new to betting on soccer or only have limited experience, this section is essential reading. It’s a comprehensive introduction to soccer betting, explaining all the basics that you HAVE to know in detail. There’s also some useful advice to help you get started in the right way, and avoid making too many costly mistakes.

Been betting on soccer for a while? Don’t assume you should just skip this section. Although there’s a lot here that you probably already know, you might learn SOMETHING new. In any case, spending some time to refresh your memory on the basics never hurts. Who knows? Maybe this will help you overcome some bad habits that have developed over time or maybe you’ll be reminded of important advice you previously overlooked. A fresh start is sometimes the best solution.

Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll find in this section.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of betting on soccer
  • We discuss the various pros and cons of betting on this particular sport. If you’re not sure whether you want to bet on soccer, the information here will help you make up your mind.

  • Types of soccer wagers
  • There are TONS of different soccer wagers. You don’t need to learn about them all as a beginner, but you should definitely understand the basic ones at least. We explain how these wagers work, and when you should use them.

  • Choosing what to bet on
  • This is not as easy as you might think. There are all kinds of different soccer betting markets, so carefully consider which ones to focus on. We offer some information and advice to help with this.

  • Basic soccer betting skills
  • You’re going to need to master several skills if you want to make money from betting on soccer. We teach you the basic ones you should start working on as a beginner.

  • Our top tips for beginners
  • Following these simple tips will ensure that you’re on the right track from the moment you start betting on soccer. They’re extremely valuable but still straightforward and easy to understand.

For all of this and more, please visit the following page.

Different Ways to Bet in Soccer

Soccer offers more betting options than any other sport. There’s an incredible range of wagers you can place and lots of different things you can bet on. There are also several alternatives to traditional fixed odds betting.

This section of our guide includes info on the different options available. To start with, we’ve covered the various types of wagers. The basic types are all covered briefly in the previous section, but we go into a lot more detail here. Plus, we take the time to cover the more advanced types too.

Because there are so many different wagers to explain, we’ve split them into five separate categories and written a page for each one.

The types of wager covered above are all based on fixed odds betting. This is the traditional form of betting, where you place wagers with a bookmaker at agreed odds. Soccer offers a number of alternative forms of betting, including the following.

  • Asian Handicap betting
  • Spread betting
  • Live betting
  • Exchange betting

Here’s a quick overview of each of these, along with links to further information.

SoccerAsian Handicap Betting

The Asian Handicap has become very popular among soccer bettors in recent years. It’s a fairly complex way to bet on the sport, and it takes some getting used to. It’s worth learning about though, as it offers a couple of significant advantages. It has the potential to be very profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Asian Handicap betting is primarily used to wager on the result of individual games. It can also be used to wager on the total number of goals in a game or the total number of events such as corners or throw-ins. We explain how it all works in the following article.

SoccerSpread Betting

Please note that this is NOT the same as point spread betting. This is a completely different way to bet on soccer (and some other sports too). What’s so different about it? Spread betting doesn’t involve odds, and stakes and payouts are not fixed. The amount you can win or lose all depends on the size of the spread you bet on, and the final outcome of the relevant event.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Spread betting is a complicated form of betting, and it’s impossible to explain it properly in just a couple of sentences. Please consider reading the article listed below for a more detailed explanation of how it works.

SoccerLive Betting

Live betting is one of our favorite ways to wager on soccer. It involves placing wagers on games AFTER they have started, instead of before. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities for making money, and it’s a lot of fun too.

We STRONGLY recommend learning about live soccer betting, as we’re certain you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do. Everything you need to know about live betting can be found in the article listed below.

SoccerExchange Betting

This is an alternative form of betting that removes the need for a bookmaker. When using an exchange, you’re able to make wagers with other individuals. This means you can lay selections as well as back them, and you can set your own odds too.

Using the exchanges can significantly improve your chances of making money, so this is another form of betting you should definitely learn about. Please read the following article to find out more.

Soccer Leagues & Tournaments

This section is divided into two parts. For the first part, we’ve compiled individual guides to betting on some of the biggest and best-known soccer competitions. Each one contains detailed information on the competition itself, including statistics and data that can be useful for the purposes of betting. They also feature betting strategy and advice that’s specific to the relevant competition.

These guides are regularly updated too, with all of the following.

  • Latest news
  • Expert analysis of teams, players and previous games
  • Previews of upcoming games
  • Betting tips and picks

We have these guides for competitions and events in other sports too, and we consider them to be among the most valuable resources on our entire website. They are DEFINITELY worth checking out. We currently have guides on the following competitions, and we plan to add more to the list soon!

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League*
European Championship
European Championship*

For the second part of this section, we’ve provided information on ALL the major soccer competitions. We cover leagues and tournaments at both club level and international level, detailing their history, their current format and much more too. Please refer to the page listed below for a complete list of the competitions covered.

Soccer Betting Strategy

It’s possible to make money from betting on soccer with just a basic knowledge of the sport and a fundamental understanding of how the betting works. Ideally, though, you should know a LOT more than that. If you’re serious about making regular and consistent profits, then consider learning more about the strategy involved in soccer betting.

This section is designed to help you do just that. We’ve put together a collection of strategy articles that feature some very valuable information and advice. There are over twenty articles in total, spread across the following four categories.

  • General advice & simple strategies
  • Wager specific strategies and advice
  • Strategies based on stats and trends
  • Advanced strategy

Please note that simply reading our strategy articles won’t instantly turn you into a big winner. Some websites like to make bold claims like that, but that’s not our style. We like to be honest with our readers, and make sure they have realistic expectations. Although reading our articles will help you on your way to success, it’s only the first step on a long journey.

Are you ready to take that first step? Then don’t waste any more time! Visit our strategy section right now, and get to work!

Speaking of strategy, you might also be interested in our general sports betting strategy section. Most of the information and advice found here can be applied to just about any sport, so reading it will be helpful. Both beginners and experts will be able to find strategy advice that peaks their interests.

All About Soccer

We really enjoyed putting together the final section of our soccer betting guide. It may not have anything to do with betting, but it’s still something we wanted to include. It features a collection of articles all about the sport itself, and we think you’ll find it VERY interesting. Especially if you love soccer as much as we do.

Here’s a list of all the articles in this section, along with a brief synopsis of each one.

The History of Soccer

There is evidence to suggest that early forms of soccer were played as far back as 200 BC. The sport as we know it today wasn’t “officially” played until the 1800s though. This article covers every aspect of soccer history in a unique and entertaining way.

Rules of Soccer

The rules of soccer are officially known as the “Laws of the Game.” There are 17 laws in total, and we explain them all here. We also provide a simple overview of how the game is played

Governing Bodies of Soccer

FIFA is the primary governing body for soccer, and regulates the sport at a global level. There are several other governing bodies too, at both the international and domestic level. This article lists them all, and explains their responsibilities.

Biggest Soccer Clubs in the World

There are thousands of professional soccer clubs in the world, and even more at amateur level. In this article we look at the biggest and best known clubs, such as Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Best Soccer Players of All Time

There have been many amazingly talented soccer players throughout the history of the sport. In this article we’ve written about those who are generally considered among the best of all time.

Best Soccer Managers of All Time

It’s usually the players that get all the glory in soccer, but the managers have an important role too.  We give them the recognition they deserve in this article, as we take a look at some of the best soccer managers ever.

Soccer’s Greatest Games

There have been hundreds of great soccer games over the years. Some of them stand out as being truly iconic. We’ve hand-picked a selection of our favorites, and talked you through them.

Memorable Moments in Soccer

One of the reasons why soccer is so popular is that it regularly features some unforgettable moments. We’ve gone through the archives and selected the most memorable of all time.

*Coming Soon

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