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Betting on Who Will Be Kylie Jenner’s Next Official Boyfriend and More

By Noah Davis in Entertainment and Novelty
| November 9, 2022 6:21 am PST

I never get sick of entertainment betting. Not just placing wagers with the hope of winning money while keeping tabs on something I’m literally going to follow regardless, either.

At this point, that just goes without saying.

I’m sitting on my couch watching The Voice, so yeah, you better believe I’m going to hand out my predictions for who wins The Voice.

It’s that and everything else, though. And that this betting genre just knows no bounds. Take the latest Kylie Jenner prop bets over at Bovada, for example.

We can bet on who her next boyfriend will be. I don’t really care, but I care, you know? I mean, I can take the Kardashian family, or I can leave them. But for some reason, I have to see what’s up.

Or my wife does. Or whatever.

The point is, there’s a lot of entertainment betting opportunities these days, and it demands our attention. You don’t need to bet on every prop that pops up, but it’s a lot of fun and potentially profitable.

Here’s a look at who might be Kylie Jenner’s next boyfriend and all of the other great entertainment wagers November has to offer.

Who Will Be Kylie Jenner’s Next Boyfriend?

Drake +200
Quavo +200
21 Savage +350
Tyga +500
Lil Baby +800
Chris Brown +1000
Jaden Smith +2000
Luka Sabbat +2000
Gunna +3300
Post Malone +3300

I don’t pretend to have any actual clue which dude Kylie Jenner wants to dive into a partnership with. Remember, this isn’t asking who Jenner is going to be seen with or even hook up with.

You’re betting on Kylie Jenner’s next official boyfriend.

This is serious business, people.

Okay, it’s not, and it may be as simple as sticking to popular hip-hop artists and rappers. That’s Jenner’s scene, and her dating resume leads us in that direction.

Drake leads the way in terms of betting odds, and it makes sense with reports suggesting the two have been spending a lot of time together. Supposedly, they’re just friends that support each other, but isn’t that how relationships often begin?

This would make sense for both sides, too. Drake is notorious for his rumored relationships, as he’s been attached to stars as big as J-Lo herself.

  • Drake

Will EA Sports Release a College Football Game in 2020?

No -450
Yes +275

I need this injected into my veins. Actually, there isn’t as great of a need for a new NCAA football game as many would argue, seeing as the latest installment of Madden gives us all of the RPO (run-pass option) we can handle.

But still, people. But still.

College football clearly has a massive following, and surely, somewhere, it’s not just Clemson and Alabama fans.

Sick burn, bro.

Truly, people exist that love college football. I’m not normally in that group, but I do like football, and playing a video game where I can be some obscure team with barely any talent yet demoralize my competition with laterals and trick plays — I mean, that’s the dream.

Bovada wonders if this game will come to fruition by the end of 2020, seeing as the NCAA has lifted the ban on players profiting from their name and likeness.

EA Sports hasn’t let the cat out of the bag as to whether or not a new game will drop for the first time since 2013, but there is a major cash grab here. My guess is supply and demand will be aligned after EA lets college football fans sweat it out a bit.

There’s no need to rush the development, especially with the 2019 NCAA football season almost over. You’re telling me EA hasn’t been thinking about this and isn’t curious about the crazy hype around an August drop next year?

Come on. I’m game for the anticipation, the excitement, and all of the betting value on this one.

  • Yes

Will Deadspin Be Sold or Shut Down by 2020?

No -350
Yes +225

Deadspin is surely not what it once was. Always dancing that fine line between hilarious and gross, Deadspin was at least always pretty transparent and honest.

Until the higher-ups took that whole “stick to sports” approach and watched the majority of the Deadspin staff jump ship. If that’s not the biggest, boldest double-middle-finger send-off, I don’t know what is.

But hey, now Deadspin is down some of the most talented sports writers — or just amazing writers in general — and the look they’ve given off is all of the bad.

I’m sure they survive this, just because there are way more aspiring writers out there than actual, ya know, writing jobs.

Deadspin shutting down when it’s a money-maker isn’t logical. My only cause for pause is that this could facilitate a sale of sorts. But to expect either to happen before the turn of the new year (which is in less than two full months) is a mild reach.

  • No

Odds for Best Actor at 2020 Oscars

Joaquin Phoenix -225
Adam Driver +250
Antonio Banderas +1000
The Field +1600
Robert De Niro +1600
Jonathan Pryce +2000
Eddie Murphy +2200
Adam Sandler +2500
Leonardo DiCaprio +2500
Brad Pitt +3200
Edward Norton +4000
Taron Egerton +5000
Christian Bale +5000

Lastly, we have the hot topic of the last few months: whether Joaquin Phoenix’s harrowing portrayal of a comic book villain was good enough to win an Academy Award.

Newsflash: it totally was.

I’m just one of millions who saw Joker in theaters and marveled and its tangled web of mystery and vicious brutality. I can’t be alone in the realization that this wasn’t really a superhero movie, nor was it truly a deep dive into a Joker origin.

It was a tale of mental illness versus a fractured society, simply using a popular and enigmatic antagonist as its spark to light the chaotic fire.

Point? Phoenix lived up to the lofty expectations of this storied villain, arguably even surpassing them. This was a nuanced character in the sense that Phoenix found a way to be all parts sympathetic, redeeming, and downright disgusting.

It was an impressive display, and when it ended, you couldn’t help but admit to yourself that you wanted more. Phoenix knocked it out of the park, and that wasn’t easy considering how high Heath Ledger had raised the bar.

But Phoenix did something even Ledger didn’t do. He humanized the Joker character and made a comic book story feel authentic and all too real. The story and his raw performance hit home given the horrors many have witnessed in today’s incel-laden society.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t come with some gasps and general controversy. And while I wouldn’t race to bet on Joker to win Best Picture, Phoenix undeniably deserves every bit of praise he receives here.

The question, of course, is if he’ll live up to these favorable -225 betting odds.

So far, I think he will.

He does have some competition via Driver’s stripped-down performance in Marriage Story, while there are heavy-hitters galore with a CGI-enhanced Robert De Niro, a space-traveling Brad Pitt, and the always threatening Leonardo DiCaprio all forcing him to look over his shoulder.

But buzz is a heck of a thing. And Phoenix has had us talking about a dang comic book movie for the better part of the last year. His price won’t be getting any better, and bettors need to realize that in a hurry.

  • Joaquin Phoenix


Betting on all things entertainment is a ton of fun. There isn’t much to get amped up about in the movie industry — outside of the Oscars — but very recently, you would have had a shot at betting on casting for The Batman.

Props like that come and go, but there is always something out there to wager on in the entertainment world.

Whether it’s betting on TV shows, guessing how movies will do at the box office, or predicting who Kylie Jenner will date, you can rest easy knowing we’ll have you covered.

This is just early November, too. Be sure to keep checking back to our blog, and for all things sports, hit up our sports betting headquarters.

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